Illustrating With Yarn : Weaving | Lisa Cartrette | Skillshare

Illustrating With Yarn : Weaving

Lisa Cartrette, Illustrator & Designer

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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. How To Make A Loom

    • 3. Concepting Your design

    • 4. Choosing Colors & Fibers

    • 5. How to Weave

    • 6. How to Finish Your Weaving

    • 7. Recap


About This Class

If you're a digital illustrator like me, you spend a lot of time in front of a screen creating illustrations or designs. For this class I want to get off the screen and do an illustration with yarn by weaving. I'll teach you the basics of weaving and how to take your illustration style to the loom. I started weaving because I wanted to try something different and something that forced me to get off the computer! I found out that I really enjoy it and it's actually pretty soothing to me. I use it as a way to focus and relax from the work day. I hope you can find it helps you also!

You’ll need no prior weaving knowledge, but you will need a few materials to get started. Once you’ve gathered your materials, I’ll show you every step to making your first little weaving. You may even want to get your kids to join you! This is a basic how to.

I'll teach you have to make your own loom with materials from your home, how to warp your loom, and how to weave.

Let’s get started!