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Illustrated Words: Give Character to Your Characters

teacher avatar Daniel Aristizábal, Image maker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Concept

    • 3. Research and Sketch

    • 4. Let's Get 3D

    • 5. Building Our Word

    • 6. Final Touches and Rendering

    • 7. Bonus tip

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About This Class

Explore how graphic designer Daniel Aristizábal brings surrealism, oddity and colors into every project he touches.

In this 1 hour class, you’ll learn his step-by-step process for transforming good old fashioned types into magical and full of life characters. This class is perfect for designers, illustrators, and everyone who loves typography and illustration.

A basic knowledge in Cinema 4D (and some Vray is huge plus) is fundamental for this class, as well  as some skills in illustrator and photoshop.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniel Aristizábal

Image maker


Daniel Aristiz?bal is a Colombian digital artist, graphic designer and illustrator who describes his work as "pop surrealism"

His work combines elements of Surrealism, Dadaism and Memphis with pop art and has an overall sense of nostalgia. Aristiz?bal's work is saturated with science references, retro hues, strange imagery, bold geometric patterns, and a playful sense of the absurd.

His work has been featured in different publications around the world like High - Fructose, Beautiful Decay, Idn among others and is one the speakers of OFFF 2016.

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1. Introduction: e this'll last river. I learned how to create an illustrated type. I need a straight A dive basically is a work illustrated by you. The idea we'd understand type is to create something new with something that we already you that's part of my person. You usually take something that is from another background stuff another burger, and I put them together so that the principle that we're gonna use for this is mixed frustration with cover, a certain type of like the power to both more emotions. One wins use here because if he had the ability to meet a friend kind of sensitivity, you see something that is very formal, like a type, and then you see something that is very emotional, like administration. So that's a great way to form a more powerful message idea with this is that you can use these. Class two gives us some. When I give you compose the's on social media that we're gonna do at the end of this class , you're gonna create something face around instagram on. That's the way that I get no in the world, my instagram. So it's like and that way to create this class. So the social media is very important right now for this kind of pieces. Yeah, the ideas that we have fun with this if its operative for this last, you know, already see him a 40 or some three d program because, like, it's important because this is gonna be on treaty useful already some huge plus, Uh, yeah, let's have some fun way. 2. Concept: so welcome it. This is the first full up the first part off off my class. So in this, we're gonna see how we can create our word. In this case, I chose this culture. I chose it because I think he was like a phone way toe to show my skills, doing a sculpture, a little bit of a meta there. So let's let the with the first thing that we're gonna do east to choose our war on, then start to to to ride everything that they were is saying to us. Okay, like that sounds a little bit keeping, but is the way I work? So I choose skills shirt. So the thing that I remind me is like there improvement. Also, you have to pay in this case for get an occasion that is like a really cheap way to educate yourself. So don't hesitate to do it. A learn self improvement. I said it already. You learn tweaks. That amazing. You can see how your favorite artist sometimes work, so that's other off. That's a huge advantage. So you're gonna learn, learn from the best from the best. Let's put that learning from the best Also, this is universal. This knowledge we'll leave, you know, English. That I guess like is like the main language like like from a little time. So he's universal. You can learn you can also, you can teach yourself. That's one of the greatest things that scripture has like you have like this I just picked her like these. Way off Seen knowledge like you're part off on everything. So on, infinite off learning and teaching. In my case, I was a student too. I just I took like a couple. Of course, is like I took the Alistair shoot. She hears on also another one poster designs. It was really cool doing this. So any time you have, like, an idea that you want to do it like just do it on. OK, so when I choose these wars, I I started them to think around visual aspects Off this component up, how is like a visual picture of learning? So what I do is I tried to go online sometimes have these. So I start to search different concepts, you know, like learned what learning means to me. So we have learning. Okay? We have different