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Impress Your Co-workers with PowerPoint! Design and Animation for Any Presentation

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Start a project!

    • 3. Curtains

    • 4. Space

    • 5. Text Elements

    • 6. Button

    • 7. Proper Grouping

    • 8. Leave a Review, Please

    • 9. Icons - 3 Ways

    • 10. Icons - Design

    • 11. Proper Naming

    • 12. Animation - Set Template

    • 13. Animation - Painter

    • 14. How to add a Skillshare Project

    • 15. Thank you

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About This Class

If you want to learn a few things about PowerPoint, slide design, animation in powerpoint and how to design custom icons I'm inviting you to this short design adventure.

Here is a preview of the animation we are creating in this class:


I will guide you through everything you see above. Including selecting a cool font for your design and preparing planet icons!

I hope you'll enjoy the class


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach and if you want to learn PowerPoint you are definately in the right spot! To my friends I'm known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience. If you look below you can select any of my PowerPoint classes to learn from them! 

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1. Introduction: Welcome to this little class where I went to show how to prefer this kind of animation with the entire design you see in front of you will prepare a custom overlay, which will give shape to the entire slide. I'll give you tips and tricks how to prepare designed like that, including selecting a proper font so everything looks consistent and high-quality. Additionally, I'll show you where to get the resources or how to create this type of icons, this type of planet icons, in our case, on your own. Once we finish the entire design, I'll proceed to animations and I'll showcase how to paint over existing animations to other elements to save time and make such designs faster. The resources are prepared, everything is ready. If you want to learn both Powerpoint and how to design these type of things, just start watching. And let's head over to the next lecture because we will jump right into the design. Lets go. 2. Start a project!: Hi, it would be amazing. And you can help me on Skillshare by starting a product for this class. Nice. At first, it doesn't have to be the ready product is go to the Project and Resources tab. Hit on Create Project. And right, You're welcome message. Later on when you create slides from the lectures, you can share a screenshot of that slide. You can do this by going to File Save As Selecting Browse. And you can select to save as a JPEG there. By saving JPEG, you can select all slides are just this one. Then you can come back to the project, select Image and to just add a slide that you created. I will be really happy to see it and it will also be very helpful. Please start the product right now. It will take only a few clicks and helps me a lot here on Skillshare. 3. Curtains: Welcome to the beginning lecture of this design. Take a seat, open PowerPoint. And if you are added, you can also create a new blank slide into PowerPoint. Now the first step is to create the curtains. I'll call them curtains or like openers. But we want to create a custom shape like that in PowerPoint. And I will show you exactly step by step how the way I designed something like this into this entire design is by going to a new slide, going to insert and creating a triangle shape. Go to shapes, Insert Shapes, and insert a triangle. I'll make the triangle on the left top side. Of course I need to rotate a triangle because I wanted to cover the left topside. The way I resize it, I make it exactly the half of the slide. On the very left side, you can see on the rulers, I need to be on the 0. Powerpoint always helps me with that because the red guideline appears when you try to make something to the half of the slide. When it comes to the length of the triangle, make it above half of the slide. When do you know when you're above half? You can see the 0. The 0 mark is always the middle. So here is the middle and I went above the middle. I can even go a bit further. The way you create custom designs like that is pretty simple. You click on the shape and you select Edit Points. By clicking Edit Points, you can actually added the points of the shape the way you like. And as you can see, this is what I did. You need to be very precise here. So this icon appears and you can right-click and select add point. To create this kind of design, they added two points on this triangle. I'm very precise here. Right-click, Add Point. And perfect. Now, I want to move the point a little bit upwards. And I won't make your little rungs little around us like that. I can even click on this point and adjust the roundness, how it starts, where it, where it's sharper, we're, it's a little less, less sharp or something like that. So we had a curve like that. Maybe I'm over Donald do the curve. The curve should be like more like this, more like this. Then I will click on the second. It's just a matter of using the handles and you need to practice this a little bit before it goes well for you, It's a bit difficult to create custom. I won't like it is a bit difficult to create custom shapes and particle because those sometimes you click away and you then need to click again, right-click Edit points. You need to be very precise when you click on those points. But basically something like that would