Improving your Presentations with Office Mix

Ben Audsley

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7 Videos (53m)
    • Introdcution to Office Mix

    • Tour of Office Mix

    • Adding Interactivity

    • Adding Interactivity 2

    • Recording and Publishing

    • Sharing your Mixes

    • Examples Lesson


About This Class

Office Mix is a free add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint, which enables teachers to create interactive lessons and presentations, and then share them online with students.

In the first lesson, I am going begin by guiding learners through the process of downloading and installing Office Mix, as well as discussing the Mix interface and recording options.

The next two lessons will focus on adding interactivity to your office mix presentations, and ill cover adding audio and video clips, using the screen clipping and screen recording features of Mix, as well as adding interactive elements such as a multiple choice quiz, online poll and embedded webpage.

Next, ill show learners how to add audio and video narration when recording their mix presentations, and use the built in inking tools to annotate on a slide.

I will then move on to publishing your office mix creations, and ill show learners the various publishing options including publishing to video, office365 and the mix website.

In the penultimate lesson, ill discuss sharing your office mixes, both with your audience and students, and also via social media channels such as Facebook and twitter.

The final lesson of the class will be the examples lesson, where I’m going to use some of the skills and techniques that have been taught in the office mix class, to create a fully interactive and engaging online lesson.







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