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Improve your Attitude, Increase your Altitude

teacher avatar Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 Let's get started

    • 3. 2 Talk to yourself

    • 4. 3 know that every problem has a solution

    • 5. 4 Find a Role Model

    • 6. 5 Thank you Thank you Thank you

    • 7. 6 Believe

    • 8. 7 What you take in is what you give out

    • 9. 8 Make a list of positives

    • 10. 9 Make your Attitude your Reputation

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About This Class


This course will show you 8 ways to help you achieve an unbeatable attitude.

Attitude is one of the biggest influencers in life.

  • It influences how you see every part of your life.
  • It influences how other people see you and respond to you.
  • It influences whether you are successful or less than successful.
  • It influences every relationship with everyone you know.
  • It influences how your life will be in the future as well as how it is now.

So doing an attitude check is a very positive and helpful exercise to do.

As you go through the 8 ways to improve your attitude, you can celebrate those you already have, and be encouraged to work on any that need some help to get to that positive place. 

Your attitude is always showing - so let it shine!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fiona MacKay Young

Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth


I've been involved for over 20 years in helping people move ahead with their lives through identifying their gifts, strengths and overcoming blocks or limitations. It is my goal to inspire those I meet to develop their potential to the fullest.

There are a wide variety of ways to do these things, and I love to explore, adapt and create new ways.

As a Graphologist and Grapho-Therapist (Handwriting Analysis),

And also as a Career Counselor and Personal Development & Law of Attraction Coach,

I love nothing more than to help people be the very best they can be, to realize their hopes and dreams and love their lives. 

