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Illustration with by-hand techniques and Photoshop

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 Sketching first

    • 3. 2 Starting the inking

    • 4. 3 Finishing the inking

    • 5. 4 Coloring in Photoshop

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About This Class

In this course, you are going to see the creation of an illustration, from the first step to the last one. We are going to work out a sketch, then we are going to see the inking technique with pens, brushes and china ink, and then we are going to scan and complete the illustration by using Photoshop for the color. In the end of this course, you will know more about creating an illustration by using both by-hand and photoshop techniques.

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1. Introduction: In this course, you will see how you can do a registration with some very basic tools, like china and pencils and paper and step by step. I'm going to show you how you can complete the thinking than how to scan your illustration and complete the coloring. With full shop. I will try to show you different techniques and the easy way you can start the nutrition and complete it and modify it and at the color with a graphic suffering. 2. 1 Sketching first: we're going to start to draw a character. This character is going to be done with a pencil. Then we're going to ink this character and then we'll complete it by scanning the character and finishing by coloring it with a graphic software and a graphic tablets. Then we start by creating this character. First we have to draw the head. I always tell with it Why? Because this is the main point that is going to position the rest of the body. So a novel is going to represent the main form of my hand. Then I separate his head with the line and we have the axis here and another access that he's going like this. And like this, these will be the eyes. This is very important. If you want to create a character that he's, I can say report, we have who has who has very good proportions. If you try to draw without constructing or character pros, Lee, you can have some difficulties. That's let's start drawing. This gets, we have the job and we have these basic lines. If you want to reproduce the same character by looking at this video, you can just Quicken plant pulls a good forward, good backwards on the video and see every step I'm giving here. So it's will represent a job. You can see I'm working with very sharp lines like this. Like this. Like I'm not trying to spend too much time in doing online. I'm really working with found signs like this. So we have the head here and we go like this because this is the tough of head, and is it a skill? And here we're. Then I'm going to draw Nick. Think this and you will get a can of cut. The cap is going around the neck and even in front off the reader like this. And here we would have missiles harm kept like this, the abs and here. So we have the main form of this fur hero. When you draw with very geometrical basic forms, it is going to be very easy to you than to construct or to modify or to place elements. For instance, if I wanted to change position at this arm, I will. It will be very easy to position a hand here with fingers and soon I'm going to do so. That's it. gives you the first Eyman's off this kitsch. Try to change my pencil and find a new one that she's going to be more visible for the camera. Maybe this from yes, it's change its okay, it's more visible. Then I'm going to work on the eyes. So the face here is a bit large, so I can change this. And here I'm going to draw a limitation. In fact, this imitation is because the face is going is a round object. It's normal. So at one point you see the sign of the devil, and this is exactly what we see here. So I can now estimate that knows, going to be here females here. And then I can start airing eyebrows one here and one there. Then we have eyes. I tried to have the same distance. Here is a distance off tonight, right? I bro Yes, like this and mouth upper lips and the lips. Nos and I can already envision some shadows that could be placed beautifully and ice here and again enforced the details of the job here. The character don't have yet any details on. I can think about some kind of details. Maybe hairs. Maybe it has. Um maybe here's Here's our position into, say, at the same level than the eyes. And yes, I can do some hairs. So I stopped by drawing the imitation of the heirs here. And I can draw the cane off hairs and we have more. If the carriages that has hairs. This is more. There's more things here being up like this since nuts touch to it's not sticking to the initial school place. You have something more thin, See? Sorry. All right. So we have some details here not be for gun. And I can use the hatching techniques to in first old sign of the character that he's in the shadow and then has it seems, not very happy. We can for us all the details that would make him not happy. We have the Abe rolling down and have some details here, and maybe a shadow here the next. And we have the costume Superman of something that this So we have cap going around some forms that representative club. We have shadows here and missiles. We consider the missile composed different parts. All right, here we can already some shadows and these Children just in first thing. The fact that this is round all right, we have a can of Superman style superhero. It's not exactly hand it. It's like him. Shuttle heads, waken place already the main elements that compose the character. Then when we will Inc this character, we can go further into details. One ad. Okay, this was the first about off the sketching. 3. 