Improve Website Visitor Engagement with Chatbots - Generate Leads - Automate Customer Relationship | Nikhil Kumar | Skillshare

Improve Website Visitor Engagement with Chatbots - Generate Leads - Automate Customer Relationship

Nikhil Kumar, Digital Marketer

Improve Website Visitor Engagement with Chatbots - Generate Leads - Automate Customer Relationship

Nikhil Kumar, Digital Marketer

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5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating your First Bot

    • 3. Integrating the Chatbot to Your Website/Blog

    • 4. Choosing the Right Plan

    • 5. Additional Features

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About This Class

Visit Collect Chat Website (Click Here)

Blog - What is a Chatbot? Why Your Website Must Have it in 2020

The latest breakthrough in the Customer Experience domain is chatbots. Customers have to be able to express themselves without making any effort. The days when you asked them to fill up a form or browse through the entire website to learn about your services are long gone. With chatbots, customers can “tell” you what they need in a jiffy.  Chatbot-empowered businesses allow customers to interact with them on human terms, which is quite a contrast to the classic graphical interface.

Given that, small business owners or bloggers always feel left out as the latest technologies come with a heavy price. But not anymore. The tools I recommend are always affordable. In fact, Collect Chat starts at $0.00.

Over time, human beings have become accustomed to casual computing. People wake up, check their feeds, do their daily chores, check a few new products on the market, and continue with their day. It is no secret that using a computer has never been this simple before, nobody learns BASIC to use a smartphone. This is now the expected standard, and using your website, or going through your storefront is expected not to be too different. They should be engaging, but not in a way that makes the user feel trapped or obliged to make a purchase.


