In 45 Minuten zum kostenlosen Weblog - 3-teilige Kursserie (Teil 3) | Sabine Walters | Skillshare

In 45 Minuten zum kostenlosen Weblog - 3-teilige Kursserie (Teil 3)

Sabine Walters, Trainer, E-Learning-Manager, Author, Social-Media

In 45 Minuten zum kostenlosen Weblog - 3-teilige Kursserie (Teil 3)

Sabine Walters, Trainer, E-Learning-Manager, Author, Social-Media

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14 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Intro zu Teil 3 der Kursserie: "In 45 Minuten zum kostenlosen Weblog"

    • 2. V1 Layout 2spaltig

    • 3. V2 Blog durchsuchen

    • 4. V3 Bild mit Link

    • 5. V4 E Mail folgen

    • 6. V5 Textlinks

    • 7. V6 Video einbinden

    • 8. V7 Umfrage

    • 9. V8 Favicon

    • 10. V9 Header anpassen

    • 11. V10 Suchmaschinen

    • 12. V11 Postangaben

    • 13. V12 Postplanung

    • 14. Project

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About This Class


Schnell und einfach kostenlos online ...

... in nur 45 Minuten!

... mit einem Blog von Google (

Alles was Sie dafür brauchen ist: ein kostenloser Google-Account.

Vorteile eines Google-Blogs (von

  • kostenlos
  • schnell erstellt
  • sehr einfach zu bedienen
  • in Googlesuche gut platziert
  • kostenlose Design- und Layout-Vorlagen - leicht anzupassen
  • optimiert für mobile Anwendungen
  • per E-Mail (z.B. via Smartphone von unterwegs) posten möglich
  • Posten von Text, Bilder, Videos
  • HTML-Code möglich

Inhalt Teil 3:

  • Layout 2-spaltig
  • Verschiedene Gadgets in rechter Spalte integrieren:
  1. Blog durchsuchen Gadget
  2. Post-Benachrichtigung Gadget
  3. Bild mit Link zur Newsletter-Anmeldung
  4. YouTube-Video
  5. Text mit Link
  6. Umfrage
  • Favicon einbinden
  • Suchmaschinen-Optimierung
  • Post-Planung (Urlaub)
  • Projekt

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Danke und ich freue mich auf Sie!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sabine Walters

Trainer, E-Learning-Manager, Author, Social-Media


YouTube-Channel Walters-Akademie

E-Learning-Plattform Walters-Online-Akademie

Im Jahr 1986 gr?ndete Sabine Walters (damals noch unter dem Namen Sabine Wais - Wais-Media) eines der ersten DTP-Studios f?r die digitale Druckvorstufe im Raum Stuttgart.

Zusammen mit vier Mitarbeitern produzierte Sie Werbemittel, Flyer, Kataloge u.a. in mehreren Sprachen f?r namhafte Firmen im Stuttgarter Raum.

Im Jahr 1989 wurde dem DTP-Studio eine Computerschule angeschlossen, in welcher Sabine Walters zusammen mit weiteren Dozenten den Umgang mit professioneller DTP-Software und die Gestaltung von Drucksachen unterrichtete.

Parallel dazu bildete sie sich weiter zur Webdesignerin. Sie gestaltete von nun an nicht nur Internetpr?senzen, sondern unterrichtete ebenfalls HTML u... See full profile