2 Starting the inking: Now we complete the sketch when we know where the shadows are going to be placed. When you represent the shadows really rip NC. You don't have to have something very details. Just place them and you know that with the thinking is going to be there. - All right, this is for the sketch. Now we're going to talk about inking the character. We have some stuff that will be very a pool, Father inking. I'm going to speak about these 10. There is different difference ones. Different brand off pence is what is not very known. But you have different size. And the main thing that he's done with the span you will have some kind of brush is like this. Various. Full interesting because you really civilise and you will get some points like these very small, warm for details that are very, very small. All the spins are like don't for very straight lines, and you have different size and every science can have its own His own way could say every science can be very useful for different kind of Flynt's. But what you have to understand is when you think your illustration reading to use different side. Different different lines will have very straight lines, and some lines are going to have some thin parts and fake part. And this can also be done with more larger brush or pencil. We have something a bit more large and maybe something more precise. Way have also larger pan like this, where you can feel something with black color. Of course, you will have also the brush itself. This brush is very interesting because you can put water inside and this water is will make you brush always wet, and with this brush, you can put it in. The color are in the China China Inc is what we have here. You have different kind of friend and this one is quite coming to, although the ones it's just giving a very dark color, it's not great. It's not like I think you have color in ink that is called black ink, and it will give something very great here. This is not great. This is total black. This is very useful to have very dark lines like this, and you can use the brush like this with you China and to create the effect off thinking like comic book artists. This is probably also the more difficult tool to use, because when you use a pen like this, not this this one. This is a solid object, so when you put your end the paper, you can feel some resistance on this could be right. It's like when you write with normal pen you have. You know, it's a solid point, and you can put your hand and you some pressure with a brush. It would be more complex because you don't have to put to put too much on the paper. Other well, it will make the bridge going like this age will create some that effects. If you want a thin line, you will have to put your brush on the paper and be very, very smooth. This is one of the difficulties to use the brush, but when you have many experience off use of this, when you have dropped plenty of drying with brush, you will see that the reason is very interesting. So and then it was a presentation of the different who were going to use to draw that illustration. To make the thinking of that frustration it's worth waiting to see in the next year 4. 3 Finishing the inking: all right, so I'm going to use first the China Inc. I'm opening it and amusingly brush. Sure, its wits always out of when you think your obstetrician the white paper on the way she can put your hand. Otherwise, when your hand is going to go back and forth on paper, your pencil is going to be damage and be all over the paper and on your hand. So it's going toe. Have very dirty drink in the end, and it's It's not just for signal points if you Inc an illustration you always tell by do top off your dream and you go down because if you stop but the back and you try to go, you take the risk to put your hand in the China Inc. You have to know that the China and is, um, is getting is a soul in matter. Just it's a re quit now, but if you put it on the paper, it will become solid very rapidly. But you will have to wait a little bit before it's totally solid and that it's not what anymore. If you do like this, it was still wait. We have a mark here and when you do, your English is a total Fattal mistake To do so, To avoid this, you started by the top of a drain and you go back a good down. Then if you have your thinking China in here If you are, drink with the right hand puts You're in here. Don't do this to put your inking, uh, here and do like this like this. Otherwise you take the risk to his team. And again, Big stain of training in the middle of the face of your character is the sign off. Basically, you have to start over again. Your drain is going to be missing. So I am putting here. I put my paper here and here we go there. I could do some test here to get some in out and let's go. I will use this brush on Lee for the main lines of the character because the brush is too long and I will not be able to draw the details inside it have already drool some black parts coming all the main lines. I'm not going to go too much too. That details, for instance, the part of the drawing that is in the front. Okay, change my tool and it will use something else. I'm using a pain like this, and I couldn't come back. That part's here and get into more detail lines and also work on the details. The hairs Kocin somehow and I can use smother. She eats it. That's enough rights. Hatching techniques is really good, too. Make the difference between the shadows and the lights and the head. Uh, elements of the hand for the hairs can go back to something more and all right. And the shadows, he'll head. You can meet the shadow of full black area here, and they used off hand chain can continue to draw all the shadows. This time I'm doing the shadows for And this part if this is too large to