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Imploding Folded Paper Craft

teacher avatar Tori Veysey

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How It Works

    • 3. Planning Your Design

    • 4. Make It Pretty

    • 5. Final Product

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About This Class

Learn how to create a folding paper card that seemingly has two sides, but actually has four. Watch as your creation implodes on itself to reveal the hidden pages. In this class I will be demonstrating how to make one of these with an illustration example, but it's also great for photos, collage and invites. This origami-esque project looks complicated but can be done by anyone once you know the secret!

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Tori Veysey


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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. My name, story and welcome to my school. She class. I'm a freelance designer. You Zealand. You could find the gentleman creative dot com. Today we're gonna be making an imploding folding paper craft. It's a great little project because it looks quite complicated, but it's actually really simple once you know how to do it. So you're gonna end up with something that looks a little bit like this, and it's got one to three four sides to it. This one I've done here isjust hand illustrated. But you could decry cules however you see fit. So cooking role and let's get started. 2. How It Works: So we really to start making our imploding folding paper craft. You need paper, roller craft, knife type glue cutting mint in a scoring tool. You also need tools for drawing, painting or collage ing whatever medium you would like to use for your project. So this so the ratio your paper needs to bay is 4 to 3. So So I don't have to mark anything out. I'm just going to use the match as my guide. Each of these little squares is a centimeter. You then It's also divided into five centimeters squares as well. So I'm really use those five centimeters as my guide. So my paper size will end up being 20 centimeters by 15 centimeters. So 1234 cut off in. But okay, 123 What? You have the correct paper size we need to score. So I'm just gonna use these guys and we're gonna go divided into four. And because I don't have a scoring tour, I'm just going to use a paper clip. And in this way we're going to that score into three. So we want to have 12 perfect or near perfect squares, the more accurate you are the bidder. This will work. We did. It's folding. So we now have got out 12 squares. You want to get my chicken in London where you were scoring and we want to cut Just between these two cinder squares. Do the same. Sloat, do you go two slits. Then again here. Yeah. So now you should have a little wooden door that makes an elongated square. See, then, to make things easier, just go ahead and fold along all the creases that may, but the other way as well. All right, so now we're ready to fold it up. We want to take this middle section and put it in behind and wrap it around in the side. Want a roll? Fold under. So you should end up with a ratio of two by three and then just get some type. We want toe join the same time. Now, to complete this, just take some of the script ful we knew. Cut your piper down and we want to another piece. If the race year off to buy one, I try and make this one slightly smaller. Line it up with the inside of that line. We're gonna need the Christ on the center as well. So do that Why we're here. So this place is going to go over top of We have tight to make sure you go right to the beaches. Okay, Sic him. In Jordan, it's probably best to wait for that to drive, but we'll just show you how it works. So that side one. So I turn and then to exercise three, fold it in half. Can you find it? Weapons again? So that side three and again Fold it side full. 3. Planning Your Design: Now, before I go here aimed draw on my final piece here. I like to create a mock up fist. This will be, uh, especially important if you this is the first time you might he want. Obviously, you may not need to do it down the line, but I find it quite helpful. So I just make up another one. Some paper that I had lying around doesn't have to be perfect. Obviously. Trip together. Okay, so this craft has four sides, like we talked about to insides in two cinder sides since pages. So this is the end. Because you can't go any further, I think because it joins, but I think of this is the even. So I'm just gonna quote listen before three. So this is a soon to page two. Doesn't seem to page the one. This is an in page can't get when you feel that. So I like to do, um just a quick sketch of what I'm thinking of having no for efficiently with the the in page this congee take up a full page. What were you doing with a cinder page? You need toe do it in half. So this is 1/2. This is the second half. So, for example, I'm just gonna we're gonna do to illustrations that's gonna go the and then I'm gonna have a quote here. I don't have a court here. You could also do it so that each individual square was its own image. That would also work. You know, the reason why we do this story? An example? Say this was gonna be one big image. Remembering this is number three. So it's a seem to page, let's say a person. Yes. Okay, so it looks fine, but seem to pages have to view. So when you fold it so we're onto This is an in page number four. When you turn it over, you seem to picture is split. So that's why we can't hear four page images on the centre pages. So you'll notice here we've got my image police, social services on this side to me when I fold it go big toe in page in the side. Now the police is on the site and social services on the side. So that's why we need to do that. And that's what it's really good to do. A little more cups so you don't spend hours on your final at work only to find that only looks good from one view. You know, when you've done your mock up, you can get ready to draw on the final one. 4. Make It Pretty: Now that I've ripped out what I want on my imploding folding paper craft, I could get started on my illustration. I decided to think my design on one of my favorite movies at the moment Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It's Ah, radical New Zealand phone directed by Taika Ytd, and I thought it would make a fund subject matter Passos feeling especially patriotic. So of pick six of the characters from the film to illustrate, the two main characters get in pages so they can be nice and big in the four Other characters get centre pages to share because the same two pages have to be split in half. I decided to put some courts in so the illustrations and have to take up the full length. I'm using a brown paper craft here. It's 100 and 22. You seem I probably wouldn't go much thicker than that due to the folding. This design his three layers of paper on the in pages so you don't want it to feel too thick. This is actually the first time I've done a hand drawn one of these, as I usually do it on the computer using Adobe photo shop in design. I might do another class using the digital me that later on. But here I'm using a pencil and a stable pigment liner, the 0.1 millimeter size. I also have a white kingpin in a Faber Castell. What? Coloring in pencil. This is a style I've been using for a personal project of mine. And I thought it would suit this at work as well. You can view some of my other drawings in the style if you wish on my website, dot, dot, dot, dot genuine and creative dot co dot indeed. 5. Final Product: and the you have it a four sided folding cat. Don't forget to upload your project for us to see account might to see what you guys come up with. You can upload a video so we can see how your design folds or upload for images so we can see all the sides that you've done. Thanks for joining my class. I hope you've had fun creating