Illustration and pattern design: turn simple paper drawing into repeat pattern and use it on product

Jelena Obradovic, Vector illustrator and surface pattern designer

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9 Videos (23m)
    • 001 Introduction

    • 002 Drawing and Scanning

    • 003 Importing Scans Into Illustrator

    • 004 Creating a vector animal

    • 005 Colorizing a vector animal

    • 006 Creating a Simple Pattern

    • 007 Creating a more complex pattern

    • 008 Creating a Mockup in Photoshop

    • 009 Thank you


About This Class

In this class I'll help you to turn your paper drawings into beautiful seamless patterns in Illustrator and use them on products by creating mock-ups in Photoshop.


Patterns are all around us, and today you'll learn how easy and fun it is to create one yourself. And not only that, you'll learn how to apply them on different products using ready-made mock-ups in Photoshop. 


You will need:

To create a mock-up you will need to download this freebie, unpack it and open in Photoshop.

Make sure to download the zip file I attached where you'll find color palette, information about more free mock-ups, patterns we created during the class and a list of things you need to create your own pattern.

See you in class! 

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Super Mock-ups! Thanks!
Bettina Beuttenmüller


For me, as begginer in Illustrator (self-tought, even), this was priceless class! Jelena shared a lot of tips (and tricks), and her instuctions were super easy to follow! Will use things I've learn here, a lot! Thank you!
Love this wonderful class!! I love this process of making patterns and will do so, because if will give me more control in the design process without the trace tool in illustrator!!





Jelena Obradovic

Vector illustrator and surface pattern designer

I'm Jelena Obradović, vector illustrator and surface pattern designer and I live in beautiful Novi Sad, Serbia. 

I discovered vector illustration while working as a journalist and realized that is the world I really want to explore. It quickly became my passion and office days became my blurry past. Now I'm a freelance illustrator and I can't imagine doing anything else! 

I'm learning new things ever day and I'm always excited about it. I believe that a ...

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