Illustrator: Create Abstract Designs and share them on Instagram

Benjamin Halsall, Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

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10 Videos (28m)
    • Class Introduction

    • Setup Your Project

    • Draw with the Pen Tool & Duplicate Shapes

    • Create An Abstract Blend

    • Create a Bakdrop that Perfectly Matches your Blend

    • Create a Curved Line Effect for your Shape

    • Create a Custom Backdrop For your Shpe

    • Wrap Your Image up For Instagram

    • Upload to Instagram from your Computer

    • Re-Cap of everything covered.


About This Class

Learn some Illustrator skills and get your Instagram channel pumping!

In this class we create cool, classic abstract compositions using the Pen Tool, Blend Tool and some layer smarts in order to create some very cool designs.

Check out a little bit of what you will cover in the Animated GIF below:


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Great class, step-by-step that's easy to follow along with but its not too slow.
Great class. I've been working with Illustrator for a long time, and this opened my eyes up to new ways of using the software. Thumbs up!
Joaquim Marques Nielsen

I love to teach design, animation and more!





Benjamin Halsall

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