Implementing Lean Standard Work in your organization

Nilakantasrinivasan Janakiraman, Learn - Create - Teach

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15 Lessons (2h 3m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Standard Work - Definition, Benefits & Examples

    • 3. How is Standard Work implemented across Levels (Junior, Mid and Senior)

    • 4. Why Standard Work is not same as Policy Deployment?

    • 5. What is Standard Work for Leaders

    • 6. Part 1 - Tools for implementating Standard Work for Leaders with Case Study

    • 7. Part 2 - Tools for implementating Standard Work for Leaders with Case Study

    • 8. Implementation Tips for Standard Work of Leaders

    • 9. What is Standard Work for Team Members ?

    • 10. Part 1 - Tools for Standard Work of Team Members : Standardized Work Chart

    • 11. Part 2- Tools for Standard Work of Team Members : Work Combination Chart

    • 12. Part 3 - Tools for Standard Work of Team Members : Standardized Work Flow

    • 13. Upkeeping Standards - SDCA

    • 14. Challenges in Sustaining Standard Work

    • 15. Standard Work Wrap up lecture


About This Class

The concept of Standard Work is useful for organizations of all sizes. It defines various work elements that have to be carried by each role as per their responsibility and accountability.

This concept was first put forth in Lean Manufacturing, Toyota Production System and TQM. However, now it is applied to organizations of all sectors.

Thus defining standard work is the foundation of reaping full benefits from Kaizen and other improvement and reducing Muda or waste by re-establishing standards which were already established.

In this course, which is built on scenarios for both Leaders and Team Members,  using Case Studies, you will learn from scratch:

  • Definition of Standard Work

  • Examples across Sectors

  • Benefits of Standard Work

  • Difference between Standard Work for Leaders and Team Members

  • Various Tools used for creating standard work such as MPCP, Standard Work Chart, Standardized Work Combination Chart,  Standard Work Flow, etc.

  • Challenges during implementation and how to handle them,

  • Techniques to upkeep and sustain standard work

Target Audience:

  • Professionals from Discrete Manufacturing - Automotive, Industrial Products, Pharma, Consumer Products, Technology, etc.Lean Practitioners & Lean Six Sigma Professionals
  • Operations, Production, Engineering, Product Development and Senior Management