Improve Your Art Paintings With One Simple Trick | Constance Hessman | Skillshare

Improve Your Art Paintings With One Simple Trick

Constance Hessman

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3 Videos (18m)
    • Loading and Holding Your Brush Correctly

    • A Tool that Fits the Format

    • Technique can be use with watercolor or acrylic paint.


About This Class


Ever get frustrated because your lines on your canvas or crafts are not nice and straight? Well there is a little secret to making a straight line consistently with your paint brush. Yes, and I will share that secret if you take a few minutes to watch this video. So once you watch the video you will be well on your way to creating great craft projects and paintings on canvas.  





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Constance Hessman Fine art Artist and Instructor
Constance Hessman has a passion for art and teaching. She is also a formally trained computer graphic artist. After a full career in high tech and ever changing computer graphics, Constance has decided to enjoy life more and settle back into her fine art and art instruction. Her love for children and nature often appear in her works of art.

Constance is a very diverse artist, she likes the challenge of using all types of media. Her f...

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Fine Art Creative
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