I also love 'techie' things, and have worked as a Graphic Designer, creating websites (WordPress) and creating videos fo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I'm feeling require on this is improve your attitude. Increase your altitude. Eight ways to achieve Unbeatable Attitude You may have heard the phrase Your attitude determines your altitude of its course is a take on that, and we'll go through eight steps for you to create the attitude off. No, fail the attitude off success that will take you where you want to go, and that's not necessarily in business or finance. It could be in relationships. It can be anywhere. It'll in any any part of your life at all. A great aptitude will help you get where you want to go. You'll feel happier. You'll feel more optimistic about yourself, about life in general, about your future, about everything and everything in your life. You'll get along better with other people on their lights up when you come into the room because they your attitude is reflected on them. And people who are perhaps not terribly optimistic in themselves just love to see some with a great attitude coming. So you'll get along great with other people, people who are also optimistic, not just people who are not. I can see the good in things, not the bad. Just about everything that happens has a positive site on a negative site on with a great attitude. You see, you see the positive. You also see the negative. It's not unrealistic. It is being realistic, but you see the positive as well. You focus on the positive on what you focus on expands toe. By focusing on the positive, you get more of same, you'll get more positivity in your life. So the whole goal of this course is to help you improve your overall attitude in all areas of life. So I hope to see you in the course, improved your attitude, increase your altitude eight ways to achieve an unbeatable attitude. 2. 1 Let's get started: number one. Let's get started. Do you want to be happier, more successful, more consents with life you can be. It's all an inside job. Choose to have a positive attitude and you will become a more positive person, and your life will become. Are more positive experience, you learn? Eight. Strategies for becoming are more positive, happier person. Each strategy will give you a suggestion that can help you put yourself on a more positive track. No one is optimistic all of the time, but you can choose to be optimistic most of the time when you get up in the morning, which will you choose to be happy or unhappy? It's totally up to you how you look at life. So start by feeling up to the sick about what you can learn in this course on. Off we go. Next up. Number two. Talk to yourself 3. 2 Talk to yourself: number two. Talk to yourself, and when you talk to yourself, notice the messages you're sending yourself. Your self talk determines to some extent your behavior. So if you talk negatively to yourself, you'll behave as if you believe those negative thoughts. Every time you notice a negative statement or thought running through your mind, deliberately change it for a positive one. It doesn't matter if you believe it at the moment. You're creating a habit that will serve you well. Practice thinking like this. One common practice people do to help with this is to wear a rubber or elastic band around her wrists, and each time in negative thought, comes into their head. They snap the band. This jaws their attention to it so they can immediately replace it with a positive thought . They also begin to notice how often these thoughts appear. Eventually, any negative thoughts will trigger a thought of the elastic band being sapped even before you do it on the negative thought will be stopped in its tracks. Next up, number three know that every problem has a solution 4. 3 know that every problem has a solution: number three know that every problem has a solution. This is, say that problems are just new opportunities waiting to be found, but for in your face with an insoluble problem, it's hard to believe that there really is a solution, but there almost always is, although that can be hard to accept. Where your knee deep in difficulties. Sometimes it takes some ingenuity to find it, or by looking at your desired outcome rather than the problem itself. You can sometimes come up with creative, effective solutions. Brainstorm on a list of possible solutions, even right out of lists off things that won't work. Then look at that and say to yourself, If the's wouldn't work, what will and just itemize all the possibilities that you can think off that are not on the won't work this. Of course, you have to do this with an attitude of knowing that there is a solution out there. Somewhere on that, it's just your test to find it. Sometimes talking to other people and listening to their experiences and ideas can bring clarity. And that's what you really looking for. Clarity because when you bought down in a problem, it's hard to look at it objectively and clearly. Other people can help you do that. Next up. Number four. Find a role model. 5. 4 Find a Role Model: find a role model. Who do you know who has a great attitude? Whether you know them personally are because they're a public figure of some kind. Who have you seen go through a struggle in their life without becoming negative without complaining, but always with a positive attitude? Notice and observed their behavior when faced with difficult situations? Want to notice about how the cope, How did he behave? What you can learn from this? If you know them personally, you can ask them. How do you keep positive on model your behavior on theirs if you don't know them personally in today's world, we have multiple options as to how to discover how the do it. You can find them on Twitter or Facebook. You can visit their website, read their block, subscribe to the newsletter, and you can probably read more about their life history just by googling their name. The flip side of this is that you can also learn by observing those who didn't manage to keep a positive outlook again. It may be someone you know or not, but if you examine a difficult situation in someone's life where they did not react positively, with your uninvolved. And after the fact view, you may be able to see how much better things which things would have worked out for that person if they had remained positive and dealt with the blows life handed out from that perspective. If you enjoy history, historical figures can also demonstrate positive and negative behavior in the face of adversity. And why stop at one check out as many people as you want, learning as you go about how to conquer negativity even in times of stress. You can do it. I know you can. And your role models will show you how next is five. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. 6. 5 Thank you Thank you Thank you: number five. