Impactful Logo Drop Animation in After Effects 2020 - For Beginner & Intermediate Users | Andrew Pach | Skillshare

Impactful Logo Drop Animation in After Effects 2020 - For Beginner & Intermediate Users

Andrew Pach, Animation all the way!

Impactful Logo Drop Animation in After Effects 2020 - For Beginner & Intermediate Users

Andrew Pach, Animation all the way!

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16 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create Comp and Import Footage

    • 3. Optional - Create a Vignette

    • 4. Organize Project and Insert Logo

    • 5. Theory - Easing Keyframes, Motion Blur, 3D Layers

    • 6. Animation - Drop the Logo

    • 7. Logo Shadow Layer

    • 8. Explosion Behind Logo

    • 9. Flying Particles

    • 10. Optional - Turbulent Displacement

    • 11. Camera Movement

    • 12. Camera Shake

    • 13. Add Sound Fx

    • 14. Texture Addition

    • 15. Camera Lens Blur

    • 16. Thank You

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About This Class

With this class I would like to guide you through very short tutorials (2-4 minutes) on how to create this kind of logo animation:


We will work from A to Z to create this impactful logo drop animation.

Within the class we will tackle topics like:

- An After Effects Camera

- Activating and manipulating 3D Layers for our project

- Easing Keyframes with the Graph Editor

- Working with textures, vignettes and motion elements within After Effects

Benefits of taking this class:

- Learning After Effects through creating a project

- Very short tutorials (2-4 minutes) which make the class engaging and enjoyable

- High production value (zoom, pan, highlighting shortcuts)