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1. Intro zu Teil 3 der Kursserie: "In 45 Minuten zum kostenlosen Weblog": Hollande has. It's very common to tile. Try own damaged time. Let's entitled Close area in front front foot six. Militants from cost loss and weapon lock. My nominees. Sabina Vita Site 1906 and after being humidifier on the Internet business static, we have a Merrill rate. If off bridge off of Rashid Jennifer Lage Shame Been inhabiting dividers, academia and anise flocks. Can she? Americans and far beyond ours? A dame costing those online in orphan from felt sick? Me, Norton has expertly with IBM, Google Block and our segment and block fund blogger. Com. Alice Facet of the party is on cost lows, a Google account. So and the block cutter feeling for Tyler is some island cost loser is styled on, in fact, Gulbuddin. And in the regular it and the Google. So he good Platt See at stuff on Google. See Harden cost laws designed only out for large. This isn't light until person on our for mobile. On dwindling magnets, he can impair email posts and also via smartphone from under wigs. C. Kernan text spilled on videos on Launched, and so we hired him. L called integrity um, in tile sci fi in an visit. Jin block on leg. Busy design on the outpost. Wild time from a vital the design Angelo and bus and get it is easy for shading Opposed. I'm been visited. Kreplach dashed along optimum ian on Vesey and trees and not smile at Imposed. And John Kernan, entire spider close Syria Been moviein Hedda build I'm were laying started aside Conundrum Bushby impress Um yes, turn And in every Got soon disguised on for Marty Undies on Benton extend a website or the Annan Video Channel line. I'm slow spending being off. I sway. Present had soon Then see, accepts and head a build cost are worn at 17 or kindness harm done Very few, Like after course insanely Newton and head off a mine and weapon. Okay. Styled on those kinds of costs and loss facie no interest. Sand on 20 iris way present had soon I've been I'm betting motion on the happen off. Kinda happy here. Not spy causa tion inside visas. So eyeless way present at soon Ashton Kernan known commandeer toe tired tide is how cost Syria he had Sarriegi in and busy and slash biologist layout Ashton, we have known here off the record inside decide body were in close combined. Some Ashton owned Indies A Side bar. Inter clear and we're proceeding The gauges from I'm I d blocked a certain foods on, then on Opposed Enough Christie gongs. Fold. Soon we have been built. I'll dust toe on a newsletter and meld on food we've seen on YouTube. Video and text Ling's on and flus Coastal immune off. Any climbing on Fargo done for passengers under and block I'm Faith Icon Does is so inclined. A symbol for the Internet addresses has that's impulsive anger type. But come on bones on the smoke machine and optimism on sumptuous Tiger. Additional bc events It's on bashed in all Aachen era posts in four House Plan and canon on these. A vendor and fun here in block Our in the era up base and hide constantly, anger shelled. Then I see Aaron Internet afterward, conscionable on guns I informative. On the school trip locks are stand while done clicking the and for here under teas and video off. Enroll before we off see basic life 2. V1 Layout 2spaltig: Hello, Andrea. Common Indecent video We have all unknown Does ij politik layout off trash piling up end on it's been in Vegas toe for log on Here Will issue known on Personals I don't know began declining for shar minus blocks It's kids also here Links off Lay out on here Cincy Vakili out Maclay carton issue kept Each Bela on forties is laid out our stomach These no aina rector smiled in my lamp lock Akama on saga here off block unventilated yet most ignored city pied a terre Give I leading spied on stone on this kind of here wouldn't hide up Pitre on person ond he ascends in on the ninja loans Maclay card Foodie Lingus piled on the ability Hector smiled then is known in the for show It was not mountains collar safe Tacitus way present that soon he warned about Indy Linger Sponder I in past aba hitters video on outta spilled Dirac in the spider smiled. He knows it's Carly here not to lift the Linger Wilder pied a muscle in them here and formal off 909 such pics of years saying this video here personal, good high and on off thesis way Present its own position out. Omar Dish. Andi Pitre owned this. Build Pasto All good Hein Till English Wild Bears of Soviets and are no owned director. Smile the meeting. Four. Anger Start. Find a text, each pixel Teyla's hits and four. So that's condition Better off and Under and medals next to felt every moment. Is that so? In a funk on the Kids, Also off block on Men on an Fleas and off work to Lago Under CEO Here, Sean Does he here at its widest filed its off a few going harbor on December 11 via in next video Mitt in height preferred, just like also in next video. 