Improve your Attitude, Increase your Altitude | Fiona MacKay Young | Skillshare

Improve your Attitude, Increase your Altitude

Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

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10 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 Let's get started

    • 3. 2 Talk to yourself

    • 4. 3 know that every problem has a solution

    • 5. 4 Find a Role Model

    • 6. 5 Thank you Thank you Thank you

    • 7. 6 Believe

    • 8. 7 What you take in is what you give out

    • 9. 8 Make a list of positives

    • 10. 9 Make your Attitude your Reputation


About This Class


This course will show you 8 ways to help you achieve an unbeatable attitude.

Attitude is one of the biggest influencers in life.

  • It influences how you see every part of your life.
  • It influences how other people see you and respond to you.
  • It influences whether you are successful or less than successful.
  • It influences every relationship with everyone you know.
  • It influences how your life will be in the future as well as how it is now.

So doing an attitude check is a very positive and helpful exercise to do.

As you go through the 8 ways to improve your attitude, you can celebrate those you already have, and be encouraged to work on any that need some help to get to that positive place. 

Your attitude is always showing - so let it shine!





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Fiona MacKay Young

Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

I've been involved for over 20 years in helping people move ahead with their lives through identifying their gifts, strengths and overcoming blocks or limitations. It is my goal to inspire those I meet to develop their potential to the fullest.

There are a wide variety of ways to do these things, and I love to explore, adapt and create new ways.

As a Graphologist and Grapho-Therapist (Handwriting Analysis),

And also as a Career Counselor and Personal Development &...

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