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Nikhil Kumar

Digital Marketer


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1. Introduction: great conversations air part of a healthy customer relationship. But having one with each and every customer is really hard. When you are running an online business, you may have already tried a number of things. Perhaps you added contact forms that no one ever filled in for. You tried adding pop ups, and all they did was annoy your users and drive them away. Or maybe you added a live chat widget. Then you realized you don't have the budget to hire additional staff to sit 24 7 Also, you can't let your existing team be distracted by repeating customer queries. To solve these problems, we will be using collect. Chat Link is in description, and resource is tab of this class. Here. You can make an interactive chatbots in minutes, just designed the conversation using drag and drop interface. Then add the snippet code to your site in your all set. The next time your website has visitors, the chatbots will engage with all of them. It will ask simple questions like what they need and who they are. You get instant notifications in the same conversation, could be sent to any tool you use in your workflow. You can book appointments with your visitors, translate the body to the language of your choice, and it works around the clock. The conversations air completely automated, so you don't have to worry about a thing. It's time to make your conversations friendly again. Give your users the best user experience and you will see a lot of happy customers. 2. Creating your First Bot: before we start with the creation of a chatbots, let's understand why it is important to have a chat bought for a business or a website. First thing we need to understand. As every visitors must be engaged with the website, most of the engaging visitors are likely to become paying customers. If you share just a basic Web form, they're likely to close. The websites is nowadays forms looks fami. Second point is, it increases your user experience appeal. Visitors often connect emotionally with a great great website. Visitors feel that the website is reliable and trustworthy. Next is chatbots help you to increase the conversions. Not every visitor is going to explore your website to the core. Not everyone will like your website. That's where the chatbots come as a savior because they give straightforward answers. Generally, you can ask only 3 to 4 things in a form, but with the chatbots, you can ask a lot of questions and visitors actually enjoy that. Moreover, if visitor leaves the chat in between, you still get the half save data. Unlike Web forms where they have to click on submit button, check out my blood link in the description about what is a chat bought and you will find some of the industry based examples. Creating a body is really easy with collect chat. All you need to do is go to description or project. And resource is you can visit the website by clicking on the link here. All you need to as a sign up using your email or directly sign up with Google. I will sign up using email. You have to create your password Here. Here, they're gonna ask you How exactly do you plan to use the chat box? Widget is something like additional plug in on your website. Let me show you. Look at this. This is how widget looks. Now you can use this chatbots without even having a website. You can create a direct landing page and share the link via SMS email or WhatsApp. The 3rd 1 is in bed. You can even put this chat, but in between of your post or page. If I show you an example, I'm collecting users email. But instead of this form, I can use the chat. But only in this particular space. Let's start with the widget. This is the small tutorial about using the interface, which I will be showing you right here. The's air, the options you can choose from. Here's a preview of your widget. Instead of creating a bought from scratch, you can choose pre built bots from the template. There are one. Hundreds of templates is for the need. You can choose us for your business. Since I'm a blogger, I'm going to use the box to gain subscribers. Here's a preview of the template is how this template works. Let me interact with it and see sure kill. I'm happy with the article. Yes, let's give my email address. Okay, this works perfectly. You can also add images during the chat. There are many other templates based on the businesses. If you're a restaurant, you can use it for booking a table or get a feedback or even to get in order. You can collect feedback of your service. If you're in a travel industry, your visitors can even do the booking with you. If you're in finance industry, you can collect leads or take surveys, so I'm going to use it to get a subscriber. All be using a widget Very first option is to change the position. You can keep the widget in center or on the left side, but the ideal position is always lower, right instead of chat. Now, let me ask something interested Now, these air avatars, it is better to use a real image. Let me at it. This pic looks cool. Now your theme should be as per your websites Primary colors. If you see my website has a bluish theme, so I'll choose blue. Here's a toggle to turn the collect chap branding on her off. I will show you what exactly they're talking about. Here. You can see that collect chats. Branding is shown so some curious visitors can click on it and explore by forgetting about your website. It doesn't matter that much, but it is better not to have it. If you want to remove it, you will have to go with the premium plan. Since we're using a free plan, it won't allow us to remove the branding. We will talk about which plan to choose in next classes. Now let's move to script. As we have selected a template, you can see all the elements are already adding you can click on any of them and change the wordings. These air the branching options as in what to show user based on their response. Let's see the example. What if someone select? Nope. Instead of shore, it will ask response based answers. Even this option comes with paid plan. But if you're not altering the template that much, you will be using it for free. Now let's try to create a bought from scratch. We will have to delete all the elements here. So now we have a blank script. We can start with a message on Lee. Hey, there should be fine for now. Now, let's ask if they're liking the article, you can preview it any time, just to be sure. Then you can ask their name by selecting text question. Or before that, we can ask a multiple choice question if they would like to be notified. Whenever I put up a new article, you can ask many things from here. Now let's ask their name now. Once they enter the name, we can personalize the questions by putting his name seat. Now all be asking his email by using his name. All you have to do is put