sometime. Not so useful. But we you start doing this research is very important for my work. I always tried to base what I'm doing, something that already exists in the sense that I like to investigate a lot. You know, sometimes a lot of my work is like something that popped in my mind. But I really tried to do some research. Okay, let see anything here. It's going like, let's look about skill on Yes, Q, Yeah. Maybe some things is this is comfortably useful. I literally I tried to speak everything that I see. You know, I don't I'm not like a guy tries only to look what he has in mind. I like to get everything that I can see also on everything that I could be popped in my mind. With this project Skill learning is like a present itself where you OK your eyes on your years. Unite's to get information it posits to your brain Is this is like a brain. Yeah. Use your imagination on after that. Yeah, you understand on you on, like making the knowledge, like for yourself. So that's the way that I see knowledge. So this make me thinking something like is like a really complex process. We see it really easy. So I would like to do, like, something like complex, but at the same time that it looks Ah, you know that it looks easy. So I was thinking about you know, these Rube Goldberg machines. Goldberg. She may be Yes. And I would like to create something around these, you know, using the information that we have like these complex machines where you try to explain something really simple in a complex way. Well, im that that kind of person. So, yeah, this is gonna be, like, the main inspiration for me, like these complexity off forms. So I'm gonna create something around these words using these ideas, the complexity off our system. So where the S connect with the K Andi I with the L. So the idea in the next part is to see how we can illustrate that on Yeah, just throw the first sketches, and then we're gonna go to see my 40. This first part is to show how I use my my knowledge to create something in the concept area on. Then we're gonna take it to senior for the on day and we're gonna take in the rendering on Then we're gonna posted in our social media. So, yeah, thes class is going to stop this part with Minister Pronounce. So see you guys in the next part. 3. Research and Sketch: Welcome to the second part off my class in this part. We're gonna look how the concept that we use in the first part I gonna create the illustration. So having said that, remember that I chose skills share. He's one on what I wanted to do was to create a new started, died well that it had, like, the meaning off the medication. I wanted toe to create something that was talking about learning, discovering share better yourself on. Also, I would like to add fun to that. Yeah, the key to education is having fun. Even like what you're studying is almost worthless. So we have that in this case, I decided to to go in the route off the boob, the rogue, older machine. Do you remember what that they will build machines? Are these machinery that, like these ultra complex, you know, that there are many step to create basic? I don't know. In this case, like like you up in a cage of a bird, you know, you shouldn't have bird cages. That's just me. And yeah, I like these kind off stuff for my project. So feel free to explore what kindof were Meeks we like to do I The way I work is that I like to create juxtapositions off imagery. So I have, like, this basic idea off the roof Goldberg machine. What I do is like, I start to google those searching Whatever. Basically, one. When I started to pace on, like a big board, all the imagery that I can find, all of it. I also like medical, So I want to have some medical elements on this project. So, yeah, there's gonna be, like, something that is gonna use there we're gonna using, like, in a conceptual way. And also in terms of color on overall feeling, you know, like this green I like this being way. Have two basic colors like this blue on these orange. So they're gonna be like our main colors for administration. I already decided that, like, this is the boat color that we're gonna use. So I've started to create, like, the color palette since the beginning. He just started, start to mix colors that I think that they would work like maybe this being Maybe we can use some yellow, you know, to absent yellow there. Why not? I love yellow. Like basic colors. So once that I have, like, thes overall Duke like there's a cold or in terms. So when idea, what I do is that I choose award. I mean, uh, uh, biography. I just think biography to base my my projects because when you have, like, a regular that prevent this case, I'm using Mark Light. You can, you can You don't have to worry about the decency is on, like the turning and all that stuff because it's already build. So what I do is based on this, and I started just draw on top of this off this typography on have, like, the ideas off the road Gold. Omar Sheikh on top of it, like just really is like a very basic presidents draw like a free drove to see what kind of imagery