Illustration Techniques: Paint every day objects in gouache | Julia Bausenhardt | Skillshare

Illustration Techniques: Paint every day objects in gouache

Julia Bausenhardt, Illustrator & Designer

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7 Videos (43m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools

    • Examples

    • Choosing and mixing colors

    • Painting cups

    • Painting kitchen utensils

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class, I’m going to show you how to paint objects like kitchen utensils, cups, or just every day things you might have at home, and how to paint them in a simple and fresh way.
We’ll take a look at some basics for choosing a color palette, mixing your own pastel tones, how to combine colors, and how to put single objects together into a composition. We’re also taking a look at decorative elements and adding visual interest to your objects.

I’m going to work with gouache paints in this class, but feel free to join if you usually use watercolors. :-)





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Julia Bausenhardt

Illustrator & Designer

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