at symbol and select the question wherever they had entered the name. This is the error message, just in case they enter something which is not an email. Now, instead of thank you, you can give your social media links or contact options. You can change your messaging here. Now there are all kinds of connecting options. All you have to do is choose from the list and enter the details. Let me give my Facebook and Twitter. Now Our script is ready. Let's preview how it working. I'm happy with the article. Sure, my email. You can see here that it is showing social media links. I wanted to show what happens if someone selects no thanks, selecting No, thanks will just ask the next question because we haven't selected any branching. Better not to add such options or use a template because branching is only available in paid plans, you can see all the responses here. You can also see that how many have interacted with the bond and how many of visitors have actually filled the all the details. Here. You can see how people interact with the option to analyze how people are responding. This is your main dashboard where you can see all the bots. You can create unlimited bots for different pages in dashboard. You can select if you wish to create a new bought with a template or from scratch. Now, in the next class, we will learn how to integrate the baht to our website. 3. Integrating the Chatbot to Your Website/Blog: now that you have created your first bond, let's add that to your website. But before that, let's understand how it works when the chat but is added on your website as soon as they visit your website, they're greeted by the chat, but which gives a really great impression. It immediately creates a trust where user feels you're always available for them. If they interact with the bond, it continues asking questions set by you and gathers the information. Later, you're notified by the email about each conversation that took place. It could be also integrated with the CRM tools that you already use. Let's start with the walk through of installation. Now that we have created our body, let's integrated to our website. Click on Edit. Our script is perfect. Let's move to publish now. There are several ways to publish your bond. If you have created your website through coding, you need to copy this script and place it before closing of head tag. Just like Google analytics. You can also ask your developer to do it, or you can see a step by step instructions now for the WordPress users, it is really easy to integrate first thing you have to do is download the official plug in . You will be redirected to WordPress. Plug in page downloaded. Go back to the dashboard. Now open the admin panel of the website where you want to publish the chatbots. Go to plug ins, click on add new click on upload. Plug in and choose recently downloaded, plugging, install and activate it. You will be redirect to collect chat settings. Now go back to collect chat dashboard, copy the snippet and just paste it in the WordPress. You can also choose where to show the widget. Now let's see how it looks on our website. Let me refresh this. Here we go. It is working perfectly. Now let's suppose we have to place our chat body in between of the article. How do we do that? Let's consider. I want to show one of my bots here. All click on edit now that we are in back end way, No, where to place the code. Now we would need to create a new bond because the previous was selected to be a widget. All be using a template here without changing anything. Now I just have to copy the embed code and place it in our content. Now let's see how it looks. It's perfect this way. The chatbots doesn't only look good, but also increases the user engagement and hence increasing the number of leads, bookings or subscribers. In the next lesson, we will talk about the right pricing for you. 4. Choosing the Right Plan: before you go with a paid plan, let's see some of the more benefits of using a chat bots. First thing is chatbots are available 24 7 They don't rest now. Imagine hiring a human resource for the same thing as per the data. 256 billion queries air asked each year and $1.3 trillion are spent in serving that, but with chatbots that could be reduced to 30%. If you build about yourself through coding, it is going to take a lot of time. But here you all you have to do is drag and drop later. If you manage to build a chatbots yourself through coding, adding a deer website would be another hurdle. Every visitor is your potential customer, especially when you spend money unpaid traffic. You need to collect data from the paid traffic as much as possible because they're more targeted than other visitors. If you want to improve, you also need to analyze a lot of data. Let's see some of the pricing options available. Now comes a crucial part. Pricing. Go to billing sections. As you can see, we are currently using the free plan, which is limited only to 50 responses per month. We have built three chatbots. So let's see how to move from free plan to paid plan in which one is right for you. Now we are on the pricing page. It is highly recommended that you choose the plan as per the traffic. To be frank, all the websites received more than 50 visitors in a month. So free plan isn't gonna help because who knows if the 51st visitor was a serious buyer, So it is really important to choose the plan as per your traffic so is mentioned earlier In free plan, you have 50 responses, responses and insights are shown, and appointments or bookings can be taken. Now The second plan is a light plan which costs $24 per month and is limited to 500 responses per month. Here we have logical jump option branching as I was talking about Now Standard and Plus plan has the same features. The only difference is between the responses with standard and plus plan. You can also remove the collect chat branding the annoying message we used to see on our widget. You can create custom campaigns and track it. You can integrate multiple Web app such as mail. Chimp wars appear. If you're collecting any appointment or booking from the customer, it will be automatically added into your Google calendars. The difference is only for the response recording. If you have more than 5000 responses per month, you can proceed with the unlimited plan, which is slightly expensive. That is $299 per month. Good thing is, they also have a 30 days money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied. Also, you can upgrade and downgrade at any point. Great thing is, if you go with yearly plan, you actually pay for only nine months. The prices air significantly reduced light plan becomes $18 per month, where you would save $72 in plus plan, you will save $360 even unlimited plan reduces by $80 a month. Also, all the payment is protected by stripe. In next class, we will see about more features available 5. Additional Features: - way .