3. V2 Blog durchsuchen: as Estes for only on the block in the restaurant Spider I don't suit from two on him. So firm if care all the afters register lay out on scholar at us only humbled and Lincoln block behi on here Harm Beer Director sidebar! Extra gates are to hear off gadget into food on Yes, Candy Here off in a house fire, for instance. Um statement Fancy sketch. It's decent. Aller formed Blogger can hits here to kiw on can mere hours Well, they're his sketches Here's here I've been immersed in its name is yet Jesus here Google Block So her here I'm a often loose tsai here ond when it is in text Harmer station confident text off and none in class and other key off. Spike on on, dammit! Happy here Does as to get shit upon off layout by him One last immune mining block onside on ccn gets here happy in the records Filed it over the block though so far from shore So feel indecent video in next been via on Vitara sketch and I 4. V3 Bild mit Link: a metal one off the record inside. I invited us. Get rid. I invented that. So vex lately, Reader, to work off mine, I guess. Start, lay out on clicker here. Annoyed off. Get it into food. If you really noon Does inch breaking the gadget hours on small Most is yet I'm built. I invented on Jesus spared Celadon. So either Internet cider falling gets here off. Jesus, close tie so kids can be here The spirit from mine and pity order Austin Web house where we have anise off mine and Pittsy quickly. It's here off the showroom. So foggy here, of course. An person. Chaos off. Josue. Home name. Jesus bird F Man owned. Here's Asian on John. I know for Shall s que todo home I'm Kleiner's e book else Babbles heart cable on this is e book. Stella is annoying newsletter opponent. So for focal does has Veniamin off. Jesus build clicked, sold air done stood aside a common off their asses to newsletter unmarried and can if Korpi Amud at Rasa in my nets vision up Lock it on being the decent normal here I'm also link seer here shy B l sticker Causton it was, uh, the bulls on cable. All India shy behind in look, tie so picked in the battle. So he gets Katie off by him on He had a gun, a dusty blocked off Soufan function on you. Bow deism build anger, cognitive, but can differ sheeting and gadgets. And for for she Even if he as a here off no shame won't buy her noon mine layout Mbixler in mind Block unsexy actually, Sierra on your times Here the uber chef cost laws of live albums Heart cable in no trash written so perfect on Venice. Yes, Tear off. He's a spirit clicker. Comics directo Internet cider on your common sistan so newsletter on melon on sisters, A book cost nose down Lord. 5. V4 E Mail folgen: they were known I out a martyr ship in Africa tickles option and being despised than in present. None on some block it is my pay maybe an artistic that involves about I know your post a shined Keep the staffer how I catch it affects the as it were that work in mind Dish bar on clicker off Get should hey into food kids show here Pair email for organized teaser from tone it click as here off teases Client A loose tile on it have been known he had in him vice. That's for mining block kind of feats activites And it happened us in Einem For her again and video video The activity rabbit is a function Ggonna vanished top Borden above any mine and in percent he's a sketch it unbeaten Mr Dan Musick does yet caught on the tag in and off voters is here normal off oppression Ond gayest Here off I instead alone on under sun sniggers Happy here then Bright block feed tool as not having one of a kind of anger Still have no yyets Here on Zog been notes a definite on misty ember like block posts feed the club pick off on sake. It's here. Full standing, touched by your fifties air understood longer on key Nunes work off mine Lay out owned off gadget into food. So on friendly heads thesis catch it all swell up email for yet is that smoothly? He only can yet steer Didn t j end on daraya here in Dodge plants. And should I be here? Hein did, and I and posed even no a sag ish by. Come on, Jets happy here. Jesus, Catch it. In Gabon, it makes it as a leading snitched guns or make Mr Did Sketches on Sheba's