I can use, of course, some ink. But I can finish this with the computer. Estimated Can just fill this with a computer can gain some time keeping this for the occurring with the tablets. All right, then, control. Minimize where she said it was willing to be to be there also to be there, and we can drove with the computer of the rest off the shadows here. We're going to have a shadow, too. What I can do here. It's a complete, just unnecessary details, like some lines around for in the court with border off the from the shadows between improve increased. The fact that this is tissue are something that is not organic. - All right, then I can stop here. All the last black part going to be done with a computer. I'm just waiting that the draw, the drain, the thinking is not wait anymore. Then I will use my a razor to get as much pencil out as possible. And then I'm rangers can and to go in for shop to do the curry. 5. 4 Coloring in Photoshop: all right. So now had just count the illustration. We draw with the paper and pencils and so on. So the first things to do AIDS to turn the picture. So we can, of course, do irritation like this. All right, probably also uses addiction tool and to reframe its. Then I want to make the black very black so I can too image and I can on a limb you city play with this. We handle for the living's for believers and that's it. It should be fine. Could be better it Right now it's good I skin in the 300 d p I. And it would be enough for our example. So I'm going to take my black color, my selection tool, and I can already just make nor Meral selection off what I want to put in black and addition. And I can fill can that some right quite fin I put capacity to 100. I can just come back. I try to take vertical brush that she's sorry, Hillary. All right, then I can correct some black carrion's, and I can also complete these wounds. Amuses section Tool edition completely is ones, too. In the arms. Phil and I take my brush only correct what needs to be corrected and some shadows missiles, and they can use a small brush to add some hatching. And you can see we can complete the inking a deal with the hand with pencils and brush by using the film Cuter takings to improve the drawing. Sometimes you something more correct, because between the drawing on the paper way, we lose some quality when we scanned paper. So completing with the computer tinkering schism sometimes very, very useful can really save drawing improved. It's, for instance, what I'm doing here with my tablet is something I cannot do with the fans. And maybe I'm not using the right and I tell you, it's possible. I'm not where one of the persons of old what's Don't forgetting the 18 but I know you know , to to tell you that it's to think it's something that is very hard. So I can at some details like this under shoots the hero Kip. All right, so we are dealing with thinking we can add some additional stuff here and we go do it in the car. I can create a new layer and this layer and using the option product. Then I do control a it select all my working space and use blue color and Edition Phil One person. All right, I will do some stuff in the background. I can take one of the brush, this one, for instance, and do right Pete back, man, you can see I'm doing very rough background rights and then it can fill the there. Oh, are directional blur and I can give direction. All right, this it's enough. We have a background. And now I'm working on the coloring of this character. What I can do, it's too. I can stay on the scene layer. I would say he has kind of red skin and I look back on the normal brush. I can feel that characterise this Arkan used seduction tool. But just to show you how you can easily paint with your temperance with water chef, you can see it's quaint. You start with on flat color and we will say that he has grown shoots and I feel everything like this can pick up the color of it pushing ALDS said the color and I can finish. Then I would do something Dark red hairs and white ice. All right, now we have Don't a flat color. I can use seduction. Tool said on Lee, do a green color thistles. Why is very important to start with flat color? Because I can select Onley one color into time, even skin I can then So like my brush and working the details of this skin without touching the rest of the drink. So now I'm going to work by zooming here and using a donkers color, build the eyes here, then the hairs, and here and then I can take more clear color just to put here where the night stitching the character. You can blame the G friends. Uh, color changes. One writes to very rapid use of the color. Maybe a can take my can. Click on also 19 the original color of the skin. I think you can come back and the more keep more color or no color rights and take this color rights and they're thrown one years and doctors. Okay, then we can work from the brown color thanking city tool. It is bigger. They say the killer and drill the profits. This only one side influence. It gives the feeling that he has. There's a movement here. I can draw shadows here and then some. - Then , when we are done with some road details like this, we can come back with a small brush and working details of the shoot between color. This is one coloring dignity. There are plenty Ethan during the Congo, but this one is very fast and efficient. You can really just you play with two or three different colors for one element, and that's it. And you can see you already have something and terrorist ing forint You can see in not so much time you can get a comic book illustration done on, and that's it's you can know. Do it yourself. Tried your drying, inking, scanning and using a graphic image in photo shop are another software to do your own illustration.