Illustration from Pencil to Vector!

Antonio Limpo, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

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8 Videos (33m)
    • Class and Project Overview

    • Sketching the character

    • Importing the sketch

    • Tracing your sketch for easy coloring

    • Base coloring your character

    • Detail coloring and shadowing

    • Adding textures to the final composition

    • Conclusion


About This Class


In "Illustration from Pencil to Vector!" class you'll learn how to use Affinity Designer to import your pencil drawing of a character to the vector world, creating infinite possibilities in terms of color, shading, and backgrounds. 

Main topics covered:

- From pencil to tracing digitally

- Coloring and shading

- Adding texture layers to an illustration

This class is mainly for Affinity Designer, but can be used to learn techniques that can and should be used in any vector based illustration program.


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Thank you for this class. I was looking for a class that would quickly help me get started coloring my pencil sketches with this software and this was perfect. I always wondered how the different elements of vector images were made. The texture was a surprise as I thought that textures would be made with brushes but this was an eye opener. Really enjoyed it and I would gladly watch anymore tutorials on this software from you in the future.
Very nice class!
Great class I will practice on the pen tool to trace, wonderful tutorial!





Antonio Limpo

Graphic Designer, Illustrator

My name is Antonio and I'm from Portugal.

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, and I usually work with all kinds of clients, from small to big. I like to work in graphic, editorial and web design. I also work as an illustrator, and not seldom mix techniques and styles.

I've got an Art History college degree, plus two years of specializing in Graphic, Web and Editorial Design, and video edit. I'm also an Adult Teaching Professional Trainer.

I've worked for international...

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