Illustration tips: from gray-scale to coloring in Adobe Photoshop + Bonus | Milan Glozić | Skillshare

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Illustration tips: from gray-scale to coloring in Adobe Photoshop + Bonus

teacher avatar Milan Glozić, Painter, illustrator, Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Digital illustration and painting intro

    • 2. Why go from Gray Scale in your graphic design?

    • 3. Adjustment layers are our friends

    • 4. Coloring the illustration

    • 5. Enhancing your work

    • 6. Using different Adobe Photoshop blend modes

    • 7. Share your work and receive a bonus

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About This Class

Whether you are an independent artist making conceptual pieces or a designer looking to develop painting and illustration skills for commercial work, this class will explore a method of painting inside the Photoshop that will help you do just that. Here we’ll try to develop your painting style and technique, give you technical walk through for transforming your design from gray scale images to fully colored artworks and show some helpful keyboard shortcuts.

You can follow this course by making your own gray scale image and then color it or use attached templates, whichever way works for you best. That way anyone will be able to take this class and easily follow along with my step-by-step instructions. What is important is to familiarize yourself with the process and paint.

I can’t wait to see what you guys create.

Finally, as a reward for finishing the class and leaving a project I prepared a bonus package. It contains resources for your future digital work.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Milan Glozić

Painter, illustrator, Designer


Milan was born in Pozarevac, Serbia in 1979. From an very early age he got interested in drawing comics, painting nature and inventing games that he could than play with his brother and sister. He graduated on University of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2003.

He works predominantly in the medium of traditional painting, but his art includes digital illustrations and book covers. He has had solo and group shows in Belgrade at Progress Gallery, National Gallery in Pozarevac, "In the face labyrinth" exhibition in Amsterdam at Arps and Co Gallery and many more. Also, he is a Top level designer at 99Design platform where he made various book cover and illustrations for publishers and clients across the world.

