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Impressive Magic Tricks: Magic Tricks That Anyone can do!

teacher avatar Magic Tricks, Magic tricks that Everyone can do!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Jumping 6 and 9 Trick Performance

    • 3. Jumping 6 and 9 Trick Secret

    • 4. Vanishing Pencil Performance

    • 5. Vanishing Pencil Secret

    • 6. Slide off Force Performance

    • 7. Slide off Force Secret

    • 8. How to Take off Your Thumb Performance

    • 9. How To Take off your Thumb Secret

    • 10. Jokers to Royal Flush Performance

    • 11. Jokers to Royal Flush Secret

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to learn amazing Magic tricks to impressive your friends and family? Well now you can! welcome to my course where you can learn Impressive Magic Tricks That Anyone can do!

In this course you will learn:

  • How to Vanish a pencil
  • How to change jokers into a royal flush
  • How to make cards jump out of the deck
  • How to Take off your thumb and make it look convincing
  • How to force a card after shuffling the deck
  • And so much more!

Thanks for joinng my class and I hope you learn some impressive Magic Tricks!

Here is a link to the other classes I teach:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Magic Tricks

Magic tricks that Everyone can do!


Hello, I'm Josh and I love Magic tricks! I think doing magic tricks is a super fun skill that everyone can learn and enjoy! (I will try to post a new class every week!) See full profile