YYeTs here. Honda on that Is it from here off? Sadly, our spy. Come on, Charm you noon before show on Lee actually sear. So yes, Happy here. I'm Adidas. Soon soon owned here Cannon on intra sends an email address that I'm game. This is able metal on the body of the email address. Appreciated Tedford out of modish ever, you know, imposed in mine and Plock. Ben Arfa sticked When you play goings on and I'm track and non muster as many here's hereby deism costs And those my bobbles hard cable No, the two shy of Mr Does thes sign Cost knows a download is done. Canada's actually show heat outside against Second off. He's a text here, outside, up and down If Xia so to work on Velimir known then inch pike and then behi I was a kid here off our biden on can. Yet here too much bare kind tribe by cause knows open weapons hot cable download fish by Hillary and Nolan You know my off the arch by him on Sharma Duston in, uh, for show here on auntie saying it's worded a text against some download so light as a yet to deism gadget on an invited has been here in next video I'll 6. V5 Textlinks: indecent video over and being direct inspired, unknown adverse text on game day in Vieira toe on the Internet side of Lincoln won five Your daughter cost laws. The online test averred power point, Excellent outlook and beaten on diesel links. Sarnoff Visa online test food as a part of your and text gadget which makes the arts a video to work in mind. Dashboard on click a year off. Get it into food. No one Shall we hear enough einem and play? Hinden takes scheduled. Has have a here on to get off to a slow start him on? Yes, Candy here, then text i game Describe the next mile thing Teeter cause laws office online tests I would point It's out. Look. Yes, you're under Hinton So understand Tribe here. No point. Thanks. Honed out. Look So yes, Following Katie Enterprising than side caps A medium in the contra My definite if cope Humility at presser on from Indy Its vision a plug mark here here yet word gay off Doesn't work. Felling Ashton One figure here, then link I and the seven. My stun mid power point for LinkedIn us mitt ex. Ah, Okay. So on Danno made outlook so by cancer on Show Me a desk. It's my on the scared shirt issues here Vidar against among Gordon, urged Asthmatic Agnes Nick Tussle, Andi, Let's deposits you on Unless that's not my She was hits now on Key Off, Lay out by Young. It's hobby. He's a full Enckelman here on a very Here's here at half clicker Comey to them online test kids. Look, I'm just going to folks in your naturally my power point, So damn it appreciates falling common, I think upon on a team next video champions and revere he and direct inside. I'm video. I've been in this class. 7. V6 Video einbinden: It's Mr Norn Indirect Inside bar Incline This video I have been in principle from Sonia dusk and also we bite and posts the happen us in Thailand's entrance varieties are cozy area shown commode here in Meryton Sidebar! Behich Always the a few bitter Engaged it here as a here off. Get it into food. Ond dicey Home Island had him every cold 100. Well, here it is A sketch it house just kind of here in TT for the video game owned A stripey It's here video. I stick rules owned indecent behind iconic Don then had him l cold. I've been expects lower as a video to mind you took channel here have picked us video showing off golf from on the Biden posts How can be so next year off Thailand owned countries And here off I am betton que off mayor on sighing damage 50 Corsa This videos for N Duncan Yet this director side bar in mind and block your relative smile on many hits here by then for wished him course and shout And Cynthia Allah feeds to cause a power as a dip in Utsa Tiffeny intercourse orange hadn't for Member wants her pride aside, Pathfinder, 60 picks longer game Heikkinen gets here and fast mile 500 pixel ad spider so or it become yet seared in code fragment and a pie. Different finder Pixel Andrew Borden Mark Era Season. Cold owned compere in in Minus Vision. A black ish Next levied at So Mine um, Catch it on Being the noon here. Mine and hard M L Code or Suspicion up, Larkin. I'm if Get off Spy. Come on, Drexel. Unknown Work. So my Adam Dashboard Tabitha's video guns over Cantona. Churlish video. Freiberg, German bombers. If this video harm on hitters, it's gonna hear you bought in online tests. Nice. Most of my one does she even sentencing funks and yet so yet so obvious for an online tests . SK off layout Spy Come on, Shah. Madonna's concert gets in block on on it, since here on the