you can start to build around this. I already know what I'm doing because, you know, this is my class ongoing, like, really quickly with this. So yeah, I wanna build like the Rube Goldberg machine learning process based on learning tools like bans heels on rulers to see these. I have, like so my dear here, like an age a ruler also I know incorporate the fun aspect of learning. So I was thinking, like when I was in high school or middle school, They used to take us to water parks along the time. So I have, like, a cool association with location on water park. So I would like to use this kind of water part of my work. And it is also that I used a lot in my other registration water bottle, form stuff, nostalgia, girls on the works. Really well, for me A Like I said before in this board, I used everything that I have on hand. Like I just post everything like these picture. Okay, we have, like, realism here. We have, you know, aquariums. I just tried to have a look off everything that I think will be useful. Like this kind of Dube's this kind of shade off the shadings. I try to also imagery that I would like to use us illumination. You know, this is a terrible love. These? Yeah. This is, like, the main thing for me. I used to create, like, a huge for I didn't use these for a while. I have to go line. Yeah. Sorry, I'm gonna take this from here. Give me a second, please. And so that's the thing that I do. I just put words I put imagers on. I started just just doubling. You know, doing is amazing for your creativity because it allowed you to create, like, really farts. Stuff like fast ideas is the way differences way to convey ideas on. I think that worked for me like I have these drawing. Let's say that I did these on Monday, right? I just opened this file again Wednesday when I drove, like, ahead or something. I don't know. This is ahead. Okay, This is how bad I zero sometimes, like most of that, is it? I tried to make these idea with these one on. Maybe I have, like, some war here on this is our That is my train of top. I just put random things on a paper and I start to see what bothers start to emerge on. That's something that would be really useful for me. So if you can try it maybe can work also for you. So that's I think that's my main secret. You I can have, like any secret at old but I don't think so. But I'm not really based person. Yeah, so, like the inspiration having expression really move to help you build your stuff. In this case, I'm gonna do the war in two separate ways. Like I said before is better if you choose. Just like a small war like 45 letter word. I'm overachievers. So I like to I like to come to get myself. So I chose scheme Sure as a whole. So in my final predict, I'm gonna buy the skill on the share on. We're gonna post it separately. I noticed that Instagram now has, like, this option of having like this landscape feature. I really haven't try it. Maybe we can use at the end of the project, so that would be really good. Another thing that we have in mind is this kind of stuff. This kind of off boards are the base of creativity. You know, this kind of it may be your here, like for the cinema, for the part, But you know, anyone can teach you that they think that I'm trying to show you is my mental flow like is very unconnected but is really work for me. So I will suggest, like in each part of this project. Maybe we can tow upload our idea. Maybe you can start to above. There is your world. Maybe we can have a look on. Then you're bored. I if you want, I can give you some opinions about it on. Yeah. So the next part, we're going to go to see him. A 40. We're gonna take our letters. Are we going to start doing that? So I see you guys in our wild 4. Let's Get 3D: they're part of my class in this part. We're gonna talk about We're gonna head a We're gonna take our work to see my for the we're going to start to build our letters. So first time first A. As I said before, I work with fury on gonna show you my beer A settings I don't I'm not an expert, but you can use whatever I used to get the results that I get. So let's get started. First time we go to the the render settings on we open Be right on we go to Auntie Ella sings on I hear I always work with adopted DMC generally for like, the preview version I work like we treat three to max it divisions. Then I tried to crank it up like maybe 2 80 or 100 depending on the brother. So, like at the end of this class, we're gonna we're gonna set up like the final vases. But for right now, I'm gonna work with Terry, too. In the DMC sampler. Yeah, I did a movie like to find one of the final settings. Like 100 minimal samples on like the noise Street Hope is cereal, cereal, cedar point to we find, like, a really good one. But I like for previews. I like the 0.5 is it works fine. Like indirect illumination. I generally work we if it's like a fire for, like, instagram or something. I don't mess up with this like, really, really watch is in this case this is for, like, social media. So I wore like we did default for, like, the final one. But for