- Experienced Instructor

I hope you will enjoy this class and it will spark the love to After Effects and logo animation in you. Start watching the class whenever you're ready!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrzej Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: welcome. In my case, while sitting on those rocks, I had plenty of time to think about a logo animation. Because of that, I was able to put together and after effects class where I would like to teach you every step off the way off creating this kind of global information. I'll show you how to import footage, how to add some interesting motion. Use a camera at particles at an explosion, and in the end, we'll add some little tweaks to the entire innovation to make it better. And, of course, give itself. If you're interested in this topic and want to learn logo animation instead of just sitting on rocks in a cave, then go right inside this and let's start. 2. Create Comp and Import Footage: hello and welcome in these serious where we are going to create together. This'll impactful logo drop. Now I do not want to make prolong introductions. Let's go straight into after effects and create our new composition and import the footage to create a new composition in the project panel. You can create composition by clicking here in the newer versions of after effects. You can also click simply new composition. I'll call this composition, animation or animation ready. Something like that. It will be the main container. And for the quality, of course. I want a full HD video with 30 frame rate. As for alliteration, five seconds should be enough little after effects. Hint. You can hit five and a dot a dot will mean seconds. So if I hit Okay, as you can see on the timeline, I have five seconds to work with. Now, do not worry off course. If you are new to aftereffect, you can change this at any given time now to import the footage. This is the project panel where we see all the files that are imported into this particular product to import footage files. You can simply drag and drop them into after effects. In my case, since I have referred those files and you should have those files as well, you can simply take all the files, drag and drop them into after effects. I've included three sounds. There are free to use. You can use them in your own projects as well. But the number 31 is the best long, but off course we can use all of them. So for the first lecture you should be creating in your composition and you should be importing the footage first. Very first step, which I want to take in this particular animation, will be detective background black and simply to drag and drop it onto the composition now , depending on yourself. If these background it's OK for you, you can leave it like that or go to the next lecture where I want to show you an optional way off making an additional vineyard. This could be useful for other colors, off backgrounds and overall, for any local work you might do. Let's see each other in the next lecture 3. Optional - Create a Vignette: Alright, An optional step is to create a vineyard one after affect youtuber Mickey showed a great way to create the vineyard. Now I will quickly with control Why make a white solid so you'll see better What I mean with the vineyard. So the way you can easily do a vineyard which is blacking out the sights off the picture is to right click new and create a new adjustment layer econ Chris, enter to rename this layer and I will call this vignette all right. And the great trick your is you can go to the effects and presets. You can open the effects and presets if you do not see them by going to window and opening effect and preset here, you wanna type in exposure and you wanna apply from the color correction the exposure effect on to this layer. Now the exposure effect allows you to darken this layer How much you want. So in order to make a video out of it, for example, I go negative for in order to make a vineyard, you will go to the rectangle tool. You click, you change it to the ellipse stool and you double click toe, apply a mask to it. This will automatically apply perfect ellipse to this entire scene. Now, having the mask here on living it open, you only have to select inverted. So those pieces are black. Open up the mask and you have mosque feather. You can raise the feather, and this will automatically create a vineyard. No, depending on how strong the exposure is and how strong the Federer's. This will change the effect of the vineyard. All right, let me know. Delete the solid and this is a very dark background. So you really do not need a vineyard that much. But it can always be helpful if you create logo intimations and those types of things. For example, if I d select the vineyard, I do not like that on this picture. Here we have some white spots, and it's know as regular as I would like it to be, So the vineyard will perfectly round me up with blackness around this area. Remember, create an adjustment layer, apply the color corrections exposure effect and then mask it by double clicking on the ellipse stool and inverting the mask and feathering it out a little bit. Thanks for listening. And I hope this is a very useful addition to our animation. 