day My valuables heart gave a happy here. It's this video lying upon when it half Kliger spilled this video up with this naturally hits. It was only in the client and causes which can hear off YouTube on can damage direct some video General Vixen order Kanye here off for build course ond Can you stand on shown 8. V7 Umfrage: as Lets the sketch it, making it mine and block known. No, I neckline on far going into food. That's kind of the all material for I anus. I don't good shots of kids here off gadget in so far unschooled here my at us on the Humber d So you can just hear I gave him the hardest along close on board in. And so you try be here but feels And wolf Yes, I be close on dens Dina, I snakes this high but a but one block and or the power points off on its country Enough I divider and 40 into for it's my excellent understood on the saga the Suha Canon Merrill whereupon the house where and when it does Mr Activators Yeste mild and can hear that's endowed room on the old side. I give my hand for my system. Trance fancies evidence on key off Schmeichel so it's lavishly on fargate here, guns over fish messages on Let's Stop cause it's your own home as a She gets here and hold on Saga lay out by home. Big slip in mine and block once the same just here the old Barghouti guns. I'm far ankle bone have on here. Canada on far astonishment up Gambit. Thanks. Five member of West Germany knocked him, but he gave him having a nightmare for House from Berkeley on the common appstream in Owned the agave physical. And nobody's a child, Flathead and our Forget him, Angus Ian Bad. So Chanel Harvey cost laws and declining move hug in mine and block in Tikrit. 9. V8 Favicon: nothing. The known meter wrecked inside. Mathematics Cendant allegations Angle point home born via known ones are aside and inclining fifth game ond Sicignano. Vincere owned the Internet. A transit unshowy own by then Blogger side and humbly here. This is Kleiner. I can be if a Plaka owned by Google Humvee here. Jesus kid as his Nanda Block for mere being rough. Unlocking the Humber Nick liner to Marty Foreign Anton on a set of country and win by owns arm foul on Academy block off. I'm showing a symbol for 800 for the Internet address. Does come and sit here on our house, lays it, citing up leading on dissent and fell for it. Worse individually Dead on is that first person dies on TV via owns on So hiss fayv. I can't I mean in Cannon Vidas. Highest the stag in and yet extra also toe work in mind. Dash part toe. Lay out on the harm Here glide guns over the McLean kite. Jesus. Faith Aiken winds up in next year's a here, I'll buy you on. It's become a yes, here I am Garden the cause or the things wise. Various formats thesis, build her most. As if they're hoping. Hope Glad Mr Quite Hard to sign on did that I clues of any guards wounded. Copy came on off to SoHo Cabinet. Terry Gannon playing this build shown Oscar veiled, secured and by picks Obey Shown order by Search Creative Commons are Op Center is built in order. Sebastian Sick Sinus Mystic is titled The Squad Tradition format owned DeCourcy vinegar as whom that copy each builders build on our ski off earth. Man Jones is in just here before show on the package by him. So Tuncay, off out spying on Alcedo gets are beneath of a harsh sign when in and us in even Pausa yet snakelike angered site. But just our advance team isn't it to deal in cash? Leaven, I was saying, Is for here, Sean. I'm given. Came are off for show ond he ever this off and get psyched as all that is so nobly the start. I needed side. He's cook. It's my computer at Western minded, swishing a blogger on F nine for fine and under them Powersoft on Coke. It smile, apps here and get psyched. But on this saying here, having his open short and get side the size as. Or Benzie here in cash. Leaven in the LEM spousal than the comments is out here and get psyched. It came, I off. I'm providers. Fenced er and Copia link have encephalitis fence. The ASC AFC remarked on this in here. Happy Jesus symbol yet. 10. V9 Header anpassen: being insecure. Auction off profile is having hits, then header in minor dashed along it Waas to smile I'm get side or spiny body pied on service plugs. So calls the on the header about dad oft as if departed for end Not Harbor, mostly known. How does head up it course? Attash turn Botox visor Event Jessica Annoy Assigned bean care as it to work in mind Dashboard all shall Younes Marvin here vida and then head up a high gear ond valley does build I was betweens by the exact emitters and Fanon