be perfectly fine. A little roundness adjust. So does it design looks unique. I used to strangle and I pressed Control D. I am putting it on the same place and I'm just mirroring it downwards. So I create this one big opening curtains for my slide. And this is a very nice way to create custom and Unix-like. Once you have those two triangles, you can decide if this is completely fine for you. Once you are ready, either click and select both. Or just click the first one, press your shift key and click the second one to select both at the same time. Then you go to Shape Format, merged shapes, and you union those elements into one shape. This is how I create the custom shape, which is a perfect start for our slide. Create something like that with two triangles. I know it will be a bit tedious and annoying to edit the points of in PowerPoint, it's a bit difficult, but once you get the hang of it, you will understand how those buys your handles work. Thank you very much for listening. Create those, and let's each other in the next lecture. 4. Space: Onto the next step with this space background. For the space background, you want to go to insert shapes. And you want to insert a rectangle shape. You will take the shape and make it to the size of the entire slide. Make sure that you right-click and send this file to back. Now, we have this triangles on top of it, but we don't see it. So let's change the color. The triangles shaped, full white background. As for the background color, obviously in my case, I went at midnight blue or something along those lines. I go to shape Phil Morefield colors. I can go at custom, no problem. We can go deeper to the blue and make it pretty, pretty dark. Maybe not completely black, but very, very dark, something along those lines. It depends. What shade of blue do you want? I like I like those towns and this is a perfect, spacey background. If we need to, we can change it for the stars. We want to custom circles. So again, I'm pressing all the tube because this is my shortcut for inserting shapes. If you want the same, go to Insert, right-click on shapes and go Add to Quick Access Toolbar. In my case, I've edited right on the beginning. So it's my second shortcut. This way, I can quickly insert shapes by clicking old to ng-click on a circle. And at first, I make a circle bigger. And just to make the editing easier for me. Now, I want to change the color shape online. No outline, shape fill. I've actually decided for something to contrast with the with the midnight blue I selected are yellow, red, and what did you have? Of course blue. I'll use the default as a starting point and with my shift key by pressing the Shift key so it stays on course and proportions, I make it smaller. Now I can press Control D and place it somewhere else. Control D. Powerpoint tries to automatically add this in random places. And if you have troubles to selecting the size, is go here to the size and maybe 014014, this circle will be really small. You can select to duplicate them as many times as you like. Or you can again, change the size, maybe this one B, this one will be very small, like 0, 0.01. and 0.01. perfect. Now I have set up everything. Now I will just duplicate the element. Maybe I'll make those smaller, so-called, because those smaller ones look really cool here, maybe one bigger and just duplicating existing elements. And I do not want too many of those items in the middle. I want them kinda spread around. And I can decide now, if I want to change the colors, most likely I will shape Phil Morefield callers. Let's give it a orangey. Oh, maybe let's go for orange. We don't have to be exactly the same like in the previous design. It also depends on the planets we select. I've selected those colors for the planets. So I kinda wanted to go along with those colors on those little stars. You can of course, alter that to your liking. Now you can select, Run the mode, shape, fill, click, shameful, Glick. And with a couple of mouse clicks, we are adding a bit of flare and color into this design. We that we can move forward and create the actual middle elements of this project, which will be really exciting because I want to show you a cool fonts you can possibly use for this project. You don't have to, but I'll show you one that I really, really like. Thank you and see you in the next lecture. 5. Text Elements: Welcome back. We are adding the elements. And what I wanted to show you before we start, I've selected a nice fund for it, which is called Barlow. I found Barlow. It's greeted by trippy. It's his nickname, or I don't really know, but this is the creator of the font. You can of course, download it on various places. But if you download it from the original website, the link might change, but you can quickly Google for the Barlow font. You can just click your download. You can click extract if you have wind where you can, if you just have the windows extractor, you can use that and you will have those funds extracted. I recommend installing the OTF Fund, which is a bit newer format than TGF. Selecting everything, including this one here on the right, right click and install to bring it onto your system. As you can see, this is a mighty beautiful font and you'll be able to use it for many of your projects. I'm not affiliated with it. I just really enjoyed the font and it is free. So you can definitely considered a donation to the creator. The way I've added those elements is pretty obvious. Insert text box. And I've created the first textbooks, and the first was enjoy planets. And I've selected this text box