InDesign Data Merge: Address Anything Quickly! | Stephanie Scott Means | Skillshare

InDesign Data Merge: Address Anything Quickly!

Stephanie Scott Means, Creative Director

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5 Videos (29m)
    • Intro to DataMerge

    • Setting Up Your Excel Document

    • Concatenate & Other Formulas

    • Data Merge

    • Merry Merging!


About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create a data merge document in InDesign.

A data merge is a quick way to address letters, envelopes, cards, etc. as well as to update your regularly used documents such as invoices, menus, business cards, reports, etc. It it a very powerful tool and it can even be used to create flyers, catalogs, and board games. 

The information for the data merge is created in Microsoft Excel. I will give you a sample to work with and teach you how to set up a file as well as a few simple formulas. 

This skill is a lifesaver, especially during the holidays! 





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Stephanie Scott Means

Creative Director

Creative Director, Adventurer, & Database Whisperer

I have an honours BFA from the University of Toronto in Art & Art History and a Diploma of Fine Arts with honours from Sheridan College. That's Canadian speak for two four year degrees.

After graduating I worked as an artist and later as project facillitator for the City of Toronto Banner and Mural Project where I designed and painted murals, and promoted the program as a whole.

I had always wanted to travel, so when a...

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