these one, I like to work like we did very fast, like catch like catch 20. It got it gives with results. So let's go with that in the moment you can even going too fast, guys, you can like post a video and try to, you know, get these values. But at the end of the other lessons, we're gonna see these again on try to get our grasp on everything that, like I know, like the basic fundamental off this. But I'm not going to get too technical with this because I'm assuming that you guys already know the program. So if you have any doubt, maybe we can write some question or something on the glass on. I will try to answer it if I can. If I don't, we can look out. So in the caustic. So I leave it like this. We're not gonna work with these in this in this brother. This place, man. Just like before in the environment. OK, do their My settings are like old too. Indeed. Be racist? Um, no, is not. Be right. He's in there. Give me a sec. Okay. In the color mopping, I work with rain hard. I changed the gamma 2.2. Generally, I clamp out and I use a one club level for this one. So I know these are my settings that I use a some of the things I understand some of them quite not bad that there's a dinner lady off. How this part work for me. So let's go to the sending off the scene. I like to work like we like he said, So the first thing is gonna be the stage, just, like explain. You can just draw a line like this one. Oh, I don't think that I forgot I The out boot we're gonna work with like, this is a little big by let's say I usually work or we a one falls in. Or is that a mistake? Sorry. Saying something like these are usually work on A like, for most of my work is based on around like, social media. So I don't like they have, like, a lot of attention in those big details. So let's go with it. So the first thing is, like, way create like a flying. Yeah, something like this. I'm putting on the stage. Azari, we bring on our extrude. Yep. Um will be basic stage. Yeah. I mean, that said after that I grabbed like a camera. In this case, this is like a camera off the focal navies. 80 millimeters is like a good one for portrait's. I like to work with this because he gave you, like, the illusion that the objects a appear like is mother like And they have, like, these quality that is more interesting for me. Like we have, like, this wide angle. I don't know that information. I different, and I quite prefer the 80. So in this case, 80 is gonna do you gonna be the wonder I'm gonna work. You can choose whatever you want, but in this case, I'm gonna do this. So the next thing is going to the lights, we have the camera. Okay on. I also like to create, like, a null object where I can create where my lights can go directed. So I named these, like, lie Target. Okay, I start to create the lights. The good, exactly. One of the things that I like the most about the rate is the Bureau is like a program like that is specialized on lives A the Ari alights on the natural light. So we're gonna use when I take that advantage on, we're going to create these. It was this ways, Ari Lights. So first time we're gonna go to the light settings we're going to start to create like these. I think that it's the size that I use for this, but I'm gonna be 100. We're gonna create a basic three light setting, so there's gonna be our let's name this one key light, right? Name is it is gonna be the back we need. A field feel is gonna be a little bit smaller. The food is gonna be some in Iran. Me. Sorry. You cannot see this. I'm gonna turn down these stage. Yeah. So in this tree, we're going to set up target on our target is gonna be our night target. So we're gonna start to distribute the settings, these things over here, So we're gonna big bomb right now. I'm using the Cuban like Assad references, but did did you this? Sorry if I move. A lot of this is how we tried to represent a basic three point seeing. So no, there's no when I move this one for here, you know? Yeah, I tried to, like, just get the field right on the field is a little bit big, so we're gonna set up the size of these again, So let's think about this, Okay? Something the size. Something like 75. Yeah. So also, the sitting there we have to change here is gonna be That's food hard. The ball coasted knows no hard. The fall off, we're gonna use the physical accurate in all of them. But off the end, I don't know. I just like to do this because I'm a maniac. But I think at the end, like the system is over righted by by the the rain. We have to put a very dark. I also have to be Rick dog on. We were like that. We have the area lights. Okay, so we're working with these ones right now. Victim. I'd like to keep this on the field. I like to put it up. Uh, wine one, bowl one, something like this. Yeah. Okay. I like to crank up the subdivisions really high for these ones. I usually warlike was like 64th of divisions. So the works really good for me? I don't know if you can crack it up. Like, even if the project is taking is, like, really heavy. I just try to get this down and then when I have, like, if I never