and I went into fonts. And one advantage of the Barlow font, look how many types of these fonts you have available. I recommend using two maximum three funds for a project. In my case, I will use Barlow, black or bold. So one big font and one light fund. So it contrasts nice to each other. Let's start with the black one. Let's see how that looks. Text color, white, size, bigger. And as you can see this, for this font works alone. It, it already looks. Oh sorry. It already looks so cool. I'm displacing it here. I'll duplicate this box. And now in contrast, I will select Barlow. But lighter weight. You can of course, use different fonts. It's completely up to you. I'll use this. I make this much, much smaller. I'll make it lowercase may be. And depending on what you want to write here, you'll write the secondary text. If you want slight differences between the main text and the secondary texts, you can always go to colors and make it maybe a bit darker. Maybe give it a slight color like the colors we have here, or simply make it a tiny bit gray. This always differentiates between the main text. As you can see, I've done the same here. I made it slightly gray, just so it stems a little bit away from the original font. Now it's your turn to Crete. At least two textboxes with two different funds. You can decide if you want to use this Barlow font or not, but make one textbooks really big and bold. And the secondary books should be much, much smaller and maybe the color should be altered a little bit. Create something like that. And we will be able to move forward and create little button here in PowerPoint. 6. Button: Creating these little button element is very simple. Insert shapes. And you want to decide on a rounded rectangle. You can click on the rounded rectangle. You can place it somewhere here in the design. You can round off the corners by clicking this little yellow circle. Alright? At this point, we can change the color to a blue or red to complement this entire design. Let's preview the Redwoods we did. This looks pretty okay. We can go with blue, we can go and read it all depends on your project shape outline. I made sure that I have no blue default outline on it. And I, you would like to add a little bit of glow. As you can see, I've added a gradient and a glow here. The gradient is optional, but the glow, I think this is too flat. We need some shadow or at least a bit of globe shape format. If you want to add glow to this existing element, you can open shape affects glow. And by default you can use one of the presets. If you do not want to use just a preset, shape affects glow, open the actual glow options. Here you have more control over the size. As you can see, the size is completely enough. Transparency, the transparency will make it more or less visible. I tend to make it a bit less visible. And for the color, I'd recommend going with the same color or something reddish, so it complements the actual button. Now it went a bit too dark. And go back to the effect options. It depends on the transparency and on the selected color. You can of course, change the color to a brighter one. It will change the design a little bit. Transparency, okay? And this way, you could create a red button. If you want a gradient, that's no problem because you can always click on the element. And under the File Options, you can change it to have a gradient. I remove two colors. I select the red we already have. Maybe the secondary red will be the one we've selected previously. And as you can see, we have a nice little gradient between two colours. We can of course, change the position of the colors or darken the actual color. Clicking more colors and darken this down. Just to preview how that looks. It depends what button you'd like. I prefer the lighter one and I want to add some text. I'll use the existing text I have because I already have the font selected and the text. Click Me or information. Of course, you want to reduce the size. Make the font white because the grade doesn't look well at all on it. Centroid. And this is how you could go about creating a button in PowerPoint. Now it's your turn at a rounded rectangle at some blow. And you'll have a nice button to use. 7. Proper Grouping: When you create designs like that, you need to think, how do you animate this later on? And I will not properly group my elements. So the animation process will be later on simpler for me, this button should be together so you can click and drag to select this button. If you by accident select the circles, you can shift click on them to deselect them. Alternatively, you just put it on the side or you go to Home, select selection pane. And you use the selection pane to group and name everything as you want. When you have those two selected. Either right-click group and select group. Or I press control G. The next step I would like to take, I would like to combine the stars together because I'll click on them by accident, I will have troubles estimating each one of them separately. So what I do, I put the text aside, shift click, shift click. I put the text aside. And I tried to select all of those stars. If you select something else by mistake, like the background, just shift the Click on It, control G. And this way we've grouped the space element in the background and later on we can animate them at once. This is already bound together. The background is also one elements, so you don't need to group them. And the text, it's debatable. If you would like this to be only one animation, you could control G to group the entire text boxes and you would have no troubles. But since I would like them to fly in separately into the site, I'm leaving them as three separate boxes. Now it's your turn to group properly the background stars. This is your task for this lecture, please create proper grouping for the button and the stars in the background. 