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Illustrating Flowers & Arranging Bouquets in Photoshop

Dylan Mierzwinski, Illustrator | Sewist | INFJ

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13 Videos (2h 2m)
    • Illustrating Flowers Introduction

    • Class Project

    • Using this Class

    • Inspiration

    • Drawing your Blooms

    • Digitizing your Drawings

    • Separating and Filling

    • Making My Bouquet Demo Pt. 1

    • Making My Bouquet Demo Pt. 2

    • Color & Texture

    • Coloring My Bouquet Demo

    • Thank You!

    • Coloring Page Bonus


About This Class


In this class we're going to use our hands and favorite pens to draw some pretty blooms. We'll bring these drawings into Photoshop to bring them to life with color, texture, and final composition. This class utilizes the workflow from my first class, Digitizing Hand Drawn Sketches, so watching that course first can be helpful, though I do go over the workflow briefly in this class, too. Here's how the class will work:

  1. We'll find inspiration for whatever type of bouquet you're dreaming of, and break that inspiration down into specific components that you can use in your artwork
  2. I'll show you my tips for drawing flowers, even complex or detailed blooms can be broken down into smaller, more manageable shapes!
  3. I'll review the Quick Mask method from my first class to show you how to digitize your sketches to make them usable in Photoshop
  4. After digitizing, I'll show you how to break apart your illustration into composable groups of blooms, followed by a two part demo of me executing the process on my bouquet
  5. I'll show you my favorite way to figure out color and apply textures, again, followed by a demo of me executing the process on my bouquet
  6. By the end of the process, you'll have a new workflow for creating illustrations from your hand drawn sketches, and a gorgeous bouquet that will never wilt.

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Great class, learned lots of new tricks and tips! Thank you for Sharing
Very inspiring class with lots of great tips and tricks. Plus Dylan is such a fun person to listen to and a great teacher. Highly recommended!
Bärbel Dressler

Bear Bell Productions

This class is amazing! Dylan is so thorough, I learned so many new things about Photoshop! Thanks for an excellent class. I'm excited to create my own bouquet!
Jules Tillman

artist | creative coach | infp





Dylan Mierzwinski

Illustrator | Sewist | INFJ

My name's Dylan and I'm a strange combination of creative endeavors. From mixing cereals and making sand art as a kid, to graphic design, illustration, sewing, and general craft enthusiasm as an adult, creating and making beautiful things has not only been my constant, but an obsession. With an everlasting love of learning and trying things with my own hands, I've found joy in sharing what I've learned along the way in my six years as a professional graphic designer turned ill...

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