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Improve Your Memory Power Drawing Easy Doodles

Violeta León, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

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13 Videos (1h 21m)
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    • Birds Doodles

    • Books Doodles

    • Clocks Doodles

    • Clouds Doodles

    • Flowers Doodles

    • Food Doodles

    • Houses Doodles

    • Lights Doodles

    • Star Doodles

    • Trees Doodles

    • Ways of Transportation Doodles

    • Doodle on Smart Device


About This Class


     In our busy lives we have to write everything we need from our shopping list, wish list, budget, important dates, to important business notes or classroom tips. In fact, we write more than we can remember. We are not giving our brain the stimulation it needs. That’s why, today, I’ll teach you how to draw easy doodles to improve your memory power and help you remember every single thing you wrote down. Even better, I’ll teach you how to doodle on your smart device. Most importantly, you will learn when you can use those doodles and what they mean.


  • You’ll learn how to draw easy doodles.
  • You’ll learn what is the symbolism of each doodle.
  • You’ll will develop the ability to draw easy doodles on your smart device (phone or tablet).
  • You’ll learn when you can use your doodles to improve your memory power.


    This class is for everyone: students can use the doodles to increase their learning potential at school, college or university; business people find this very helpful to remember important dates; singles to keep themselves in their budgets. The list can go on, because everyone wants to improve the memory power in an easy way.






Violeta León

Graphic Designer, Illustrator

You'll find the best ideas to increase your ability to draw or paint.

Starting from 0 draw/painting skill, you'll be doing it with full creativity all the way.

I try to keep it simple, so you can focus on what is really important: the draw or paint!

With just a pencil and a paper or brush and paint, join me and let's do it together!

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