8. Leave a Review, Please: Hey, it would be extremely helpful for this class if you go to the Review tab and click on leave a review and write something there. If you don't see this button yet, you need to watch a few more lectures and it will become available. Sculpture now requires that classes have recent reviews on them. So it would help me greatly. You just click here, you tell if you'd like to class or not, and you write a simpler view and click Submit. I would be very obliged if you can do this right now. Thank you so much and see you soon. 9. Icons - 3 Ways: There will be three ways of obtaining icons, either using the PowerPoint icons, downloading them, or creating your own. If you have the Office 365 subscription, you will have access to insert icons. I'm not sure if PowerPoint 2019 also have this, but I believe only office 365 subscription has this option. Here. You can type in planet and you have a couple of space icons. Of course, depending on the topic you, you have, you can use different icons. I would say those icons are not terrible, not great. They aren't anything special. So even if I use the PowerPoint icons, I make them bigger and I changed the color. I do not believe their quality is of the highest standard. I mean, design wise, they look somewhat okay, and this is it. If you do not have Microsoft to 65, you can always download icon from the web, from websites like flat icon. Those are super high-quality. Designers produce constantly new icons and date quality will be much, much better than the default regular PowerPoint library. At least. Currently, the PowerPoint library isn't as big. So if you search for planet, planet, planet, cosmic or something like that, you'll get beautiful planet designs. I can even filter and select packs. What this will do, it'll show me consistent designs across an entire package. Of course, they may be no icons in the niche, your search, but I believe something like a planet should have plenty of items. I go to next page and look at that space icons, space I, those are the ones I used. Another space icon set here. Space icon said, Look how beautiful that is. I will select maybe this icon, maybe this icon, and this one looks super interesting. I, I want to use it, okay? So I'm selecting a couple of items. I'll select P and G. I'll download it, and I'll download this on my PC. Remember that if you use those icons for free without the paid license, you need to link back to the Creator and to this link. If you have at least PowerPoint 2019 or the Microsoft 365 subscription, I recommend using the SVG version. The SVG is a vector file and vector are files can be manipulated and record inside of PowerPoint. I'm not sure if I'm super happy about the icon's I've selected. But as you can see, I've selected PNG icons because I'll most likely not changed the actual icon colors. What's beautiful? You can kinda see that this is a consistent design because those little dots, those little stars around the planets, this designer made this consistent set. To complete the design, you can obviously select everything and press control G to group it. You can also decide on the picture Format. Picture Effects below. If you want to give a glow to all those elements. In the next lecture, I want to show you how you actually can create planets like that yourself by getting inspired by what you see, it will be a awesome little design challenge for you. 10. Icons - Design: I'm really excited to show you how you can possibly create planets like that. As you can see, for example, this rounded planet or this one here. Let's create a new slide, a completely blank slide, and just, let's put it here for reference. Now, the way you can do something like that, insert shapes, Insert as simple circle. I'll insert a circle with my shift key, so it's on constant proportions. I'll make it big at first, and I'll place it perfectly in the middle of my slide, just so it's easier to work. You want to start by going to shave old line, no outline and considering a color, let's maybe make this one gray. And to make it a bit different from the original. Or it may be lighter grey, like this. At first, the shadow, for example, Control D and place it on the exact same spot. I'll make it a tiny bit darker. Now, Control D Again. Have I duplicated it? I hope so. Okay, I've duplicated it. Just PowerPoint, set it on the same place, make this one much, much bigger, for example, like that. And beautiful. You are basically done with the shadow. Click on the small one, shift, click on the big one. Shape format, merge shapes, and just subtract. If we do not want to sweat about it, you just go to insert shapes and you insert a line, but I will select a curve for it. A curve is super cool because we can start here. We can then list here, click here, move a bit upwards, click here, go back down, click here, and do not go to the very far end and click here. Double-click. It will create this nice little curve, shape outline. Wait, make it much bigger. Okay. And for the color, I want a grey color, the darker gray would be perfectly fine on this third gray, in my case, looks super okay. You can see the ends are very cutoff. So what you can do to adjust it, click on this line, right-click Format, Shape. And under the line options from the former