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. You've probably heard the term and attitude off gratitude. It's a thought with a great deal of wisdom behind it. If you're always looking for what's wrong, you'll find it. If you're always looking for what's right, you will find that the question is, which do you want to spend your life doing? Looking at all the bad stuff in life are focusing on the goods. There are, of course, times when you have to face up to the bad stuff. But most of the time there's good stuff there, too. If Onley have eyes to see it, why does that matter? Well, I allowed to that question with another question. Do you want to be unhappy? I expect you answered no. Well, if you don't want to be unhappy, I assume you want to be happy. But you'll never succeed in being happy. While you focus on and complain about on Look for more off all the negativity, I'm problems that you confined. On the other hand, if you look for good and positive things in your life when you find them, you'll feel good. So you look for more of thumb. I feel even better. Your whole life can be changed just by that one. Change in attitude, from negative to positive from this contented to grateful for all the blessings you confined in your world. One way to start finding out more and more positive things in your life is to write it down in a journal every time you find something, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant to be grateful about, keep adding to lists on, read it, or at least read some of it regularly. If you're feeling down, reach Earless. If you feel nothing is going right for you, reach Earless. Read it just before you go to sleep. Read it first thing in the morning. As your day begins, positive thoughts will follow you through your day and throughout your dreams, which will turn out to lead you to notice more and more things for which to be grateful, practice and attitude off gratitude and see your whole world change. Next stop is believe 7. 6 Believe: number six believe. Do you believe that you're all alone? That there is no higher par? No source, no spirits, no God believing in a power greater than yourself can help you live a happier, more comfortable life Because you believe that there is someone out there who has the power and the will to help you when you need it. This could be any religion at all, or it can be no religion. Spirituality doesn't depend on organized religion. Whatever fits for you is perfect. However, communication with this par works for you is also perfect Hope, peace and a feeling of knowing you're not alone can help us live. Not only much happier, but also much more productive lives. So have faith that you're not here by accident and that you have a purpose in being here and that you have, ah, higher power who helps looks out for and guides you, if you will, on Lee leftem, depending upon who you see as your higher par, you may choose to pray are you may choose to meditate or engage in whatever practice you feel helps you communicate with your higher power on regardless off your choice of belief system. Meditation can always be beneficial to anyone. If you find it difficult to just sit quietly and meditate, you can find humorous guided meditations on YouTube or elsewhere. Playing one of thes as you meditate helps you focus on the meditation and stay engaged throughout. So if you haven't already consciously connected with your higher par, I encourage you to do so your inner peace and hence your attitude. Well, thank you for it. Next up, Number seven. What you taken is what you give out. 8. 7 What you take in is what you give out: number seven. What you take in is what you give out. What you hear, watch and see has a strong effect on how you feel about both yourself and your world. Violence and anger on TV and movies is, to a great extent responsible for violent behavior elsewhere, too. So decide who you are and who you want to be, and surround yourself with vibrations, behaviour and attitudes to support that. Make a point of watching motivational encouraging, inspiring movies and TV. Hang out with people who have similar values and concerns as you have or want to have readings. Inspirational books. Listen to uplifting programme. Service sick. Surround yourself with the kind of world you want to live in as much as you possibly can. And when you find yourself stuck in a place where negativity is rampant, imagine an umbrella and imagine that is acting as a shield to protect you and all the negativity. Bums is offered, not reaching you, and you can move the direction that you're holding the umbrella in whatever direction the negativity is coming from. This may sound pretty simplistic, but it really works, so stay away from negativity as much as you can, but when you find yourself in the midst of it, picture your umbrella and you will find it really does protect you from taking in these negative vibes. Choose friends who have the same interests in a positive outlook and healthy values as you do. If you do these things, you will find that keeping a strong, positive attitude becomes your natural way of being next up. Number eight. Make a list off all the positives. 9. 8 Make a list of positives: make a list of positives. Most people greatly undervalue their own positive qualities, probably part of learning not to be conceited. But there is a big difference between being conceited on knowing your own strengths. What are your strengths when it comes to attitude? Do you get people laughing? Do you listen with empathy and attention? Do you fill the room with your positive energy? Or are you the one who can always find the silver lining in every cloud? If you're working on having a terrific attitude, what are you bringing to the table? How are you showing this attitude, right, Alice? A list of all your positive qualities in what ways you bring positivity to your own life onto that of others. Tell friends what you're doing and get them to help by coming out with some of statements for your lists, you may be pleasantly surprised is some of the things they say. Then encourage them to create a list of their own, and you can offer some suggestions for that. Then read your lis every day. Add to it any time you think of something else and read it, especially if you're feeling down or feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. It's a great pick me up. You're working on being the best version off you that you possibly can. And that is one thing that definitely belongs in your list. Next stop Number nine. Make your attitude your reputation. 10. 9 Make your Attitude your Reputation: number nine. Make your attitude, your reputation. When people think of you or talk about you, what will they say? Well, they say that you have a great attitude. Or will they say that you are so negative? Most people would prefer to be known as having a great attitude, and I hope the information and this course will help you be known in just that way. Your attitude is not something you can fool people about. Most people pick up on it instantaneously without even thinking about it. Here is the mother thought San attitude. You succeed or fail in most things in life, based on your attitude about them, you are in total charge off. Your attitude, if you're negative, is because you have decided or allowed yourself to become negative. It's not the fault of other people or situations in which you find yourself. What goes around comes around. If you treat everyone you meet with respect and courtesy, you will find that respect and courtesy is what you receive in response. In a very great percentage off, the time your thoughts affect how you live your life, make sure your thoughts air positive and you will bring more positivity to yourself, your attitude to anything. It's based upon your assumptions above that thing. If you change your assumptions, you can change your attitude. And lastly, how you think effects, how you act justice, how you act effects. How you think so. Act is if you have a good attitude and you'll find a real thing happening inside you pretty quickly here one last time with the eight points of a great attitude. Talk to yourself. I know that every problem has a solution. Find a role model. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. Believe what you take in is what you give out. Make a list of positives on make your attitude, your reputation and finally a well don't court attributed to various different people. Life is about 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it. So make sure you take yours with a huge helping off the positive