timid I noise I in passing can order arbor if also had a cyber build no mile in them He won't Assad Because unpassable on the intro wish mine opt us from the off losing her past order over heaven where I know us build the star most They also fun computer on the care off Those who who here have issue known does head a bit Last year in coastal my anger born in harm s start hits Tynan Klein and Moe ment on a saga Sh by come Gail field by John on trial years miles and mining for show actually Sierra on Cissy and Sean teases Build is on far to smile happens that was pointing out China pied a foreign took our see moon that Arctic picks and angle licked at all. It's a sri erect a sissy Here nobody can supply the minus block seed. It happened Avenor on an invite oven Heather I'm getting licked Istea It's here Normal off our Beidle on Infinitis and head. Oh, happy video course and person on very soon. 10 under Van Header hours on Deezer is in China course of an outflow song here a state for each by her off AJ by home. No, my So when did show Schmear D's and header on on season? These are past year known wound, a bar in deep Ida. Heil on these ahead on hand and far I course right off Luzon v under and seek Anania in Ken Va happy I'd invited and cost that. So tag in and vz inventing and me Norton as a combustion. Same in Norton on and head off Urine blocker style Kernan. I'm Far Island Pied oven header gets tartan 11. V10 Suchmaschinen: survived Bad as conquer, versed on quest blocks known fatty owned via violent onsets. No advance on the smoke machine and opt emir on common aspects as over in mind Dashboard on gay here off inched along And here have issue to next dear chortling than I understand Longer ond the harmon on them. They're asking call style here by Bush Eyeball Sean Island Constant text Anger game Deviled by the shooter on Get psyched on the happen here when he had half K hearses from funded site control for food Go onto certain Here we address mayor text I gave him on so Obarski disk And now in here um block then that's first. And by then so machine and on get psyched. Let's just get as much gear off are playing on Bashar wants us to the next investing Answer long and I'll undertook a here off Super Einstein Long and here having groupings by the meat attacks in ardent like in text, I'm get hug. Oh, here Guilt Bashar, I miss here in your arms, you know Maxima 100. Trinity's taking on best thus Bassim it here. Um block dashed on one. Zach Ok, Vida are playing So yet. Sean, we own snow here on D's. In the high on the next item are get here by the notes. A definitely the Hobart's takes take like here. Might have exact the abidal on clicker here Off? Yeah, on Tikopia Amir Yyets einen klein and coat off. Petition a block here. Hein won't hear Calmed done. I in fact a text hero website A hind as oven gets mind blogger he might block here off. That s a fallen cut Tamir palmed blocks but former d A licked Gonzaga Damage does a yet to from funded Kipnis Indian So machine off name and can for English states and no from France . Fancy under sister to V Nick to colonel season text Upshaw, I'm here The domain era Internet A trance behind game on the end of all in spite. Come, Dan. Shirley No, He, uh I am 50 off here on trophy in off *** Understood along and does it honest to a clan does very It's too wide. Fern kids here off are no. Oh, to pee on tears Get a no index No, on tears. All on When the involve a tease A hex in here my owned and a whole inch by come So damn it harm via Agnes T v sticks. I'm stay long in Qatar. Often owned. Finished two again in my name. Plawgo on Kiev, actually see And a CNC naturally least fund is And I inched along because that assent Noah hinder corned Einstein alone. 12. V11 Postangaben: Indies and video, mostly internal inside busy Sean. But I gave him eyeless posts, soup machine and available under and garb against cannon Extra either. Toby without work in mind. Ash body care off posts on each. Mostly here I am an article about abide nifty here off either present at Sanford and we dont stick on gear off our Biden see happening The Moodley he could does here here by then Post Vaida Angelou in time from common once. Margie, here's my here. Off standard on here currency it So much fear then, aren't I gave him as of us India here in a small time, they said, it's spoken on, Attacked in and on here can now the log on wussy mindful Mark offended saga fanatic on here get this knocked timidly cut Anibal Tribal Very soft machine. And so in Dallas and Spitzer fifties insider, It