Improve your Drawing Skills with fun 10-minute Portrait Sketches | Manu De Mey | Skillshare

Improve your Drawing Skills with fun 10-minute Portrait Sketches

Manu De Mey, Webdesigner, 3D enthousiast, teacher

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6 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. 01 intro

    • 2. 02 material

    • 3. 03 technique

    • 4. 04 drawing a face looking straight at camera02

    • 5. 05 drawing a face looking sideways

    • 6. 06 Final thoughts + your project


About This Class

Everybody knows that it takes lots of practice to master your drawing skills. To become a master you have to practice, practice, practise. This is very true of course. However, you should also consider what you are drawing when you are practising.

If you draw large and intricate portraits with lots of detail when practising, you are actually slowing down the learning process. That's because when you draw an intricate sketch, you put a lot of time in the details. For example: if you draw a 5-hour sketch, 3 hours goes into the basics and 2 hours goes into the details. You are learning a lot more in the 3 first hours.


That's why, in the beginning, when you are still learning the basics, you will progress much quicker in your drawing skills if you draw lots of quick 10-minute sketches, for example one hour a day, rather than drawing a 5-hour sketch each day. Or, in short: Go for volume, not perfection!

Sidenote: I'm not saying it's wrong to spend lots of time on the details. Once you get to a certain level, those details are what turns ordinary drawings into masterpieces. What I'm saying is, when you are a beginner, you just learn a lot faster when drawing the basics, rather than drawing the details. 

So...this class will show you how to draw those 10 minute sketches. Along the way you will also learn about drawing techniques like:

  • How to draw faces from imagination (without reference)
  • how to position the eyes, nose, mouth and ears
  • drawing a face in any position (looking straight forward and sideways)
  • Create dynamic sketches by using light and dark lines
  • blending to create realistic shadow
  • which material to use
  • and basically: having fun while learning!