Illustration for Beginners: Create a Themed Collection | Will Bryant | Skillshare

Illustration for Beginners: Create a Themed Collection

Will Bryant, Artist and Designer

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9 Videos (38m)
    • Introduction

    • Getting Started

    • Stamp Inspiration

    • Picking a Theme

    • Research & Moodboards

    • Sketching Your Stamps

    • Finalizing Your Stamps

    • Conclusion

    • What's Next?


About This Class

Learn the art of series design and create a custom postage stamp set in this fun, accessible class with illustrator Will Bryant!

Whether it’s a set of t-shirts, a collection of merchandise, or imagery for a campaign, series design is an essential skill for any designer. Join Will as he shares his process for creating a successful set through one of his favorite projects: designing a postage stamp series. From selecting a theme to final adjustments, his step-by-step process will make future series projects a breeze. Key lessons include:

  • Researching themes & creating mood boards
  • Concepting and sketching ideas
  • Adjusting images to create a cohesive set

This class is perfect for beginners ready to learn a new skill or experienced designers looking for a fun prompt. When finished, you’ll have a complete set of custom postage stamps and the fundamental skills to apply to any series, opening up a whole new world of potential projects!

Explore more with Will on Skillshare in his class, How to Communicate with Clients: Building Relationships that Last.





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Will Bryant

Artist and Designer

I'm an artist and designer based in Austin, TX. I previously taught graphic design courses at Portland State University and currently waste too much time on the internet.

Here's the bio from my website:

His work weaves together humor with commerce, fun, and positivity. In his sculptural installations, photographic still lives, and commercial illustration projects, there is always a sense of exuberance at play with a colorful palette.

His work has been plastered across adv...

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