saw, like again. So let's put, like 64 in just to see Okay? Also, we need to put our kids movies again. Let's turn at this stage. I mean, like, a little sorry, But it is a basic be right material for so be very material advancement. Yeah, it's just a big deal, and we're gonna we're gonna do like, I know by a basic orange, like in the next part. I'm gonna use, like, the proper proper color, but right now on, we're gonna turned up in the common, and we have to move their dog on in the in the settings we're gonna use. I like in this case, they were gonna use exposure and picks increments, and I like to use this sittings one. Um, then it worked for me. Well, that hammer. Yeah. These are, like the main settings that I use for camera online on. I also got on. You can also, like, change the color in, like maybe you can when I try to give me, like, a blue jeans, Like a little bit of things like to create the Sioux. Like to choose one of the colors. And I start to meet like we maybe with some raid or something like these to create, like the this different color schemes, like red blue on yellow. I used like this like a like a light version of each one on that, like a night atmosphere. That's something that I usually do. So I say that we already have, like, our lights set up our stage. Yeah, we have a stage. Uh, yeah, this is gonna be like this. Parts for now in the next part we're going to start to build the letters on. We're going to start to work on the shading on on the material. So see you guys next part on let's have some fun but 5. Building Our Word: welcome to another part of our class in this project, we're gonna start to talk about, like, the overall. Look off. What was once a we're going to start to, like, have a grasp on the material that I use for these one and how you manage this on? Yeah. Hey, I already did this kill part. I have to touch some of these suspects here like the hand on everything, but we can do that up their work when they have their rendering. Yeah, I'm gonna We're gonna talk about the materials. And when I talk about the overall idea on how you build this, we're gonna have our overall look off each one of these. How I created is this on this? We're gonna in the next part. We're gonna concentrate on finishing the other ones. The shared part? Yeah. Let's keep these board rolling. So we have these lovely fellow here. What we What I did was to create first with the typography that I mentioned before the mark . This gets extra life. So, like a be in and I just wrote it down here on my scenery. We have this in there? Yeah, they set up the lights like this, we can still, like, move them around, like, a little bit too public. Better, Lou. But this is, like, the overall idea how I used this start and down the key, the field on the back, the target on like that. So I wanted to create, like, a two piece a product. So in one part, I'm gonna post the skill part another one, and maybe we can go down on do the share. Yeah. So I already have this killed part build on. The share is almost done. So the export, like Like I said before, we're gonna And when I do so I'm working on these. You can take some note, but in this one, I'm going to concentrate on what is already built. So let's go to it. Maybe it's a good idea to set up these one protection. Let's use this removed. I have, like, even come in because I like to taste different angles. Yeah, I want to see that. The loot. So, yeah, let's go to a camera. You have, like, this killed part. This kill part is I divided, like in against the K on the eye on the on the to. So let's concentrate on the the s part. He s part he's okay. Scoops. So we make a can be a little bit slow sometimes because I have. So what I did I let me turn down this What I did was to create the's hand like we decide the next element. I just built a pencil, you know, like a regular pants and you have a cone club. Our club surveys for the cylinder on. It's like a really simple shape. It's something that we don't have to concentrate as much as something else. A hands. I just took the hands from a model from a hand model. I just shut it down and I read them so I can, like, move them aside, please. I use hands alone in my project, So I tried to have different sets of hands. Sorry. If I want a deal, what's to create? Also these strands losing material? I build it and he's been like this. We have, like a diffuse china where we have like the bathroom. We differ. Isn't uppers now like this on this material? Have the property that is it's doing like some in refraction inside on. We just like a basic fraction. Yeah, Nothing fancy. Have some to speculate. Childs. You have the highlight nosiness like material. Oh, yeah, it is because is not regular as I did before. Some speculate for whispers. Now on I have Finally, a bump with the lines on is like a little bump just to have a liberal look off the feeling off like the business. This is like a jacket or something is not like a regular clothing is like a more plastic bite. You know, like this plastic jackets, Luke. Yeah, I don't know anything used