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Improve your Speaking English Grammar

Daria Storozhilova, English Coach

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6 Videos (26m)
    • Figure Out English Intro (skillshare)

    • How to use So do I / Neither do I

    • How to ask questions with 'Can'

    • How to talk about the weather

    • How to avoid mistakes in comparatives

    • How to use the verb 'get'


About This Class

This is a short video course helping you to improve your conversational grammar in English. If you make small mistakes when speaking, I will try to help you to avoid them. 

It's a great class for Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate English learners. I choose small tricky areas which cause trouble in speaking and help you complete the gaps for better communication in English. 

From the first videos, you will know:

- how to use So do I / Neither do I (agreeing with people and saying something is the same);

- how to easily make questions with 'Can' (asking for things);

- how to easily make accurate be-sentences (talking about the weather);

- how to avoid mistakes in comparative structures.

This class is a video supplement to 'Figure Out English', my free podcast for English learners. Learn more at

I will be adding new videos to the class on a regular basis.





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