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Maia Faddoul, Ilustrator & Designer

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10 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Project

    • 3. Gathering Inspiration

    • 4. Creating a Color Palette

    • 5. Sketching the Subject

    • 6. Painting the Base

    • 7. Adding Details

    • 8. Painting Features

    • 9. Adding a Background

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Join Maia as she covers her experiment-filled process to creates colourful, bold and gritty portraits. 

In this class, you will discover a variety of techniques and Procreate tips to create portraits that feel anything but digital. Throughout the class you'll learn:

  • How to create and save your own colour palettes
  • How to sketch out your subject
  • How to use patterns and traditional media brushes to give personality to your image


This class is geared towards adventurous beginners or intermediate/advanced creatives, who are up to explore some new, bold and colourful techniques of digital illustration. If you’re familiar with sketching and have played around with the IPad, but would like to try out a fun new workflow, this is for you!

The materials recommended for this course are:

  • An Ipad
  • The Procreate App
  • An Apple pencil.

Whether you're somewhat new to digital painting, or an advanced illustrator, this course will change your view on portraiture and make you explore some completely new and colourful creative avenues.

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