properly, but you get the idea. So what I did was to read the hands on to build a pencil to create this over or look, he's way can also look the skin material. I was working late. Leona's key material varies really like on why he wants to be like the just diffuse color. We have a big mob onda we have, like, a color on. We have the skin just grab like a regular skiing beaten up. You can grab it online or whatever Onda we may I start to be the speculators. You know, I based the texture map of this king on the this part I I have The bloodiness is kind of down because you know, their skin is a regular. So, like the the speculator has to be a little bit of regular, not so clear and smooth. So we have deserved my settings for this part, and I have any crank it out their first now just don't know this is not physically accurate or skin, but it works. So sometimes you have to do this. I also added, like a luminosity layer just to have, like the contrast between the outside on the Let me see this can work. He's not doing the review. I like. I say my computer, it's really crappy. Have to get a new one. So I'm well to have a bump on. The bump is the skin itself, so the same material can use close the product. So that's really cool. Yeah, if you want. If you have any doubt you can ride me on the on the glass of something. I can try to help you build things. I'm a guy that you have there, like on his own. I didn't have any four month training and see him for video or any treaty problem in that sense. So this is something that I do Very You say? Very. Yeah, I tried to improvise a lot. That's why I didn't have to turn out this Because I have some realize, really going without, so indicate you go to the cave. What I did to build that waas to have a hair material here it's raising a case just like a basic geometry, you know, on just by cylinder, like, really, really easy I But I did. This was to create, like flying with this shape you can see is like Shay. Yeah, I don extrude down and put some clothes on it even more. Yeah, Then sitting I really like I have like, a wood material for this one is like a basic would you can find it online or whatever. You can build everyone but it just like a basic wood on on top of it. Like this part here this form has like this I created with our blend material. I blended like a color that have, like, a weight mom. So give us like these watches. So I just grabbed there. You find it here like the blame material I just took my color on. I took the wood on, you know, on top. So they think that wants to trying to play was like this painting that like this patches So that school I build these party a basic geometry that you can use for that I use this settings off colors these color blue Oh, sorry. One more thing The color that I using this project were based on the skills. Sure, but I also try to meet like some color to create the palate like the yellow on the being. Thies is my setting for the tubes on the water park Scenery like this a basic blue. The brightness is said to any tree A spectacular channel. I have a first now. Yeah, we like we'd some green to a darker green. Yeah. Look, we say it in Spanish. Agua Marina A on Yeah, desert my setting for this Like I highly closing this kind of high. We have like a little B a bomb Illegal scratch because I'm tying the tubes. Have you get a scratch on the surface? But we can start to change these. Maybe use these on. Yeah, it could be like, cool with this. Maybe crank up there. The cycles. And I tried to keep the bomb like like a kind of off low because, like, this size is not really big, so we don't have to crank it up really high together Results. We want the Ben zeal. Going up with the I depends is built like these and away, like, an old time is like old it really easy change, like that's that I think that I like, like when I also use when I also worked, like with illustration on you straight or really any other. So if I tried to keep it break, Really? You know, so we have, like this I create like a base material for for this part is just like a chrome material brush. This is a broach metal. So, yeah, you can find these online. You know how to build a building. In this case, I just found it online. I use it. I didn't change that much, So yeah, on for the eraser I just create this Created these material with this kind of diffuse, some spectacular on remember like begin because the race it is not like a regular, a smooth surface. Sometimes I like to have to crack down the highlight laziness on. We have a little bomb, you know, to create, like, this sensation off. Let me see. I think we cannot see it here about the idea is to have, like, some of regular shapes. Not too noticeable, but they're there. I like that. A going down with the first l first health is built like this. I just grab us line. Let me turn this down. Do do we have another one? So, yeah, if we turn this down is just like a helix that I start to to modify to, you know, to grab the nodes and everything on what I did was to put like a spine rap. Yeah, it's plan Rob on. I think the