4. Organize Project and Insert Logo: Now comes a step which maybe not popular, but I would like to organize this entire project before we move forward. All right, How can you organize the product now? First off, I would like to hit this button, creates a new folder and call it footage. It will be easier to like sort things. If everything is in the 40 shoulder inside the footage folder. I want to put the background. I want to put by holding my left control key. The sound effect, the impact and the particles. I wanna put everything in the footage folder. All right. Right now we have I will even consider putting this how it into the footage just so they don't get in the way. But the solid can stay here. All right. We also need a dis stepped on example logo, which we'll work on four dead. If you have a logo, please import the local right now placed in the footage folder used logo here. I will create a simple thing in after effects. For example, using the lips tool, I'll go to the middle, I make ah a normal circle. Having this shape layer created Oprah's control old and home to bring the anchor point perfectly in the middle In all their aversions off after Frank's, like after CS six, this didn't work. All right, so I have this circle. I want to put the circle perfectly in the middle for that. You wanna go window and open the align panel and from the align panel, you can select this and this one perfectly center, position it. All right, let's put some text on it, for example. A like aftereffect. I already have some pre selected purple color because I was doing something like that lately and this could be our example. Local. If you wanna, like, enhance this outline of the circle. Also give it a stroke, for example. Despicable stroke. All right. And we have a little imitation off the after effects logo. This would be a perfect local toe work with. I didn't want it to just create the logo. I also wanted to pre compose it. Now press control shift, see by selecting those two items or just wreck, click on them and select pre composed. I'll move off course or attributes, and this will be I will make it in bracket keys logo F X. This will also perfectly organized are composition now. Why did I put it in tow? Logo FX, Because this will be a composition were later, and the adjustments will make the logo any like little animations, little additional elements we'll put here. So because of that, because this is the logo FX now do not over think it. Just create what I greet. I'll take the logo once again, right click and recompose it again. This tree composition will be cold chain change logo here or, for example, simple local local will also be useful. This way. On the left side, you can see I have to compositions. I have the actual composition where I changed the logo, and I have a composition where I can apply additional effects onto the logo without disrupting the actual local files. This will come more clear later on as we work on the animation. So for the sake of this lecture, you are supposed to put all footage items into the footage folder and create to compositions a logo, FX composition and a local composition. In the next lecture, I want to explain your a few important and key things about after fixing about animation, so stay tuned and police head over to the next lecture right away. 5. Theory - Easing Keyframes, Motion Blur, 3D Layers: in this lecture. Please sit back. And what What I'm doing now I'll duplicate this logo. I duplicate this local two times just so I have something to work with. I put one logo here and one logo here. At first I want to give it a key frame. Perhaps most of you already know what I'm talking about. But for those who are new to after effects, this will be very helpful. Okay, I entered the position. I gave it a key frame and we have no to position key frames. Those are linear Keefe rings. But what we can do with those key frames is to select them and press F nine on your keyboard. You can also right click key frame assistant, and easy eased. Um, this will change the flow temple and speed off the animation. You can see this animation is very static from left to right. And the bottom animation is very fluent. Why is that? Because those key frames, if we enter the graph editor, they give those key frames have a speed graph off this value. While those key frames are linear, they do not accelerate and slow down. All right, this is when it comes to easing Keith Ring, which we'll use later. Another feature I want to show you when you hit your F four key on the keyboard or enter the toggle switches and most here on the bottom, you can see a bunch off order. Things appear right next to the elements you can also on the left bottom side, enable vote. So both have the blending modes and the layer switches. Now, why do we need the layer switches? Do you see this animation? I'll come closer. I won't even go for quality if we enable motion blur for those layers, you can see este progress. They are a bit blurred, and also motion blur needs to be enables for this entire layer for this to work because if I disable motion blur for this layer, it will not be active. But if I enable it, those animation will become blurry. This is perfectly for logo animation and photos like dynamic animations, because very often you can utilize motion blur to make your animation a little bit like more dynamic. The downside of this is this is harder for your PC, and after Fred will work slower if you make for quality if you enable motion blur So for working and preview purposes, I prefer to keep it without motion. Blur. All right, The last thing from the theory I want to show you here is that you can enable three D 1/3 dimension for layers. As you can see this position key frame, we have the X and y value. So on the X, it moves like that under why it moves like that. If I enable three d, you can see it got a little handle Z handle, which pulls it towards me and pulls it away from me. This would be better visible if you're on the bottom. I select two views you can see now this is a camera like shining from top. You can see I can move it pulled it towards me and I can pull it away from me. This is because I enabled 1/3 dimension. This is something that we will use in our animation because in our animation the logo will impact fully like drop from from the front onto the scene. This is just a theory which I wanted to show you before we start easing motion Blur three D Those are things which most off aftereffects users already know. But if you are new to after effects and this is complicated for you, do not worry. You will only click things, which I instruct you to do. And once you already done them, you'll probably start to understand why they're here. And how are they used. Thank you very much for listening. This is a very important lecture, and we'll see each other in next