chief options, you can cap type change to round. It makes those caps round. Alright, perfect. We could consider making it darker by going to shape, outline, more outline colors, and making it a tiny bit darker, so it's darker than the shadow. Okay, perfect. To follow-up, you can simply create more shapes. I will create some circles here. Shape, outline, again, use the same color that we used previously. Shape fill. Know, Phil, you can see the fill is very, very small. Shape all Klein. Wait, I'm here consistent at six points. Maybe make this a bit smaller and beautiful. This is how you can go about creating a planet. I'll even not waste time. Allergists duplicate the existing one I have. I'll put it down like that. I made it. I will make it. You're a bit longer old key, so it doesn't get in the way. I do not appreciate how it looks, but I could make it a bit better. Let me select a circle. You don't have to make everything from scratch. Let me make a couple of more circles here. Just so the planet has more dots this time, shape, outline, nullcline, shape fill. I'll give it a gray field, or even with the eyedropper icon the same color. So I'll make a dot here and dot here and dot here. I don't hear a dot u. I hope this will be helped us look okay, I need more lines. Align iPad. Again, I'm too lazy to create a new one, so I will just put existing lines here on the bottom. If you really want newlines, insert shapes, curves. Let's simply insert line. You need to learn this tool. Move your mouse a little bit up, move your mouse a bit down. Double-click. And if you do not want to waste time editing it, click on this object, Home. Format Painter and just paint the entire format to this object. Perfect. You have a planet of your own. If you want a ring around this. No problem. Insert shapes. There is a ring function here in parking circle hollow, it's called. And what you can do, you make a circle like that. It doesn't look very perfect, Does it? You can adjust the width of it and you can simply rotate it. Now. You can notice that still something is off here, even though if we feel the shape will give its shape online, it's somehow doesn't fit. This is because you need to delete one part of the ring. The way I do it, I select the circle in the background. I duplicate this circuit and I place it again back perfectly in the middle of the slide. Now, I deselect everything. I select the ring, I select the circle. I go to merge shapes, and I go to fragment. What fragment does l have? Those little fragments which I can delete. And I can leave the fragments which I want to have left, which is the ring. Essentially, you delete everything apart from this, this, and this. And we are completely done with this custom vector designed for us. If you have possibly the time, you can consider creating your own icons in the future. 11. Proper Naming: Since we do have this nice planet, let's simply use it. Ungroup this. I wanted to get rid of this element. And I placed this tangent here. Alright, I make it smaller. We are very soon moving to animation. So it will be very important going to Home, select, selection pane, and naming everything properly. You do not have to name everything you see here. Just the major groups because it will be much, much simpler to copy over animations. Click on the first group, and I'll call it Plan planets. It's also a good habit to prepare things for animation. Now, this is group 81, and I don't really know what it is. So I will just deselect it. Oh, it is under the planets. I'll close the plans. Group 28 is the bottom soil Code button. You can do it with caps or with a lowercase. It depends on how do you prefer. This will be the main text, so I'll call it text. This is how I usually call my main text. Nice. Now the secondary text, I usually call it L text. This is just my habit. You can call it lower texts or secondary texts or two texts. Just something that you will be able to distinguish between the main text and the secondary text. This will be very convenient for animation. As you can see, a group with many, many items, it has to be the stars. So I'll just double-click stars. And the rest of it doesn't really need to be named because this won't be even animated. And the background, that background I caught always BG, Wow, phenomenon. I know this time we are using an actual object as the background. It should be named because we will animate this as well. Since a very recent patch PowerPoint finally, in groups elements on the right toolbar, you'll have this feature only if you have the Microsoft 365 subscription because this is a very recent edition or in future iterations of PowerPoint, once you buy another version, you will surely all already have those options in the future. Now, previously, PowerPoint was opening them next to each other. That aside, in this lecture, you should name everything properly. Go to home, select, selection pane, double-click on element, and name the groups properly. So it will be super smooth and easy for us to animate. 