Improving your Presentatons with Microsoft PowerPoint | Ben Audsley | Skillshare

Improving your Presentatons with Microsoft PowerPoint

Ben Audsley

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9 Videos (52m)
    • Class Introduction

    • Introduction to PowerPoint

    • Basic features of PowerPoint

    • Themes and Templates in PowerPoint

    • Adding Images to PowerPoint

    • Adding Audio to PowerPoint

    • Adding Video to PowerPoint

    • Adding Animations and Transitions to PowerPoint

    • Examples Lesson


About This Class

Improve your presentations with the innovative use of Microsoft PowerPoint!

Do you want to enhance your presentations by adding interactivity, engagement and excitement – Well this is the right classfor you! 

By the end of this class, learners will be able to create amazing multimedia presentations which will enhance your audiences learning and viewing experience! .

We will begin with a tour of PowerPoint, where I will show learners the key features of PowerPoint and the menu structure.

In the next lesson, I shall teach learners how to use some of the most basic features of PowerPoint, including changing text colour, smart art, word art and shapes.

We will then move on to looking at themes and templates.  Themes and templates can be used to make your presentations more interesting to look at, and I shall discuss the various considerations when applying new themes and templates to you presentations.

The section will continue with adding images, audio and videos to PowerPoint, and I will show learners the various different ways of adding each content type, along with an in depth discussion on copyright law and intellectual property rights.

The penultimate lesson within this class is titled adding animations and transitions, and in this lesson ill show learners how to make simple animations and transitions, and how the effective use of animations and transitions can be used to add flair and interest whilst presenting to your audience.

The final lesson in the  class is the examples lesson, where we will use the skills and knowledge that has been learned in this class to build a fully interactive and engaging presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. 





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I have worked in eLearning for over 8 years, and in IT and computing for over 15 years.

I began my career at the Workers Education Association, the largest provider of Adult education in the UK, as a support analyst before moving up to a Senior Support Analyst, involved in building networks and providing helpdesk support. I then moved on to work as a Learning Technologies officer for Coventry University London Campus, and then a Virtual Learning Environment Manager during my 4 years a...

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