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1. Digital illustration and painting intro: digital painting can produce some beautiful results. Getting to know how to do it can be tricky. Sometimes I mixed media painting. Mylan closes, and I'm here to show you my way of painting for great skill to color so that you can play and experiment with for a ship to produce exciting new results, join me on my online scare. Share class distal painting from gray skin color and let's get started. You're in the class will take a look. A quizzical painting adjustment layers when modes as well as how they relate one enough. And if you have any questions as we go along, I'll be there to answer them in the comments section with class. Whether you're an independent artist making conceptual pieces or designer looking to development in skills for commercial work, this class will explore a method off painting inside for shop. It will help you do just that. Here will try to develop the painting style and technique your technical walk through for transforming your designs from grayscale images to fully code artworks and show some helpful Cuba truck. Its final lesson. It's time to take a look at the class project plus upon posting your project. You get access to digital resources to further enhance the look of your work in that great , so enrolled discuss. If you find the top it interesting and please leave a review issue, find it worthwhile on one thing before we start in skill share. Classes like to come back to class any time. We'll have these videos and materials at your disposal whenever you need a refresher. Also, you can watch quest this past on any device at the base that works best for you. So have a great day and see you soon. 2. Why go from Gray Scale in your graphic design?: Hello, everyone. And thanks for enrolling in my digital painting course here. Actually, Howard created this grayscale image on it up your forces in this tutorial. But the discussion first use Why should anyone paint from grayscale when when that person can start it indirectly color, the color will, at least in my mind. But I'm beginning to work the complications. And so to remove these complications and focus on composition liked in the values and so on . I started working in black and white. It's blackened by drawing, gives you a better understanding of values and show you how the Brighton dark values relate to each other. You create illusion off woman shape. Remember, this is not a linear process and that there is a lot of experimenting going on to produce the fact that you would like to have and I will show you to pay six b that or sets up in your But for that I have to mention that you want to colorize grayscale image. Try to do it when you finish this grayscale image about to about 60 or 70% don't go all the way toe 100% finished a skill image and that the later now let's start it's great skill image here have picked off old layers that have done anything broken. Making. There's killing Mitch. I start with the line, work some 69% out, but it's soon enough. Oh, and I'm working. I like to use some rocky brush. Hold them, but basics like you struck brush whenever I'm drawing and looked at. About 80% of past capacity can change the best feedback. Taking the number of keys on your keyboard you can add colors, doesn't have to be on points. You finish work like my another layer beneath that one. Let's It has only the flat colors, our stepper 100% capacity. We have the base where I work, one work and nor flight colors except our shadows. I like to use multiply. Blending here. Working with chatters you always have to do is select one color. I like to use that area. Make the pastie about and 20 30 like taking the numbers you you board and that's life. It's lines. It's normal. Busted out. Recommend you to use after that's going to painting like various like terrorists like to use. I mean I met him and use the same approach Rocky brush or whatever brush that you would prefer. Maybe some as this'll, softness or cardinals studies low at. And it is important to building slowly and nicely at highlights. Go to abruptly those you don't like. Okay, so now that you have lights and shadows are flat layers and line work, I think that I would like what to do. I have that moved background since seeding annuals, a little long cable truck. It goes shift, look. And what will that make make layer on top of all the other layers together So that I didn't want to use the background because I was planning on making some other things on background so I would intact use. Figure this one layer here, My example, How it created and have that their way can, like, see, hired some in just guys. And they also lowered line work was 100 some 69. Something like that. It wouldn't be that visible. I've seen that ice were not so great. So I trained them that stuff shadows right here decided that faces store wide, so I'm married to it. Another they're off normal blend mode and at it additional shadows. And finally, they're soft and subtle effects on her except clear. I made some quick wags and some textures, adding shapes in the background. I didn't Next up, we'll see how use adjustment players and great and maps that will be in the next video, so there 3. Adjustment layers are our friends: problem off. Transforming the grayscale image to color is that it has no color information, so the final image might locally muddy. So we have to prepare our grayscale image on. We can do it by going toe adjustment players here and decide or ingredient map. Like you see, it may result in some strange rolled results, but when you click it click ingredients, we have a pop up window and we can choose and find some other 1,000,000,000 that might work better. Like in this case, I chose skill share ingredient that will be a part of your bonus material. But more about that in the final week on this pop up can create and make a new Grady int. We're done with that we can save it or also load if you have some other radiant somewhere in your other life stories and finally pick. OK, we can lower the a pass ity of this player so we can see more of that great beneath. But for now, I'm gonna leave it on 100 and if you check the colors, we'll see that they are no longer your great. They have some call information. They're not touching the edge you. And if we check dark toes, yeah, we'll see that it has some bluish color and see that great aunts says only. It's a great doubt. Any color information Reason. Also reasons why I see it is good to work with these. Dress with players. When you want to change something, you can do it easily without wearing the to ruin your grayscale image. Simply decided some other ingredients and click OK, and as you can see, you're grayscale images intact. And if you want to change something, we could do it without fearing that you lost all the progress. But for now, we'll change back toe original radiance. Also, you can change the mold and experiment some more. Which other effects? That's it for now. And see you in the next video when we will start coloring 4. Coloring the illustration: or next step will make a new layer and choose the blending moment or blending mode whose color on the pop up window and start to add color, Use ordinary Porsche brushes and set capacity 100. Now we don't have to worry about the value of the color or because everything else you have on the layers that are beneath simply at the color and you might end up with the result like this. Now you can enhance the look discovers by double clicking on the color layer, and you'll have a pop up window where you can look for the blend beef sliders that are on the bottom. What they'll do. They'll tell for a shop not bent. Plant city color onto a certain range off black and white. As you see, the result is not so good. What you can do is by holding the bolt he on Windows or optional Mac active transition a lot smoother and more sweet, and this is without pressing the old so old and drag with right or a steel button and drag itto right have this transition from Eller's really a slayer player, and as you work, remember to save your progress askew. See, here I have some like and 11 rations off this file so I can have it later If I want to make some changes. Need previous work like you see, in a minute I'll continue toe paint colors and very work for the next part in the video. 5. Enhancing your work: In this stage of for work, you can play around with some adjustment players. I conduct radiant map layer. Just been clear and use for a filter change capacity of this strength. It will make subtle changes, but little can't satisfied. You can start working with some adjustment players for your color earlier. We can. It clears you consecration and it will take effect on all the layers. But if you don't want to do that like this, little like here, enable take effect only on the lair changed situation. You can try and brightness or you can even changed. You see what works for you. Best satisfied Canete another doesn't player maybe trying with or the filter also make it work? Only be slayer and in a month oh, have filed is ready for a final in the next video. 6. Using different Adobe Photoshop blend modes: for a final work. We'll need all our previous work on one layer so you can do that by making fixed control old he button and make it on top of warriors. Now we don't need or the other layers so we can relating it to do it by taking on the top player going toe bottom layer and 60 canete. Select all of those layers on Controlled Re grouped Oh, and Bill it on the new layer changed by Noto South flights and eight additional staff pick . You would image details here, or even you can delete some parts of work like it's part like background and then focus on guys sat in lights and shadows there, or I'm like, try some other layers like a scholar dog slayer. I This instance music toe highlights. You could go for screen rather burn notes, but dull depends on your personal taste. This time I went with color. Dodge even rotated and was very pressing our buttons. Greece at this uber thinking again R p. And reset you no money. Oh, now, in this case, I send it. I need toe blur some Stokes on the soft color layer by using filter smart blur here. Satisfied that? Okay, you can change that by going toe. Edits eight and used the amount of fate for that last action. It like leaking pretty, but not enough. See which monks afraid to meet or you need me color again. Use the cyst. Control all t don't make it together and light oil pinks act So it turned out. Maybe you can lower capacity off this layer and see how it was before and asked one final thing I did. I put more grouped together. Beckley Patrol G See how right where it looked like and how colored fund. One less thing you might want to do is you layer toe, add train to your work. Do that by selecting color, middle range, great color and feel the death new layer entirely. You can do that by making cyst that's nine or back into poker. Noise 400 in the ocean and monochromatic taken this satisfied like Okay, now put that overlay mode, and as you see there is too much off grain. Use depths by blowing capacity on this 15th century lower, felt like it still needed vengeance or decide to blur it. Go Largo simpler and then decides When did blur. This includes our ends, are course about its painting and using different players facts to create your digital painting. And in the plastic you we'll talk about a project, our assignment and how you can get your bonus materials that will help you in your future. Work this digital medium hope you like this course on your soon project gallery or in the comments section, so simulator watched last week. 7. Share your work and receive a bonus: welcome to the bonus lesson. And thanks for watching the class, I really appreciate. And if you like the class, place, place, place labor of you. Now let's talk about how to get your free bonus back and what it contains. All you need to do is to force the past, which did. Since this is the last video and complete the project for this project, you can use your own grayscale image and color it. Make a grayscale image from scratch and color debt, or add colors to one of the temples that are provided for you. You can find him on the about page of this class. When you're done, submit. You work to particular and that's it. I'll send you the down link to my Dropbox were confined resources for digital painting. These resource is contained brush backs, radiance that I used in this class extra so creating interesting effects and some for shop actions that can further in has the look we're work. Hope you like what I prepared and please review the class. If you find interesting, have a great day and