Illustrator Basics: The Shape Builder Tool

Dylan Mierzwinski, Illustrator | Sewist | INFJ

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8 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Project

    • Working in Pieces

    • Extracting and Combining

    • Trimming

    • Strokes

    • Thank You!

    • Bonus! Time-lapse of Ernie the Excitable


About This Class


This class is the first in a new Illustrator Basics series and covers how to combine, extract, and trim shapes all with the single, powerful shape builder tool! Your Illustrator workflow will never be the same, kiss the various and often confusing pathfinder functions goodbye.


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Clear and concise!
Dylan makes everything in this class seems so easy. I've taken other classes on the shape builder tool and I end up just giving up because it just never works for me. After taking this class I now use the outline to see what I'm working with and it all just makes more sense now!! I have a note up on my wall for the commands to use and I'm going to use the shape builder tool way more often.
A great teacher! Clear instruction, good cadence in her voice when explaining the steps, easy to follow examples. Definitely going to follow Dylan on Skillshare!





Dylan Mierzwinski

Illustrator | Sewist | INFJ

My name's Dylan and I'm a strange combination of creative endeavors. From mixing cereals and making sand art as a kid, to graphic design, illustration, sewing, and general craft enthusiasm as an adult, creating and making beautiful things has not only been my constant, but an obsession. With an everlasting love of learning and trying things with my own hands, I've found joy in sharing what I've learned along the way in my six years as a professional graphic designer turned ill...

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