ones. When we finally start the animation, let's go. 6. Animation - Drop the Logo: my plan for this. Lower animation wants to create rather quick tutorials. So we have the logo into backgrounds already before the logo. You wanna enable three D in orderto have three d positioning no over p to be able to animate this treaty. Position press on this stopwatch to create a new key frame on my composition. This new key frame will be moved to about one second because, like this is the end result. The end result of this animation is the logo being here. But right here on this place on the timeline, for example, at at about five frames, I want the position to be negative, like at least 2000. So the logo goes out of my screen. You can click here and pull it to the left or you can even received so it will meet pulled quicker. You can see this animation. This logo will be pulled out off the screen off the actual camera at the value off negative 2000 and 800 depending on which local you bring in with which size this value might differ a little bit now technical to the beginning and press space to preview the animation we have so far. Okay, The animation is very slow and static. So what do you want to do? You want to select those key frames you want to, right? Click, keep from assistant. And you want to easy Easter's key friends. Then you want to go to the graph editor. And here, If you do not see a graph like that, please press here on the bottom and select speed graph. This, Peter Graf, allows you to change the speed and velocity off this entire animation off those key frames . So if you pull the left handle, the animation should be, like, more impactful in quicker. All right. Maybe even pulling the right handle a little bit further away. So you create this kind of shape, and this will be like a very massive and quick drop, and then it will stop. Move? All right. In my opinion, this information is pretty Okay. Maybe even pulling the handle a little bit to the back. Going out off the graph editor, we can move this key frame a little bit closer so the entire animation will happen quicker . This is it. When it comes to the first lecture. All right. The animation is quick, impactful, very nice. Let's stay with it and let's continue working on additional elements off this animation. 7. Logo Shadow Layer: in this lecture, I want to show you a great technique off making shadows for locals. Now, the great thing here is that we have the logo in a pre composition. We do not harm the actual local because the logo is inside here. So, having this pre compassion, please duplicated by pressing control de off course and call it logo shadow. All right, By pressing enter, you can call it logo shadow. This right now is a duplication. But if we again go to the effects panel and this time we'll generate a fill, Phil is just overlaying given layer. Maybe I dislike make this first layer invisible. So you see what you're doing. Okay, When it comes to fill, you can stay with dread. But a great trick here is to use the CC radial fast bowler, CC radio from the Blur and sharpen options. CC regal Fassler will enable you to create a very like strong shadow out off it. For example, you make the amount of it a bit higher, like 90 and what great, You can place the center wherever you want, So if you place the center here, you'll like choke choke out a shadow out off this layer. Of course, you can place the shadow in the middle. It's your decision. But for example, to make it feel natural, I will make it on the left upside so it will choke down this shadow onto this. And, of course, when it comes to the color, it depends on your logo off course. But for the majority off elements you like, you want a black shadow, right? If you enable the original logo now, you can see the shadow layer adds this, like little additional effect onto the logo. Now this animation flies in together with the shallow and what's great. The shadow over the has the same position. Key frames. We could also take the parenting option and parented to the logo effects layer. But since we are not going to do more and emissions on it, I'll leave it like that. We have the position key frame on the shadow layer, and, as you can see, it applied a great shadow to it. Thank you very much for listening, and I hope you can replicate the step right now so we can continue and move on with our animation even further. 8. Explosion Behind Logo: Now it's time for the good stuff. Well, not over. Complicate the project. Go to the product panel, open up the footage folder and imports the impact. Explosives like I'll put it off course under the local. Now you can see what happens with those impact explosives. Right now, they created like a black screen around it. So what's important that you enable the blending modes If you don't see them again, F four on your keyboard or this middle Aiken. And when it comes to the blending mode in order to, like, make it transparent, you can check out those blending modes. For example, at will work you can also screen. You can multiply it. Screen should also work perfectly. If you wanna quickly scrub Trudeau's shift and minus and plus on your keyboard, this will show you the result. Okay, I'll remain that screen and right when right when the logo impacts the the screen with page up and page down, I want to see because with page up and page down, I can scrap from each frame separately. Okay, here lands here. It lands boom. Okay, about on this frame and what's another shortcut? I'm sorry. I'll press s star on my keyboard, and this will place a marker. I know that this marker represents the initial like the impact. Okay, Now for this animation, I need to find the right spot. Okay, You can see this is a very simple animation. You only put it like to hear the president old and left bracket key to cut the left side. And this should be, like, perfectly enough. No way. Prison t to see the opacity and see if the impact is not too strong. Like maybe it's a bit too bright, right? So I can lower the opacity. You don't have to do this. It depends on