key sometimes these is too. Ah, sorry. I forget to mention that I also build. They're too. So the tube is built like you know, I just let me check. This is this is what are human, friend. Yeah, So they do itself. It's just our regular geometry. You have like this on what I did was to created and then put it on a loner. You can see it. It is a basic form. Have, like a little piece of divisions, like to do the bending better. You know, a little more sore division are better for Smoots off, but it also run down the computer. It'll be well, my computer on I just mop it up on double the spine. Rub on. I use like these shedding like is running on the X axis. And I have two different l'eggs where to have, like, the proper banking itself. You know, if you start to move this, you see that our geometry start to Yeah, to be fair. So I like to just I have a copy on put on top to do the railing. So that's something like really useful. Okay, after dad goes to be like the space, So there's a little details. You know, I think registrations like this kind of detail are always something that you can appreciate like in the long room, because you can have, like, a very complex registration. But you don't know that he's built by different parts of that school. The material is like a thing. This part off the tube, you also have, like, the same version in green, so we can use it like the same settings off the color in other parts. So, yeah, this is our basic thing. This part dependency, like the contravention of the pencil, is, like, really like a simple stuff. I just pulled like a sweet nerves with a rectangle on an ark to create these arch here. Different color. Like being bound to the same setting that is like the things and they re create. The water park does change the color. That's it. Not something really hard. I have tons of material here. Sorry about that. I can kind of can be a little bit messy. This is Ah, Would that I was working with this one. So, like these two? Okay, so we have the geometry when I divided, you know, I have different ducks have attacked with color. We have a bipartisan this for the deep. Is there like, a black color with some speculate. That's it, Is I? The thing is, that is like, such a We see this so from a power that we don't have to worry about, like the over a room like crazy. Yeah, we can have, like in a world aspect, But we don't have to be, like, really precise. Yeah. So this is how I build this stuff. This is that the hands that one more time you can grab them from, Although you can motivate yourself, you're pleasing. I like to read them on. Yes, also going back to the US part again. And he also have a spine that is create this part is created We love. I created, like some basic shapes. Let's see if we can CD's proper me, my friend. It's even there. Yeah, this is like calling This is the hand or the hand. The hand with Ben Seal depends in there. Okay, here is the What I build it here was with a flower. I deformed the flower baseline on what I did Waas do just at the same thing that I did with a water park. Tubes like the deal I needed. Like he would explain rap. So he's wrapping these shapes around the S so that yeah, I really use, like, very simple stuff to create these looks. So yeah, this is the overall way that I shaped this. I haven't really decided how I wanted to do that like the Yongle, but something that you can use, I suggest. Like, if you have, like, a small war, maybe you can concentrate on having like this kind of look for Instagram or something like this, If you have, like, a smaller one is better because you have, like, more properties. Or maybe you want just to focus on. Okay, I like they did. So we deciding that I send you like with the comrade? A. I said before that I like to work with 80 because it is good for portrayed or something like this. Or maybe you can use even higher. I don't like 80. That's something that I'm stuck with. So Okay, so this is their part that I talk about the materials We already talked about their render settings. On the next part. I'm going out. Concentrate on the share part. So, guys, see you guys. OK, now I'm repeating myself. Sorry, I'm a little bit type. Yeah, by 6. Final Touches and Rendering: welcome to the final part off my class in these one we're gonna focus on they are how he created the piece that I did for with this one. So a first thing we're gonna go to illustrator. The idea with this was to create, like, these state dispensers, remember this little it seems that we used to use when things were more mental than that, or I don't know. I just don't use this. So I don't know if you sorry, but it will be lost. Yeah, I tried to create, like, a shape with these. Look, you know, I want to create on our I like this as a guy I want gonna create like a nerd, like a transport in shape inside. Like the tape is gonna form the leg off the are, So that's gonna be like a really cool graphic called Type s. Oh, yeah, that's a good idea. If I do, these vectors on your circus is easier to money. Play all the notes here instead of staying up for