Illustrator Secrets: 5 Techniques to Add Realism to Your Work | DKNG Studios | Skillshare

Illustrator Secrets: 5 Techniques to Add Realism to Your Work

DKNG Studios, Design + Illustration

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8 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 3-Dimensionality with Mesh

    • 3. Create Foliage with Custom Brushes

    • 4. Complex Layering with Clipping Masks

    • 5. Dimensional Type with Blends

    • 6. Customize Using Envelope Distort

    • 7. Conclusion

    • 8. Learn more from DKNG

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About This Class

Learn five techniques to create your most realistic work yet with DKNG, the design and illustration duo who have taught more than 29,000 students on Skillshare!

Using real work for properties like Star Wars and Ghostbusters, Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman share how you can create 3-dimensional images that pop off the page. From simple tools like gradients and clipping masks to custom brushes and the envelope tool, you’ll discover how to use Illustrator in a whole new way.

Whether you’re new to Illustrator or a long-time user, this class will help you dive deeper, get more out of Illustrator, and take your work to the next level.

Want more tips? Take our other techniques-based class: Mastering Illustrator: 10 Tips & Tricks to Speed Up Your Workflow.





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DKNG Studios

Design + Illustration

How do design stars DKNG push their creative work? Watch this short, follow them on Skillshare, and watch their classes to unlock new skills and styles in your own work!

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