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1. Course Introduction : Have you ever wanted to learn some amazing magic tricks that anyone could dio? Well, welcome to my course. Impressive magic tricks where you can do just that. In this course, you're gonna be learning so many different types of magic tricks. You're gonna be learning tricks with everyday objects, tricks with cards and so much more. I'm gonna teach you step by step after showing me the performance on how to do these amazing magic. Trick yourself. Some tricks require a little bit of practice, while some you could do straight after watching the video. So why don't you join me, Josh, and learn some impressive magic tricks? 2. Jumping 6 and 9 Trick Performance : this trick is a classic and magic that has a skill you can use in many tricks. So with the right here we have a deck of cards. All the cards are different. And we have two cars here. A six and a night. You know, I'm gonna take the 69 place him in the center of the deck, and they're really going in the center just like that. Now, tell my audience I'm gonna push them in the depth. They saw them go in the middle and all I have to do snap my fingers and to card to jump from the center of the deck. The six and a nine. That's the Magic six in the nitric. 3. Jumping 6 and 9 Trick Secret: the secret to this trick is so easy, you're gonna be able to perform it in. No time we're gonna need is a deck of cards, any color, and you're gonna need to pull out the sixes and the nines. The black six is a nut. So the six of spades Sorry. I messed up the six of spades. Nine of babe, the nine of clubs and the six of clubs. See, it already gets computing. But that's the point. Now, you probably already guessed that these two look very similar. So if you don't show the other people this and then you bring this out the wrong tell the difference between these two. And that's the key to this trick here to start the trick by placing one group of 679 on the top and bottom of the deck. So you're set up. Looks like that. Okay. And then basically, all you're doing is showing them these cars and placing them in the center of that of the debt. You're actually putting them in the middle, just like that? No, I'm not gonna do it because I got to keep explaining. But so there in the center of the pack, and all you do is this full throw. And that's the whole trick. Now. Teach you how to do that. It's on the top of the bottom. I must face up just so I can explain it better. Top and bottom, just like that. And all you're doing is applying pressure with your hand, just like it's like a claw. Four fingers in the bottom, one on top of your playing light pressure. You'll get it once you put the practice a little bit your throat just like that. And it's just the force of it is sliding these out while the friction is pushing down. So you're pushing down inside. That's it. It's so simple. You need to practice that just a little bit until you get pretty good. Just like that. Now face down, it will look like the cars jumping from the center of the pack just like that. Now set up. I'm gonna start the trick again. One of the top one of the bottom. When you tell your audience I have two cars here, a six and a nine, and I'm gonna do something amazing with them. I'm gonna put them in the center of the pack. You can show your audience that they're going in center. You can have them pushing it. I love doing this, but do you want to push it all the way? Yet in the leap above women, it could be different places or whatever they push it. They see that they're clearly going in the pack, and then all you do is tell me the snap your fingers and instantly they jump out of the back, just like that. 4. Vanishing Pencil Performance: This is the vanishing pencil trick. It's such an easy trick, and it's so impressive, and you'll be able to do it right After watching this video, it requires a minimal amount of sleight of hand and looks really cool. So here's the performance with drink you even ordinary pencil and watch very carefully because all I have to do is take my hand just like that in advantages. It appears just like that again. Now I can even do it even faster. Watch very carefully. 321 It's gone, it appears, and it's gone. And it appears just like that. That's the vanishing pencil trick. 5. Vanishing Pencil Secret : Here's the secret to that amazing trip where me is a pencil and a little bit of patients because this requires a little bit of practice. So here's that. What happens when I bring my hand over on doing is flicking the pencil down behind MEREDITH's just like that. So from this side, it just looks like this flicked like that. And you need to practice that you could do it either side just like that. That's the move. You bring your hand over, you pull it down. Now, this is what it looks like from the back side. You take the pencil. Just like this I can do is as you bring your hand over you pull it back into your arms like that. So that's the move. Practice that for a little while and then you will be able to perform it just like this. You take it and then you're gonna bring the hand over, and you can almost do it so good that it looks very smooth. Now this requires practice and you have to remember that when you're doing this, you have to be directly in front of the person you're doing The trick to you don't want anyone to be on the side because when you do this, they'll see that you're obviously just flicking it behind your head. But if you practise enough, you could make this look really good. Kind of like you're squishing the pencil down just like that. So to recap where you do the secret to this is just bringing the pencil behind your hand using your middle thing. You're just like that. You're push, apply pressure. So as you bring your hand over your pushing back pretending advantages, you like to do this. Move where you bring your hand up like that. Look like you squish the pencil and then you bring your hand back when you bring it back. You don't want to flick it like this. You want to kind of slide it over with your hand so it looks like you're just drinking and bring it back and how to do fast all you to do instead of just doing that because it's kind of obvious you want to do the move when you bring your hands up to make it look like they just vanished out of thin air. I take it you're gonna bring up. And from the back of that looks like this where you take it and you just go just like that , you bring up. It's also helpful to do bounces I 12 and then three advantages. So one more time all you do is take the pencil. 123 vanish Just like that. You don't want to show your hand because they'll figure out that it's there. 123 just like so. 6. Slide off Force Performance : this the performance for the slide off course. It's a very easy move that you could do. And it's so useful for many other tricks we're going to do with your take a car. This is gonna be the prediction card. This is gonna be the car that your Spectators were gonna pick to start off by shuffling the deck just like that tonight. Show on what? Your induced Take cards like this, you tell him to say stop anywhere they like. You can keep doing this and they're gonna say, Stop. They have a completely free choice. There s a stop anywhere they say. There you look at their They look at their car. They memorize your card when they place it in the center of the deck and mix it up. And just like that, they look at their prediction and instantly it matches. It was exact same card 7. Slide off Force Secret: This is a secret to that amazing move and it's so useful. What you need is your any deck of cards. Then you're gonna find the duplicate card of another of another color. Or it could be the same color. It doesn't really matter. So this is mostly just you till you move that you're gonna be using and other tricks once you get better at magic and learn harder things to do. So you're fine match to matching cards once your prediction and once you're not and we're gonna do is your start off with the car that you're forcing them to pick on the bottom of the deck just like that. And now you're gonna shuffle the deck. But you're not going to a regular shuffle. Oh, yeah, this is your adult site. So to start the trick, you're gonna give this of them placed on table now. Now, like I said, shuffling a deck, you're not real shuffle. We're going to use you to start off by taking occur in the bottom, just putting a little bit on the table. Then you could do a regular shuffle. You're pushing me. You're not going to a bridge or anything like