Improve your Lettering & Get Noticed Online | Chuck Castillo | Skillshare

Improve your Lettering & Get Noticed Online

Chuck Castillo, Lettering Artist

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5 Videos (11m)
    • Improve Your Lettering & Get Noticed Online Intro

    • Make your Lettering stand out

    • How to stay motivated

    • How to get noticed online

    • Class Project


About This Class


Learn how to take your lettering game to a whole new level and catch people's attention online during the process. This class is based on lettering skills, but the concepts and tips apply to all kinds of creative people who want to become better at their craft and want more people to follow along on their journey.





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Chuck Castillo

Lettering Artist


Hi there, my name is Carlos Castillo, but everyone calls me Chuck. I'm a graphic designer by day &  a lettering artist by heart, I live in Cancún, México with my partner and two cats. I started doing lettering seriously roughly 3 years ago, but my first contact with it was back when I was 8 years old; I got my first computer that year and I discovered Microsoft Word. If you had one of those computers you know the fonts in there were very...

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