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(In) Design Your Portfolio Book

Aga Kobylinska, Surface pattern designer

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14 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. About the Class (Demo)

    • 2. 0.0 Class Schedule & Class Project

    • 3. 1.0 Deciding on Size and Layout

    • 4. 1.1. The Logic Behind Adobe InDesign

    • 5. 1.2. A New Document - Settings Explained

    • 6. 1.3. Basic Navigation - Workspace Explained

    • 7. 2.1 Designing Cover

    • 8. 2.2 Designing the Hardcover

    • 9. 2.3. A Spread With Multiple Images

    • 10. 2.4 A Spread With Texts

    • 11. 3.1. Exporting for Print

    • 12. 3.2. Exporting for Web

    • 13. 3.3. Archivising Your Project

    • 14. 4. It's your turn! Good luck!


About This Class


Do you know that Adobe InDesign is just the best app for all kind of multipage projects?

It seems to be created just for that! And your portfolio, if you need one (for sure you do!), is just a perfect project to check out its potential. If you already know Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, you will also find it really intuitive.

So let's design some pages together!

This class is for people who would like to show their artworks in a form of a catalogue to showcase on issuu.com or in print as a photo book. I will show how to design such portfolio in Adobe InDesign which is just the best app for this purpose.

The class is for total beginners in Adobe InDesign: I explain the setup and the basic tools as well as the process of creating some exemplary spreads. At the end of this class you will be able to design multiple-page project in Adobe inDesign containing graphics and texts which is a perfect set of skills for creating a portfolio or a product catalogue!

I don't promise that you will be an InDesign master after an 1-hour-long class.

But I believe that with the presented basics you will have a sufficient understanding of this programme to love its potential and develop your skills later on!

Just start here :)