"In-Camera Transitions" How to make your own transitions by camera movement

Kramer Ammons, If you think you can your right!

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9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Intro to course in camera transition

    • 2. How to shoot in camera transitions

    • 3. How to get sweet shots while filming

    • 4. The most important thing for in camera transitions

    • 5. How to edit in-camera transitions

    • 6. The little things matter the most

    • 7. More advanced In-Camera edits

    • 8. Final touches to the edit

    • 9. Easy Class Project


About This Class

Do you want to step up your videography to the next level? Use some in-camera transitions!
In this class, we learn how to create in-camera transitions these transitions are unique from the rest because they happened while you were filming your video rather than in the post-editing process. This class starts off by showing you how to film in camera transitions then we talk about some different techniques and different tips to maximize your filming. Then we go into the computer and show you how to edit these clips together to make seamless.

In-camera transitions that are like no one else's. These transitions are unique to yourself because you are making them as you're filming rather than just slapping on a transition in the post-editing process. This will step up your videography and allow you to have a unique look to your films.