Improve Your SAT Writing Score: A Grammar Boot Camp (Week 1) | Megan McFarland | Skillshare

Improve Your SAT Writing Score: A Grammar Boot Camp (Week 1)

Megan McFarland, Helping You Get into The Best College!

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9 Videos (34m)
    • Welcome!

    • How to Get Started: Structure of the SAT

    • 5 Ways to INSTANTLY Improve Your Writing Score

    • Modifiers, Change is a Good Thing

    • Relatives, Can't Run From Family

    • Sentence Fragments, Help I'm Not Complete!

    • Parallelism, This is English Not Math

    • Let's Practice! College Board Questions

    • Next Steps!


About This Class

Are you studying for the SAT? Not sure where to begin? Do you want to improve your score?

Then this class is for you! This course will help you boost your SAT score and get into the college you desire!

This 5 week course includes ALL of the grammar skills you need to ace the SAT Writing section. The first week will introduces you to different sentence structures including

  • Modifiers
  • Relative clauses
  • Parallelism
  • Sentence fragments

After introducing you to the grammar rules, you can practice your skills with previously released exam questions from the College Board!

This course is the best way to get started with the SAT or continue to practice if you've already taken the exam. Take a step to improving your score today!





Megan McFarland

Helping You Get into The Best College!

Megan earned her master’s degree in education with an emphasis in math from UC Berkley’s Graduate School of Education. Prior to that, she earned her bachelor’s degree with special distinction in mathematics from UC Santa Barbara. Most recently, Megan has taught at college preparatory schools in Europe and Asia helping prepare students from diverse countries and cultures such as India, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, the UK and the USA apply and gain admissi...

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