InDesign: Create a Trifold Flyer | Benjamin Halsall | Skillshare
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16 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Setup an InDesign Project

    • 3. Setup Project Layers & Sections

    • 4. Add Background Images

    • 5. Add a Color Tint and Fade to Background Images

    • 6. Vector Background

    • 7. Adding Body Type

    • 8. Create Paragraph Styles

    • 9. Adding Image Content

    • 10. Create Text Wraps for Images

    • 11. Custom Image Frame Shapes

    • 12. Create a Reverse Type Style

    • 13. Design Your Cover

    • 14. Custom Front Cover Paragraph Style

    • 15. Finishing Up Your Design

    • 16. Exporting for print


About This Class

In this 16 part class you will design a tri fold flyer running through everything you need from project setup to print.

You will cover the following:

  • Project Setup
  • Working with layers
  • Adding background images
  • Add color effects to backgrounds
  • Custom graphic backgrounds
  • Add & work with type
  • Creating paragraph styles for text & titles
  • Adding images
  • Text wraps
  • Custom shaped image frames
  • Create reverses for your type design
  • Paragraph rules to customise title backgrounds
  • Exporting for print with guides and bleeds

As you work through each section you will receive tips and tricks for creating great looking flyer designs in Adobe InDesign.

The skills covered are transferable to any InDesign project and this class is suitable for users at all levels.

Hit subscribe and I will see you in class.

Check out the animated GIF below or watch the 'Class Intro' video for an overview of what will be covered.


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