that you don't want them to see to redo it. And some of my other classes I taught the ripple shop was a little different because it's opposite seven. Keeping the car on the bottom. You keeping keeping the current top, keep it on the bottom. So you shuffled. Now it's on the bottom. Your to start this move here like you probably guess what I'm doing now is your just keeping the card in the bottom. A bunch from the opposite angle. It would look like this on the bottom. And then basically, all you're doing is you're pulling off from the top. That's what it looks like. Do it again. You can pull with your hands off the top to keep the bottom. Still, you're gonna pull. You can even slide off with your thumbs. Some people do it like that side off. You want to make it look convincing. So you want to go decently fast. Your total. They were free choice and by telling them they have free choice. Don't think in their mind that they actually do and tell them they can't say stop anywhere and they will say stop anywhere they like And when they dio as you pulled off enough card, you can't remember if you found bottom, you show them the card they selected. And that's how the force works. Due to get on the bottom. Your toe hold to just like this with your thumb middle finger. You're just slide off just like this. Slide off the top cards. If you do it fast enough, it looks convincing. Then they should say stop anywhere and those they stop and they will find the card on the bottom of the pack without being their cart. They can either take it out and put it back and it doesn't matter and this is all to you. Then you can show them that their prediction and yours matches. Now what happens if they keep going after you tell him to say Stop like what happens if they don't say stop anywhere and keep going? What you wanna do is you don't want to just keep sliding up because that's bad. They're gonna see what you're doing is you're only gonna leave one car bottom once if you consent that they're not saying stop. You just reset So simple like that. You keep going. So to recap the prediction card, it goes here the card in the bottom that you're forcing start up doing a shuffle, but not a real shuffle, because you're already going to lay a couple cards on the ground like that back closing the pack and they do it by only taking off cars in the top. They say, Stop anywhere you want, you pushing access cards, you show them the card on instantly the two will match. 8. How to Take off Your Thumb Performance : This is a classic trick, and pretty much everyone knows how it's done. But it really impresses preschoolers and younger kids. It's a classic taking off your thumb trick. Watch your thumb just like that. Take it. Here's gonna pull it right off. And I looked pretty convincing. Put right off. Just like that. You gotta act when you do this and put right back on. 9. How To Take off your Thumb Secret : now this trick is so easy to do and anyone can do it and you can probably already guessed how it's done. All you have to do is take your hands like this and some spend them down, place them all into each other. So to make it look like that, this thumb, it's just like this. But in reality, it's like that. You take your finger and cover up the bottom of your own to kind of help the illusion, and you don't want to just bend it like that because everyone can obviously see you want to place your thumb Bennett like this, and this is the important part to place it onto your hands like this. So it's starting to take your hand your thumb and place it right into your hand like that. Bend forward and with this hand, bend your thumb in praise. Place your finger down. I just slide it just like that onto each other. Now, this actually looks pretty convincing right here. That is your thumb, and then you have to actually issue to be like pull it off. Now this will really impress shoulder. You don't want to bend to it here because they can obviously tell you want to put it back fast. And then what I do now is the kind of the important move. I bring it up like this to make it look like it's my actual thumb like that. So here's a that's done. All I'm doing is using the cover of this hand to switch it like this. All I'm doing using the cover and I'll show you this from the back side. What I'm doing, I'm taking my hand just like this. So this is the position that it's in. It's in this position right here, and I'm doing is switching up like that slower? Now, this is very important. Is this the part that really sells the trick? Now there are many ways to take off your helmet magic, but I find this is the most impressive one. So to start over and take some like this, bend them down, place him on to each other and bring your finger down to give the illusion that this thumb is your one. Now you even start the trick by showing him this year and you in that same move where you do that. It really fast and you pull it off. It was pretty convincing. You don't want to take it off, because then it's kind of obvious you could just slide it just like here. Put it back on. Do that move. Now the move really sells it just like that. So to recap one more time, Ben, thumbs down. Place him onto each other, bring your finger down just like that and pull as you pull off. You want to do it for a little bit, but they gotta put it back. And then you move one more time. Bring back hand like that and that's just one more time. You just simple. Bring your hand up like that. You're grabbing with the other hand. 10. Jokers to Royal Flush Performance : Here's another trick that has a principle that you can use from many other trips with you. Right here we have five cards. We have a joker, another joker, another job for another jugar and a joker. So five jokers speaks at 1234 and five. Now what I'm gonna do is take one of the Joker's and we're putting down under the table, and all I have to do is snap. But if I snap, give the card to spend suddenly they all turned into a royal flush. 11. Jokers to Royal Flush Secret : here's the secret to that trick. Now that trick uses a move, and the move is the key aspect of the trick and many of the tricks and one of the tricks you can learn in this court. So basically what it is, you're just showing the bottom card a bunch of times. So what's happening is you're not showing these colored cars. Oh, you're just showing the one card just like you know, I'm a teacher. I do that really simple, but take a wild roller. So what ISS is you're gonna have the card you want to show on the bottom of the pack just like that? Oh, I already said you need these cards for this where you use any cards? Very simple. Take it on the bottom and what you're doing is you're lifting your hand up like this. So if you're passing along with me, do this lift up, down and pull off the top card with your thoughts. That's it. And up, down, pull off top barbecue Thought up, down. Pull out the top card with you thought. Now this is like I'm breaking it down. But he goes much faster than this. Up down pull. And even with the last card up, down and pulled and that's it. I showed five cards, but I showed them the same card each and every time. Very simple window again. We could go. Let me start over. So it's on the bottom. We're together. Up, down. Lofty. This up, Uh, Down full off, Uh down. Pull off with your thumb up, down and pull off of your thumb in the final card. Now what I did that counted five cards down with the top second top Middle last in bottom just like that. And I showed the drug one more time. Now showing it again kind of, um showed gives him the idea that they already saw the cardinal. So they're gonna given the idea that everything's legit at this point, and then you're gonna pull off the bottom cart, and I like just really like this that show them so they don't think I'm doing any tricks and I put it, put it in my pocket or under the table. And at this point, all you do is given the big reveal of the car just like that. Now, to recap do the same thing again. Up, down, Pull up, down, Pull up, down, forward! It's gonna go fast. Just like that. You're gonna Children the card. Take the card out underneath And just like that And what you end clean because you take the card out. It's not even there. So everything now is example just like it. Now this principle you can use in so many different things. For example, could you a car just like that on the back of a different color back? You know, I have cars here, all our blue back. They all are blue just like that. And you take the one car underneath and then the ultimate red very simple.