how your logo looks. But for myself, I think 70% and making it smaller. So I grabbed here. I press shift and make it smaller because I do not need such such an impact. I also lower it from this side. So the animation isn't so long, and I can with my space bar, previewed the impact. All right, now the animation. Okay, maybe I overdone it. It would be better if this would be a bit more visible. All right, because after all, it's an impact this oldest personal preference. Now, with for the sake of this information, I think this is perfectly enough often impact. I could even so they said a tiny bit quicker, one frame quicker. So, like the infant itself is heavier. So do it yourself now, ones your logo drops on the screen. Please try and place this impact explosion behind it. To make this kind of animation. Thank you for watching this tutorial. And I can't wait for you to catch up. Created this as well, and then we'll move forward entry additional animations and to make this innovation cooler . 9. Flying Particles: when this impact happens, when this impact finalizes when the logo like drops on the screen, I want you to import another piece of the footage, which will be particle snow again. Normally, if you are a designer, you have plenty off those particles to select from because you probably somewhere along the road purchased someone or are made little resources folder for yourself, which I very recommend to do. And I'll no place those particles maybe at first places at the first element. And let's see how that actually looks all right. The particles should be also said, like to screen NARAL President T to lower the on the opacity and you remember the impact happened here. Let me show you the particles the particles like start right from the beginning, so I'll move the particles to here. No prison T to open the opacity, replace the opacity. Keep him here to 0% and a few frames later to 100% or, like 90% something that it's just strongly visible. And I'll move it so it kind of alliance with impact movie. Ripley has a few friends back. You can even bring this closer, and with my page up. Page down. I'll preview the animation. Okay, page down, way down, page down. Maybe a bit further. As the impact happens, the particles like spark in the entire screen. Maybe the particles under normal circumstances would be also bit more interesting. But okay, maybe even later, Because I do not like that. The particles if are coming in a bit too quickly. OK, maybe like smoothing out this, I'll press key from assistant and Easy's them. All right. And now you're understands for my liking, this innovation, Lex. Now the proper camera movement and overall movement. But as for a basic information, I'm sorry. If you're hearing sounds Isle de select this sound, I will de select this sound. I'm, of course, recording without in a sound. So I didn't think about it. But you can de select sound foreign layer here by clicking on this handle. All right. I cannot preview dad beautiful, and impact happens, and the particles start flying around. Police import the particles as the first element. Maybe lower the opacity. Maybe not set the blending motor to screen, and you'll have another little element which adds value to the entire animation. 10. Optional - Turbulent Displacement: Now comes an optional step, which I was thinking off when creating this animation. Okay, let me close everything and go into the longer effects. Because at this point, I can add effect to this part. And it'll influence only this composition, not even the logo itself. But only this compulsion. I was thinking when the impact happens, we should have some kind of like flow on the entire logo. So let me bring my play head here to this point, OK? This is the point where it impacts the ground. Like like 24 frames. If I click on the logo effects, it will automatically have as well 24 frames selected. So I right, click new and I select a new adjustment layer. The adjustment layer automatically is here, and I will call it wife. I'm calling it wave and from the effect at Tremblant displacement from the distort effect. A terrible in displacement, as you can see, can turbulent and displace your The logo s strong. You want so? But I do not want this to be so strong and so complex. So for the size, of course not 100 I'll make like 30. 30 is okay. And for the amount, let's lower the amount. I want to look at normal. I wanted this only to shake up a little bit. So the moment it impacts, I want to shake it up maximally to this this degree. Okay, so I'm hitting a key frame on the size and amount. I'm sorry. I made a negative amount, so the amount is 30 and the size of 30. I prissy you to reveal the key frames going a few frames every year. I make zero and going a few friends forward, I make a swell 00 So what happens here? We have zero. We have a small displacement. Look, watch on the screen. We have a small displacement, and then we have again zero to make it look a bit nicer. I will, of course, keep him assistant and easiest everything. And right now, this is just a little adjustment to the logo animation. When I go back to the animation, I conceded, Like when it drops here, it starts to this place with one. The actual impact happens. It's displaced a bit stronger. So what was my mistake? You Maybe I made the displacement of it. too strong in a bit too eerie. So I go back to the logo off X diapers. You on the wave, I take the first key friends. Can I just bring them closer? I take those key things and I bring. Bring them a bit further. And those middle key frames, maybe the value was a bit too strong. Maybe 20 and 20 will be completely enough. All right. I think this is not too much. Not too little, Not great, No terrible. You can see the idea behind this. It flows in and it has this small. Maybe it should, like, flatter a little bit longer after the impact. So you can always go back. Always take the second key frames and place them further away. So the displacement happens a bit longer. You can see it's not a strong impact, but it gives this little