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Impact Hacking: Digital strategies for nonprofits

George Weiner, Whole Whale University

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32 Videos (2h 58m)
    • Intro: Welcome to Impact Hacking

    • Part 1 Module 1: Introduction to Impact Measurement + Tracking

    • Part 1 Module 2: How to Measure Nonprofit Impact

    • Part 1 Module 3: Walkthrough: Mapping impact through engagement funnels

    • Part 1 Module 4: How can Google Analytics measure impact?

    • Part 1 Module 5: Google Analytics Basics

    • Part 1 Module 6: Case Study: How Power Poetry measures their impact

    • Part 2 Module 1: Introduction to growth hacking

    • Part 2 Module 2: Digital advertising for impact

    • Part 2 Module 3: Getting free advertising with the Google Adwords Grant

    • Part 2 Module 4: Paying to Play with Facebook Ads

    • Part 2 Module 5: Using social media to drive impact

    • Part 2 Module 6: Writing content to capture more users

    • Part 2 Module 7: Search engine optimization: getting technical

    • Part 2 Module 8: Case Study: How Power Poetry grew their web traffic

    • Part 3 Module 1: Introduction to Optimization

    • Part 3 Module 2: Laws of the landing page: designing for conversion

    • Part 3 Module 3: Increasing conversions with A/B testing

    • Part 3 Module 4: Driving deeper engagement with newsletters

    • Part 3 Module 5: Know your users: tracking what matters with campaign tagging

    • Part 3 Module 6: Finding the right technology for your needs

    • Part 3 Module 7: Going above and beyond: 6 great web optimization tools

    • Part 3 Module 8: Engaging users with popups

    • Part 3 Module 9: Case Study: How Power Poetry optimized their web traffic

    • Part 4 Module 1: Introduction to building capacity

    • Part 4 Module 2: Keeping your team connected to the data with Google Analytics dashboards

    • Part 4 Module 3: Avoiding #FOMO with Google Intelligence Alerts

    • Part 4 Module 4: Hiring: How to recruit "A-players" for your team

    • Part 4 Module 5: Hiring: How to interview

    • Part 4 Module 6: Bringing in outside help: how to find reliable tech vendors

    • Part 4 Module 7: Case Study: How Power Poetry built its capacity

    • Outro: Closing Thoughts


About This Class


Impact hacking [working definition] - a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a nonprofit’s web traffic to grow its impact.

“Growth hacking” has gotten a lot of talk recently in Silicon Valley. Startups are trying to find the fastest ways to get their products in the hands of users and grow their revenue for investors. As nonprofits, we can adopt this mentality and harness it for good - which is why we are excited to bring you this course on #ImpactHacking.

We want to help you go from zero to 60 with your nonprofit’s web traffic. Why do we care so much about growing traffic? Because we know that, if done correctly, more traffic to your website will mean more impact for your organization. This course will move through four phases of Impact Hacking:

  1. Measure - Why does traffic even matter? How does it help your organization change the world for the better? Understand how to tie your organization’s mission to measurable, concrete goals on your website and other web platforms. Make sure you understand how to use the data to see what is working (driving more impact) and what isn’t. We’ll help you make the case that more website traffic equals more impact for your organization.

  2. Grow - Tried and true techniques to boost web traffic. We know that nonprofits don’t have the fancy ad agencies and huge marketing budgets to compete with the big brands. In this section, we’ll look at the free and cheap resources that nonprofits can use to game the system and get major traffic growth.

  3. Optimize - Now that you’ve boosted your web traffic, it’s time to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your users. One small tweak to your site could mean the difference between 100 and 1,000 conversions over time. In this section we look at ways to improve your site over time through design and technology and make sure it’s working as hard as your marketing efforts are.

  4. Build capacity - This is not a one-time growth hack. We want you to integrate these techniques and approaches into the fabric of your nonprofit’s culture. We’ll look at some ways to build a data-savvy team and keep them connected to the data so that everyone has a stake in your organization’s growth. You may find that you need to bring in outside help to really take your growth to the next level, so we’ll talk about how to find trusted vendors for your web projects.

Along the way, we’ll share case studies from Power Poetry, an awesome nonprofit organization that used all of the strategies we discuss to build their poetry platform from 0 to 300,000 active users.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to tie web traffic to your organization's mission, including a downloadable worksheet to find the metrics that matter for your organization

  • How to build web traffic through the Google AdWords grant, social media, digital advertising, SEO, and content marketing

  • How to optimize your site with free and cheap tools and tactics like A/B testing, popups, designing for conversion, newsletters, and campaign tagging

  • How to build capacity among your team with tips on #datahacking, hiring, and bringing in outside vendors

This course will give you all the fundamentals you need to build a digital strategy for your nonprofit team and jet-start your nonprofit’s impact hacking.

Who is the target audience?

  • Executive-level staff looking for new strategies and interested in “learning what they don’t know”
  • Marketing and communications directors looking for ways to boost website traffic
  • Marketing associates who want to build skills to take their work to the next level


  • Google Analytics access for your organization so you can follow along on some of the videos will be helpful
  • Website access for your nonprofit will be helpful so you can implement these strategies





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George Weiner

Whole Whale University

Whole Whale is a digital agency that leverages data and technology to increase the impact of nonprofits. In the same way the Inuits used every part of whale, WW leverages data and tech to increase organizational impact and reduce waste. By using data analysis, digital strategy, web development, and training, WW builds a Data Culture within every nonprofit they work with.


George Weiner, Founder and CEO of Whole Whale

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