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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro - what this class is about

    • 2. Panels and artboard

    • 3. Basic tools

    • 4. Color

    • 5. Envelope and masks

    • 6. Complaints

    • 7. Summing it up

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About This Class

This class is for everybody that wants to learn about Adobe Illustrator, especially begginers. If you are an advanced connoisseur of this software and still manages to learn one thing or two, then I gladly achieve my objetive. Here I talk about panels, artboard, tools, color, envelopes and masks. Time to learn!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Ortolan

Illustrator & Animator


I graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts (almost the same as Graphic Design) by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (Brazil) and also completed a Post Graduate on Comics and a Post Graduate on Game Design. Right now I'm trying to improve my drawing skills. It's not only something I believe I'm good at, but also my passion, although still have a lot to learn. And by doing that I discovered another thing I love: animation. Well, in fact, tradicional animation. Check out my Youtube channel for more videos.

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1. Intro - what this class is about: do you? Hi, everybody. I'm Gabriel and Project is about Adobe Illustrator and a quick lesson about the basic tools and workspace torno de softer. This project is for beginners that want or need to use illustrator and don't have much time to explore everything the program has to offer and are you need to put it to use fest. The objective here is took over the basics as much as needed so that you can hear the program pretty well without going too deep in its mechanics, So let's do it. 2. Panels and artboard: so we'll be talking a little bit about illustrator our class for project. And this is the kind of program that will you be doing our vector work, our vector files. So who will be creating a new fire? This is where you put her name off the file. Um So, for example, or this is where you put, um, the number off our reports. So be, um, we will be put in to desist this size. That is a little have a little presets on on it, but you can customize eat as well. For example, 50 by 30 high. Um, you can put in big suze millimeters. You can now. So, uh, because to my eyes, the orientation and, uh, the color mode and finish in so way put in too high and r j B, this is the tools and desired. Spano's have in mind that the panels are completely customizable, but I like to leave it similar panels like color and color guide. Oh, our character and paragraphs next to each other you can inclusive, um, make them Obure, uh, make the shrink expand in close and do not be confused about heart boards and layers because art boards are more off paper that you can, uh, move around. I have in the midst orientation changes, creating a new one. Name it work to it will be referred as work. True. From now on, Andi having it changed its position. And just about these two over here, the art bart to short cut a shift. Oh, in layers are more off in material concept. You have to change it. You have to create something for each to appear. So we have two paths over here. I hope that read for Banos and, uh, art parts. 3. Basic tools: So here we go with the basic tools. That is the pain, too. The paint brush to and the blob brush to and the razor to No, the way that ah depend who works is us. Just point and click. This is basically called the anchor point. You can increase the stroke, wait here to make more visible and, ah, if you hold a row, we have the pain to hear the ad anchor point, the elite anchor point accessible with plus and miners and the convert anchor points to No , let's I had an ankle point and mold it by basically the form that we went the path that we weren't And, um uh, let's race our elite Over here there is no necessity off clicking on start anchor point to be recognizable as nets. Basically, the way that the pain to works and, uh, the paint brush to Oh, you can let's make one of those basically, what the paint brush This He is greater shape with that being the path that being the stroke. So we koot increase or decrease here as well. And now the difference between, um paintbrush and lobby brush is that that is the path there is the stroke. And in that he is the filament has weakened mode. Uh, with the affirmative we went. So when takes the stroke caller and the other takes the field I called her and that being said the razor to works in two ways. One for the color off the stroke and other for filament over here, Eat completed our part and, ah, it'll eat only the filament color and ah, the stroke remained the same. Over here we have two parts now that divided our farm. Meanwhile, you over here, it raised the shape. It can be molded by the razor toe that inclusive can divided too. So I believe that is it. You can basically work with this for tools. That's pretty much how you need to do your work. Been to be paint brush, be blob, brush to shift to be and a razor toe shift Eat. And then there's the white arrow. We select, um, points anchor points and can freely move doomed around and inclusive. And we can shape them all the adjustments refinements can be done through there. It is a great agreed to can be used shoe shape our moat. A lot of ways. The alignment and the Pathfinder. Uh, every bar for the alignment may new. We have three options online. Just election aligned to keep object and alliance your artwork. Let's begin to art Bart, that class online to the R word, literally a line through selection. Align your selection. You must have at least selected tour projects and the the mix they It doesn't respect that positioning, but a line to keep object. If you selected this one, this place is hold. So we have here, um, or here. So you select as a key reject and Beth Finder. It's a way off. Mold them together. It can be done a lot off exploration. But the ones that I used most are, ah, shape together. Unite minus front that crops based their own. The object Daddy's on front intersect. See what to be doing with these apart. Over here, it intersects a shape area and exclude. It's the opposite Off intersect 4. Color: Now we're going to talk a little bit about colors. This is the few collar, and this is the stroke color. As we know there's plenty of ways to change debt change. Color one is the book clicking on it and, uh, choosing randomly from here. One is supporting directly. Does Father's here? One is, um, and put the code here. You can either go by you saturation and brightness, and when you click OK, and the same goes for filament. Uh, that's a good co are whom it applies to it. The same can go with the panel