touch to this animation. So I have. Once the impact happens because strong impact and this is a more like organic and liquid logo. It also depends on the logo you are using. It might be a glitch in my case here. I wanted to go for a liquid style, so I made this little displacement. All right, This is another adjustment you can make to your local animation. This is completely optional. And what's great? If you are editing this template, you just de select this element and boom, you have no animation. This is why I make this logo effects composition. Because an effect I would like to additionally apply to the logo. I'll try to put it here. All right, this is one we did which worked very well, and I hope you can replicate this step as well. Open the turbulence displacement play a bit around. You can, of course, make the turbulent a bit different, but the original is also great. A normal, turbulent displacement is always wonderful. So thank you for watching dictatorial. And we see each other in the next one, where we finally moved to, like, make some movement or use the camera and at additional few touches to the entire animation 11. Camera Movement: now, finally, something that's really completely amazing, adding a camera to this composition. Now this will were the three D layers will come into play, right click new and select a new camera. It could be a 35 millimeter or a 50 millimeter. It depends on what you want. Let's make it a 35. It depends on how white you want the angle of you to be. And okay, we have to camera What's great about a camera? An after effect. If I press p, I can adjust the position off the camera. Now you may wonder, why does the logo move and, like, the background doesn't move Well. This is because a camera on Lee applies movement two layers which have three d enabled. So you want to enable treaty, which is the Z axis moving closer and further? Do you remember for, of course, for the particles for the impact will impact definitely and the background most certainly. Basically, we need to turn the three D for everything in this case in this animation, so I will move to the very beginning of that eminent animation, my present position key frame, because the first frame is no movement at all. But like going further into the animation when the logo appears, maybe even to the middle of the entire animation. I want a strong movement. I won't like that the logo to go back. You could also make everything go closer. It depends on the style e one achieve. If it goes closer, let me lower the quality to make it 1/4 and showed the result. This'll be the result which, like kind of takes off off the impact. So in my case, I do prefer when it goes further away, Do you see a little problem here? Some layers are not big enough, but that's no problem. We have the background. We can very quickly recites the background to make it bigger. We can also take the vineyard to make it bigger and what else? The explosives doesn't have to be because they were perfectly fitted to my logo. The particle snow off course. The particles should be enlarged as well. I can press the shift key so it stays within the same size. And this is what this animation cost now, depending on how strong and how big of a movement you want you will influence the third value. Then again, select those key frames, right click key frame assistant and Eazy e's them. This would basically make our camera movement for this innovation. In my opinion, this camera movement, like, moves too quick at the beginning. So I'll like, shift those key things to the right side and even the second key frame, I'll pull this second key frame a bit further away, so it takes at least half of the animation. All right, let me preview that. Okay, I removed the key frame even further, and I'll lesser down this on this animation. Why do they do this? In my opinion, camera movement was like overwhelming. It was a too strong of a movement. So you want to take a few steps back and you wanna just hit the impact and slightly move it away? Okay? Right now, in my opinion, the camera movement is perfect for this purpose, which we have here, and I will stay on that. So you should do know the same, enable three d for those layers incident at after effects camera and play around with the third value. Change it from the origin of value to at least negative 2000 or 2100 or another amount if you feel that your animation should be different in this one. 12. Camera Shake: before before we finish another like a move, which a man a minute it will do is adding shake to your camera on. This is very easily done. You can pre compose everything by selecting everything on prisoners control shift C on your keyboard or command shift. See if you're on a Mac so pre company I can cold shake. It doesn't matter. I will move whole attributes. And this pre compulsion is called Shake and what I can do again is go to the effects and presets and call in a wiggle a legal position. Of course, we could also do other wiggles. But wiggle position will do the trick because right now the wiggle will be applied to the entire competition. Look, it would look completely weird and we should again enlarge the background if we want to have such a strong will. But what I want to achieve, I only want to wiggle again on the impact. So around here. So I go to the wiggle speed. I go to the wiggle amount and definitely not 50. I want, like we got a month of 20. But maybe the speed could be to let's see how that looks, I press you. So I see that I put key frames here I go a few frames to the left and I make, like no wiggle, no amount and again moving forward. Also here. No wiggle, no amount. Tory, let's preview what happens. You see what happens? Asked the animation moves in the wiggle starts the happening. As the local lands on the ground, we have a small wiggle to the entire camera into the entire composition. What I see some mistake is we still have black screen here, so I double kick into their shape composition. I take the background and I make the background even bigger, just in