12. Animation - Set Template: Since we did group and prepare everything, I'm again considering if I do wonder glow on the planet's glow, maybe I'll give it a slight glow. Since we grouped everything, we need to animate this now. And there's a great trick that you can animate one element and just copy over the animations to other elements. So I'll animate maybe the planets or the background first. And then I will just duplicate this animation over to other elements. Click on the planets, go to animations and open the animation pane. Once you have clicked on the planet's, select flying, which is one of the best animations available in PowerPoint. For the flying. I want to change the effect options from left. Obviously it is a bool look better when the planets fly in from the left side. When it comes to the duration, I want at least 1 second or even 1 second and a quarter. It should look more natural, slower and not so, not so rapid. Alright, this is a bit too slow. I will reduce the duration to 1 second. Right-click on this animation, make it start with previous. And what's very important, double-click on the animation, go to effect options and smooth the end. Not all animations have those options, but fly an hazard and we can move the plans faster at first, and then they will smooth at the end, which is a perfect way to animate. You can see this looks super cool if I do the same planets, but without smoothing, effect, no smoothing. They'll have one linear motion. But if we have smoothing, just compare. They beautifully and nicely flow into this green. While those just fly. With the same speed, I'll delete them. I will no longer make additional sound effects. Please create the same type of animation, fly in 1 second with previous and give it a smooth end. I'll wait until you finish. 13. Animation - Painter: At this stage, we can copy over the animation to the existing element and lets proceed. And one by one, I want to estimate the background, which will be like the most beautiful effect. Pick on the existing animated group. Go to the animation type, animation painter, and click on the background. The background will beautifully fill as well. And this is why we wanted to name everything, because I want the background to be First. I want the background to be a bit longer. And now I can decide upon each animation on itself. The planet should be delayed by at least 75. So the background comes first. And you can decide if the flow is okay by changing the delay. I reduced the delay for the planet. And I will continue copying over the animations, planets, animation painter and to the stars. We need to make sure that the stars are not in front of this white element. So you want to click on this white element, bring to front. Now you want to click on the planet. Bring to front. Now I decide whether the stars confers or the planets come first. I want to start to come together with the background. Then the planets, the planets may be, will be the last. So it's a bit awkward that I animated the planet first, but that's no problem. Planets animation painter. And to the text. For the texts actually, I'd like it to come from the right side, not from the left. So you can click on the enjoyed plan is text Effect Options and change it to from right. I put it above the planets. It can be even here. It doesn't matter, but I want everything to be perfectly visible and I simply delayed by a little bit, maybe one by 1 second. Now I don't need to click on the plans anymore because I want the text to be consistent. Animation painter, this text animation painter, this button. Selecting both, putting them behind the text. And you can see I have two text button. I perfectly see everything after each other. Now you can preview if you've done right with the animations Shift F5. The text comes in a little bit too quick, so I need more time and space before the background. Stars. That's non-problem. Text delayed a bit. Next text delayed a bit, next x delayed a bit again, if the delays are too small for you, just make it more. Maybe two clicks. So it's 2.5th and the planets, the planets should not wait as long. Now I'll preview now. Everything should be completely fine. Well, now the text is a tiny bit too slow for me and the planets wait too long as well. Those are minor tweaks and adjustments, but you get the idea. Tried to replicate them. If not, check how I did this. I have all the elements just animated one by one by copying over the existing animation. The only innovation that is a little bit longer is the background and I could even extended more. Everything still works very fine. 14. How to add a Skillshare Project: To prepare your sculptural projects, you can do two things. You'll do. File, Export, create an animated GIF, and select, Create a GIF, go to your desktop and saved at first. Now we also need a thumbnail, which is simply a screenshot of this slide. We can do the same again file, but this time safe as Browse again on desktop. And instead of a pptx, I'll open this and I will select a JPEG file, okay, save. I'll select just this one slide. So I will have my two files might animated GIF and the thumbnail. Make sure that this gift isn't too big. Two megabytes is around the maximum you can upload to sculpture. Go to sculpture. Click here on your project. Since mine is already added, I can only edit it. I click on it. I click on Edit Project. You can give it a title, change image, and upload a new image. Go into the actual area here, press on image and select your Jeff. It should upload in a second. And once it uploads, it will show here and you can publish your own assignment. I'm really proud and I can't wait to see what you've done. 15. Thank you: Thank you very much for taking part in this set of tutorials. I hope you've enjoyed both the design part and the animation part. We've connected everything together to create this kinda unique looking slide. It can be, of course applied to different topics. It doesn't have to be a cosmic topic. But in general, this is what I wanted to teach you. You're a big person if you really watch to the end. Thank you very much and see you in other tutorials like this.