Impact Challenge: Designing for Public Awareness

Nicole Kamra, Community Manager at Skillshare

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About This Class

Skillshare Impact Challenges are a way for the Skillshare community to create innovative solutions to make a better world for everyone. 

This month's challenge: Design an ad campaign to raise awareness about a pressing local social issue.

Here's how it works: 

Step 1: Research

In the discussions tab, share the research you've done with the participants. Stories, tools, case studies and articles here will allow us to gain a collect understanding about the problem and inspire solutions. 

Step 2: Ideas

How would you raise awareness in your city? Post your ideas as a project in the gallery. Here, you'll be able to share, collaborate and comment with your classmates as your ideas take shape.

Step 3: Implementation 

Once you've refined your ideas, post your finalized concept at the top of your student project. Like and comment on your favorite ideas to help us choose a shortlist of winning ideas. 


This challenge will end September 1st. The Skillshare team will announce 3 finalists, whose ad will be featured in the Skillshare community. 

Skillshare Impact Challenges draw on processes from our Creativy & Innovation class catalog; check out these free classes to learn more about this methodolgy.

We believe that together, we can create better ideas for a better tomorrow.  If you have questions about the challenge and contest, reach out to [email protected]





Nicole Kamra

Community Manager at Skillshare

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