case, just in case it really goes outside of the screen and worry. What's completion? Do I need to open? I need to open the shake and the entire animation and maybe those key frames as well. You can see I'm repeating this step. It depends sometimes sometimes you want a linear animation, but for the most part, if you're like making organic animation and some logo animation, you always want it to flow nicely that this sheik happens really quickly, so I'll move it away and here away but I am very satisfied with the amount of the shake. So this creates a really strong impact. For now, I'll just de select sound. So no sound will come out of this composition and well, at the place where we finally can add some sound. This would, like finalizes in the mission, and I really like that we have the camera movement. We have the particles and the particles like entered screen. After after the animation, the particles should also spread more from the middle. But that's the file I found to be used for free and which I can share with you. And right now we will be able to go into the sound. Okay, thank you very much for listening to distributor. We are close to the end of this animation. Thank you very much for listening to this lecture and let each other in the next one 13. Add Sound Fx: all right, I'm turning myself on and I want to show you How do you work with sound in after effects. Those are quick and impactful. Sounds as you can see. They have six seconds, seven seconds, Three seconds. So they're perfectly for this type of animation. Number three is the best. But I'll take anyone because any off the off those sounds will work. You just drag and drop the sound. And once the sound is enabled, outdoor waves will be visible. So you press double l one l for levels and a second l for the way form. You can see this style off the sound, so we need to, like, make sure where the impact happens. The impact happens here again with a star on my keyboard. I'll mark this area. This type of sound should be here. And if for some reason this is too loud for you, this impact is too loud. You can always press l for the levels and you can level the sound for example, a little bit quieter at the beginning. And here it gets back to zero. That impressed double l. You can see I lowered down the beginning of the sound. Let me preview if the sound actually works and fits this animation, Okay, I can understand that. I can like, in my opinion, that's a cool animation, and we definitely could roll with it. But I promised you that number trees a bit better. So let's use it. That's preview it and number tree, the bonus of number trees that it flies in. Then it has an impact, and then it goes off and this requires a few adjustments from us. Let me close down this one, all right, that now you need to do this by hand. You need to find a place where the impact happens. I I saw that the impact happened somewhere here. So I'll dragon just something. I'll drive it to the place and I'll preview it until I have it perfectly. It's not such a big of a problem. So as you can see, I press shift and l to see the levels. You can always shift and something to open up a property shift on L open to the levels, so I'll take the levels at the beginning. I want them lower like a negative 16 here. I want them to be no normal, normal loudness or maybe here even even quieter. So this will make every nice entrance impact. And here it should be lowered down because this animation has five seconds and I do not want this animation toe and abruptly. So I go toe maybe three seconds and 10 frames. I put another key frame. You can see this key frame represents zero value, but I'll go again forward, lower down the audio levels to negative 30 or even negative 40. So it really goes very, very quiet here. And what I could do I could keep from assistant and easy Starsky frames So it doesn't happen so abruptly again and rude. Okay, this sounds should not work close to perfectly with this animation, and that's the beauty off. Having high quality good sound. Not only the flying impact and the fly off works really, really well, this is a big advantage of having good sounds. Good sound effects again. If you're aftereffect designer or on overall animator video editor, there's a good chance that you have some kind of pack over the purchase or Donald it. What I can personally recommend is a packed cold motion polls impact. This motion pulls impact costs about $50. At the moment, it's from video copilot Andrew Kramer, and they are very heavily invested in the after effect. They have, like, great in pre compositions, sound effects and also plug ins for after effects. They're a big company, and you could look into that. Of course, there plenty of sounds to purchase over the Net. But those impact sounds are perfect for logo animations. This is it when it comes to adding sound to this animation. See you in the next lecture and we'll slowly, some and round up this entire information. See you then. 14. Texture Addition: Now I can show you how you can play with the animation, how you can change it. For example, we go into the logo FX panel Brian, that we could, for example, use the texture. We already have this black background, or we can import a new texture. Inter offer effects. I have just downloaded an important and a texture I could find. For example, I found something like that. And why don't we just try it so I will take this completely weird texture and I'll place it under the logo if you want, Like the logo to be covered with this texture. Maybe, like, let's make it a bit smaller. There's trick, which you can use the track matte for that trick is simply toe. Make this new layer and alpha matte and track me thing is something for another topic and make this logo visible, or it it seems like nothing has happened. But if you dislike the logo you can see on the local, restricts the area off this texture. Now the logo. You can change the blending mode, for example, and I'm not sure I tested it. And Color Dodge works wonderfully, but we can also person shift