Imagine and Paint Whimsical Watercolor Art

S Sukilopi, Artist, Skillshare teacher

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9 Videos (27m)
    • Introduction

    • Whimsical Art

    • Exercises

    • Finding Ideas

    • Background & Sketch

    • Acrylics & Masking Fluid (clouds & fish)

    • Watercolors (hair, tail & bird)

    • Adding Detail

    • Final Words

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About This Class

How to create whimsical art? To think out of the box and paint something unique? 

In this class we first will see how to define whimsical art.

Then I will teach you some exercises to stimulate your imagination and together we will invent a whimsical scene.

Then we will go through all the stages of painting this scene, using watercolors and various materials such as acrylics, masking fluid and pencil.

I am so happy to share my love of whimsical painting with you, join me now and let’s start!

7 of 7 students recommendSee All

Great class! Suki has a unique way of presenting things! Highly recommend!
Daniela ⚘ Usurelu

Self-taught graphic & pattern designer

A lovely class and project idea. A great resource for ideas and inspiration!!!
Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker

Good course that provoked some thought process...! Looking forward to put them in practice.
Jay Mayu

Illustrator & Software Developer





S Sukilopi

Artist, Skillshare teacher

Hello, I'm Sandrine (or Suki Lopi, my beloved artist name)!

I am an artist who loves using all kinds of media and especially watercolors. I occasionally design patterns in Procreate, and also enjoy working on digital collages.

I sell my art on print on demand websites, such as Society6 and Redbubble.

Although I strongly admire artists who can perfectly reproduce what they see, it is not my personal aim to do so. I favour creativity and imagination over realism and per...

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