Color, uh, can change that and big directly on the Hugh panel, and you can either swap these colors. So when I do that, it's swap it. Now, if you want to change transparency, you can have Banyu open and either select one of the other. Or if we don't want even numbers can have here, so that applies to both to feel and this stroke. Now they don't applies true salt color. And when we don't need the stroke or the field, we can have this but pressed here that goes by either one way or another. The stroke and the filament so But when we need Ah grandly Ain't I at least have always selected? Let's draw shape here. Oh, creaking organ with the I have been to and I always click owned the radiant over here. And you can also swap between those troops. No. How do I change that? If we try to change by clicking double time here We always turned to solid black so we can go over here That is the proper gradient to So first of all, we can change too linear to radio. And the most important thing is this light over here this bar, because when you click it, he will just point with the cake. So we've only and shades off agree. But if we click here, we can either work with her to be a jsp o r Simek. We're going with RGB so we can have all the colors to appear and the same can go with. He's one of her here. That is good. So when we select this caller that either can be swapped, you have to change the color for eight to appear. Because if it's not, the radiant will not appear so we can have and see how the change is applying. Here we can have another color. For example, let's pick one randomly as we apply here. It is already applying here, and location can be changing. Over here, there is plenty off even numbers. O r can get random number and the capacity like for example, 50 can be a play it here. So, um so that's the result. And off course Grady into to that has as sharp cut g. This is the result. And always make sure that the form or shape he is selected when try to apply it radiates to over here because you can change pretty much everything directly from it, even, uh, even rotate it her. Have it radio when you can change it and you can change it like circular over here, always have selected the shape dead. We want to move if that's not the way you will not apply. So that's pretty much it 5. Envelope and masks: No. We're going to talk, uh, about the in the loop, distort, make with warp and make with the mish. So for that, we're going to need another shape. That was a great trade so that you guys can see better. I think that is good. So first, we're going to make with work. We have a bunch off options here with styles like flag like glower, and we can see the purview here. So just click, uh, rise, inflate. And we can with few options that can go as vertical, he end as horizontal so and have true bend over here. As you can see, the distortion can be very aggressive or very, very, very smooth. And if you're not, say it's fired with it. We can go always with concern are if we air satisfy it, we can go with Okay. As you can see, the radiant doesn't apply to it. Eat only companies the shape We don't have the necessity off going to always reset with warp. It can go over here band Oh, our distortion or result toe on vertical and indeed contents if we allow you edit the regional form. So whether the change there you apply to chew it that will be applying as well as deform over here. So you date content. So we, for example, make it smaller. It will make the smaller this ice and for make with mash the one that I used most. And you're going to be allowed to choose the number off rose and the number of columns. So with, for example, for by true click OK, it doesn't necessary make any change at all because you're going tribute to one of the changes. So, for example, um so as you can see, the number of possibilities is almost limitless because with make with warp, you can mood it by percents. But make with mesh you were going toe, apply the changes. And always, always you can release and have either deformed Oh, are the one that you were going to envelope too, or either expend so with expand. This is the regional format. No, they do first between, apply it, not apply. It are just You can still make changes directly own own it, but the apply it there's no turning back, no possibility off return unless control z is breast. And remember, there's always the possibility off. Use a sheep iss a mask for another ship, for example. Let's draw that overlaps the the one behind it. So what you're going to do, we select both off this births on make ah clipping mask or control seven. So as we can see here, we did not feel properly the the form on top of it because there's so blank spaces on the top of it. But we can move around. And if you're going to edit the contents, you we can go here. So a year ago and shoe, for example, duties as always, we can't go edit the mask. For example, he raising this, this baths over here or make you to larger. For example, Euro runs with your creativity, the resources air here. With luck, I guess I could teach you, um, a little bit about the state tour, so let your creativity flow, and that's it. 6. Complaints: although illustrator is not perfect because the way you work it's a lot like this. I pick, um, some random color as much as possible. Um, so, for example, let's run over here. Oh, um, these tree reading colors. No, let's see. Um, I want to control I square like this and say that I want to pick the green one. I just click on it using the eyedropper, too. What could I in, for example, before want you change? True. I think I just selected. And with shape selected, I just clicked on the link. Now my complaint. It's not about it, but I want you change the graduate one, for example, like this. You're not going to allow it to change. There is no way the only possibility is true here. Which let's, for example, changed the purple one. No, it doesn't allow each to change. You have to change it by you. That called or the values over here. No, it's pick away. True. So this is good if we select, I dropped her to and click the pink. It turns back to pink. So there is the need to see it with we charged colors or copy the cold over here to change ? No, I find it pretty irritating away off doing the corner peak. Let's see, for example, let's see. You want to change it to Green. I disagree. There's no way off picking the color off here because it won't allow us in that. A lot of ways I see myself copying the code in place it here. So it is a lot off downside with the way didn't work. I hope they fixed on the newer versions that he was CS six, so that's basically the only complete that I have. 7. Summing it up: so just a mirror up. Topics off Illustrator Dead. We spoke about their ease. Banos Art Board, Basic tools, Color in the Lopes, masks and one little complaint. So that's it.