Press again minus or plus on your keyboard and you can switch between them, for example like this looks amazing. The classic or linear or dark? You know what it seems that nearly any off those any of those lending modes works perfectly . Alright, screen Fine. It looks fine by me and what we can do here You remember that impact happens here 26 frames . So what we can do? We can Presti on the triangles toe take the opacity and make a lowering opacity animation Or, if you want to make it one step further, for example, go into the effects and there's burn cc burn film effect, for example you double click to apply it to the triangles. Double click and watch that I'll place a key frame here I go with forward Well, with this information, I know where the impact happens and after the impact this film burn will slowly burn down this entire triangle texture. Now, this would what I forgot. I prefer you to reveal or key frames. Okay, we have to keep frames again. As remember I should Eazy e's them to make them a bit more smoother and Let's privet enter animation and the end result off off this burn film. So what we would have now? Okay, the burn happens too quickly. I go back to my logo effects. I put this for their way. I put this as well, further away, a maximum burn. I go back to animation and its preview it. So the animation enters way, have texture. The impact happens and then somehow burned, effective, supplied. I'll lower down the quality. That's how you can have found in after effects. We not only have the impact animation, but maybe the colors are too strong. Okay, I overdone it. But that's the beauty. We have the local FX composition, and I know that all effects apply to low are here and ologists take shift and make it another. Okay, this overly looks interesting. Maybe here, maybe here, Boone. It starts happening. Animation. Now the animation will be completely different. You can see where I'm going with this. With a couple of tweaks, you can make a new like style tips information. Of course, there's, like, not perfect, but we just made an example off one color for texture. We could select a less colorful texture, and maybe this would look a bit better. We would have a texture, and this texture would burn out off this logo and the local would be perfectly revealed. That's how you can, like, play around with logo animations, and that's what's really enjoyable to do. Enough perfect. I hope this set off electors off the tourist was very helpful, that you learned a lot in this reveal and that we will see each other in next lectures to learn even Maura about this topic because I do really like those animations. 15. Camera Lens Blur: another little adjustment you can either make in the local effects panel or put it onto the entire animation. In my case, this is the shape composition. For example, if you want to put it here above the camera, you can do this just by going toe, right? Like new. Yes, as you can hear it, my son helps me to record this tutorials that my you can at a new adjustment layer. I would put it at the first layer, and another effect is camera lens blur. That's a very cool blur, because it will blur your entire composition. Now, at first you want a blurring radius to be zero after. If you say a few maybe a few frames like unframed time I look, you frame it to zero, and a bit later, I'll enable the radius to, like be 20 births. 12 should be, should be okay, then you afford. As the impact happens, you can see there is a blur going on. I just show you the difference you can see here. I even make full quality and the blower at 11. You see, there's a noticeable blur. Okay, going forward right after the impact I still on a bit off the blur. So I press you open the key frames, there's 11 and here I want zero. So right after the impact happens, I want the Blur to be shaken off by the entire camera. Now, I think those key frames, right, like keeping assistant easy, Eastham. And to make another adjustment. And I call it camera lens clerk just like the effect. So I remember just for your own convenience, even also right click. And for example, if you want you can make all effects purple, then here, out as well make like this effect on going to the car purple. So immediately after seeing the purple core, I would remember that this isn't an additional effect, depending on if you want the effect on the entire composition or on Lee on your logo, you can place it either here or here. I own this under entire compulsion and I want to show you health quality. OK, go to the entire animation. I want to show you the result. Maybe you don't notice this because this is happening like very quickly right now. But there is a blur and a couple of friends forward the shake, the impact, the dust, everything blurs to clearness and we have a sharp image. So this is like another cool addition to the innovation. And and with this I'd like to stop and stop the changes which I'm making here. I'll quickly one less time pre Orender the innovation to see my Aunt Russell and now think about if I made currently, I think those little additions the blur, the texture, the distortion when it hits the ground those are little effect which at up to a very nice before I hope this is enjoyable for you. Now it's time for me to talk to my son to tell him that he shouldn't be as loud when you're recording this tutorial. Thank you very much for listening and see you soon. 16. Thank You: So me and my son went through Thank you very much for your attention. Perhaps you heard him while I was recording. He was quite active. I tried to mute him, but it's kind of difficult in this age and we have enjoyed to record his anyway. And you like, thank you. Once again, if you enjoyed this series of tutorials, please give me a review. I really appreciate if you can do this and if not, then I'll still have to live with it. And I'll take your criticism and try to improve with music. Verify record. I do enjoy recording about this topic specifically so thank you. Once again, please leave that and we will see each other next time.