Illustrator tips and Tricks for Beginners: Creating A Smashed Text Effect | Simeon Elson | Skillshare

Illustrator tips and Tricks for Beginners: Creating A Smashed Text Effect

Simeon Elson, Illustrator and Graphic Artist

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4 Videos (20m)
    • Intro

    • Useful Shortcuts and Essential Illustrator Tools

    • Creating the Breakaway Smashed Text

    • Conclusion


About This Class

This is the first in a series of Illustrator class in a series of short easy to digest courses, designed for beginners. In this class students will learn how to create a text with a breakaway smashed effect. We Will cover some of Adobe Illustrators basic navigation, essential tool and shortcuts before jumping into the nitty gritty of producing some cool breakaway typography, literally in minutes.   

During the class we will cover the following:

  • Learn some of illustrators essential navigation Tools and shortcuts that will help you get comfortable with the program.  
  • Customize text using illustrator effects.
  • Expand text into editable paths.
  • Segment letters using the line Segment Tool.
  • Employ the Pathfinder Divide function.
  • Customize the composition of the breakaway segments to achieve a realistic smashed effect within minutes.






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Simeon Elson

Illustrator and Graphic Artist

Simeon Elson is an inspired Adobe certified commercial freelance illustrator, graphic artist and photo retoucher based in London. Simeon's explosive, realistic works are inspired by sport, music, comics, movies, street art and current affairs. For more than a decade he has developed and diversified his graphical style(s) merging digital illustration, vector graphics, traditional drawing, mixed media elements, retouching and photo manipulation to produce images that are innovative and full of ...

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