Illustrator and Photoshop 10 Masterpiece Design Techniques | Saqib Ahmad | Skillshare

Illustrator and Photoshop 10 Masterpiece Design Techniques

Saqib Ahmad, Teaching online Business and Craft Together

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10 Videos (42m)
    • How to Make Vector Animation Easy Step by Step

    • How To Make Marble Scatter Brush In Illustrator

    • How To Make Bounce Text Effect in Illustrator

    • How to Convert Your Photo Into Vector in adobe Illustrator

    • How To Create Seamless Pattern in Illustrator

    • How To Make Camouflage In Photoshop and Illustrator

    • How to make caricature in photoshop Photo to Caricature Photoshop tutorial

    • How To Make Marble Watercolor Texture in Photoshop

    • How to Make Watercolor Ribbons in Photoshop and Illustrator

    • How To Make Watercolor Rose Tattoo Logo in Photoshop


About This Class

Top selected Design techniques in adobe illustrator and Photoshop which you need to learn in the year 2017 and start making your own design pack. If you are big fan of illustrator and making an animation then, this class is made for you.

You will learn making illustrator brushes, scatter brushes, making caricature, Simple Vector animation, making patterns, texture and lots of new stuff. Its 100% Free and you can enjoy Creating your own design whenever You Want! 





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Saqib Ahmad

Teaching online Business and Craft Together

Well, My Name is Saqib Ahmad and I am the person behind running this blog for worldwide. I'm 25 year old living in Pakistan Islamabad. I love being crafty or you can say Design is my passion. After long period of hardworking and doing freelance work I decided to make my personal blog and do something different then other. I am super friendly and never hurts someone feelings.

By the way my education background is Commerce but, designs and making graphics is my passion. I can do anything...

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