kind of gets here, Colin, I got a year. I'm still and then I gave him a stargates and pharma fat IQ. You know, it's a definitive Obote's Texas Army Agata Angus child here have a naughty, opportune and he had problems that kind of in the home and foot, so name and address and Pamela is tapping in an ocean. Get psyched 13. V12 Postplanung: No, Mr. Even enough, I divide over the smiler. Guns have hardened from its own thesis blocks, tying on Sfar venti an imposed for definitely, emotionally. He had smart here off. No, your Post Dan Currency D's imposed out plan. And when it gets so much beer and a broken lock in on the motion, thus standouts them in talk origins. Fighting tack on post for in an in ear in block a shined 10 current cities is planning. Gaby gets your mark on and tt ein numbness yet cools. They've got started toe enough. Dean's slow Well after owned here the Normandy prosper five. Stand for light off. No ham pilled anger food on it, Mr Yates does. These are blocked post needs so far for definitely 12. So then asked more order on item owned item under and talk here as a here off plan and on the same normal eyes is out of margin anger. Stale on transportable Dryden. So bile. The here for often drinking, but he's opposed off on anguish. Tell Kanye it's here. Dark room on what side? I insta bondage barely gets on for hours. Um, from Stenton over Mothers Barry, its mark on the candy and I don't know the outside. Understand? One thes article on beefy well, for reverently patents are on. Benefits are seem better quickly. Morgan M. C. Or for differently to Mr Naturist Off after the city face ticket side anger styled harm here. Gambia. No part efficient norm outside taking an off like no force it. As Angela and Colonel extended here from center November See what I'll on Zaki Fanatic gets mostly season post spy. Come on, Donda Fisnik for guests in the off for differently in gear on C C and gets here by then Posts for a friendly sent try I know is to keep land owned inhabitants here. It kind off these and get outside my bar. Biden reckoned in October, the house slash in has this kind problem Champions Avenue Cuts on movie A do outside understand does is here By then I'd stay long and once they have me, you hear your answer. Merkley Carden on here. Hama Yet so much be the side Sona. You can't service German BD for Shi Jin and Dad. Darkest Edvard Idiots Mahir off on this issue A trash Really so phone for years Teal the and talk calm Just poets And on talk 1,000,000,000 here Homo 1,000,000,000 on Kiev Ancestral Logan Spy Come So it's gato work So mine and posts on show here, Marv, any health are vied in gear Having kids here naturally under outside here without half understand one here off seem or more guns I'm Johnson stood air NAMI docks offsets in war for differently Fat dick on no march by young on for Evan clicking So you don't really know my item Post line care Also off Neuer Post on last no one How our point? The wolf up here close Que vida off plan in data month. What side? Once this thing gets happy directly get side for anger Styled, also known Sits in November are shine and on Reda home seem or margins exact Pathetic K off Spike on, owned for infantry owned this in off year Vega Plant Spy Come here How and explained and him vise on these a try Scindia shown for differently. So my dot so despise Done for decent cost style owned racin owns Click. So Poyet and Gobber 14. Project: damn it is known. Also try Tiley Get crossed. Syria. So endeavor we have in here entire Try yet. Scotland Easy even block off slash Party girls out. Johnston busy here. Immigration behind for she didn't get shit. I'm being in cannon ond you have the machine An optimum younger shot. You have Oh, on a post plan on Dorcas problem on their ham and slogan. And this faith I can angle Poynton off a modest sets here Not succeed because our friends here in cash Russian order with Adam under empowers order Incognito offense the decider friend that angered psyched owned over it's had in and ganahl a fish basket after the meal Airport direct very gets stands here in block off trash party on devious Here come autumn for Susie Thes gauges Ein zbinden Devia Here in course talking Norman Harm on plan and the *** era to constrict Posts is in and desk Aha! Tickets like tablet on naturally is the soup machine and opt EMEA wrong in hinder corn out 51 Fancy irin block fatty happen posts in Ghana here on dirties and video as poor reacts atmosphere in Allah and Sean Kanan Stang, anal owned misfiled in uninvited and cause