days. So this, like, really quickly a really quick way to model back again on CNN 40 ongoing turn down like the skill layer this is his purpose is to indicate me like where I have to put all the letter. So it's a good way to work like this. Okay? I already have, like, Deep Victor. Open up. I just suited all the coordinates. I from these documents, they think they look that I use the shape are also like this little hole here. When I used to create, like, the bowl they brought to the scenery, I'm gonna cheat a little bit because I already have the shape here. Do you see it? Yeah. Ah, Then I think that's a but I put it on. It's true. So we have a little bit of magic we already have made to shape ongoing A duplicate these, you say bruises when a name. These are on it. This is just like this whole here, so I'm gonna do it again. You're just back. If something goes Oh, yeah, I'm pretty sure that's like the technical name. Okay, so we're gonna create these, like, inedible object. Oh, civic Children, we're gonna now we have be shaved. We go now. Optimizing. So we have the the form that we want on these one also run into the same. Select two. Okay, we're gonna Yeah, but to have a bomb. I always like to do it by biz. So we're done with this part. We're gonna put these in a bowl. Are you going? Yeah. This is the shape that we want. You can just retouched these to get a better by the time is not so long. So let's do it like this once again. Once I've been to, we have to shave its name. It are on. The good thing is that if, in case of music, we have, like, all the steps here to do it again, so that's a great way to work more. So I'm gonna erase so body guns here. Good, Like tape going down. And also, I'm gonna select like I'm gonna apologised. I'm on channel eight, create things, and that's gonna get rid of all those divisions. So I'm gonna select these two faces on, Are gonna let's go to extrude extremely the next room. Just a little bit. That is We've been opposed to the lion. When I said that Ines is that good, Really good. Now are shaped has most more like than before. When I start to apply the materials in this race. I'm gonna settle leg once again. Mode, do a loop selection when I grabbed these. I have, like, I'm gonna create. I have these acrylic, very creative. So basically, the material have, like, the settings Just refuse. I refuse. And I mean that in practice, one of the erection lasting. So when I use that, it's a really basic material. I'm going bear this election. I'm gonna plight. He started losing material. Do these faces? Yeah. So now we have, like, that material on her ongoing Just turn it down a little bit on. I'm gonna open up this. So this is basically like the day I want to create, like, a bubble gun kind of tape. So I just used, like a sweetener with a helix on the helix. I change like they know they points to get these shape. It's can is not so good right now so we can publish it. But so far on, I just put it like rectangle. Yeah, cities. It would be sweet nerves on that. That's the way that we create our type. We have to fix this thing by the gun. Material is created like this. The fuse. We didn't want to use that money that much. Brightest. This one is like, just I didn't, like, actually do this physically. Just making see Blood group. Yeah, I'm gonna cheat a little bit. I'm gonna turn down these one going down. Open up. These one that is working. So we have our so for the rest. Yeah, we have one already. Pigs on. What I can do is do a pre render of these version just to get the look like my computer is so slow. I'm gonna take They have, like, it's a little bit off Children in these screen second, Okay? Do you? I know this. Move this guy right now with my computer. So how is being the class so far or than my bad English? And so he ever got up organization. OK, so this is the look that we're gonna achieve with these settings. We're gonna be, like, really cool for this class. So if I'm gonna do the e for the end of these class, So I should just guys to post your overall progress, and I would like, check it out if you want. I'm gonna do the same. I'm gonna oppose my e how it's doing. Um so for finished this one, I'm gonna turn back again. This cute. I'm just gonna do the final render off this brother. I didn't watch this time. I'm ready to render. I'm gonna go to render settings. I'm gonna crank it up like to 80 80 three home on Anguilla food like these before high they out, it's gonna be in peak since that's a pretty big like on I'm gonna use, like, a thief to be. It's like to have, like, more informed the color, so that would be a huge advantage to us. I'm going to start rendering this, but I will say before my computer it's winter snow. So what? I'm gonna do these go to Uh huh. The photos show I already have the fire. So where you open up? Its active on what I like to create first is to change these from tearing to bits to a channel. I just do something exposed by open up, like the curves. And it's just play. We did contrast to get, like, the result that I wanted to more rating back something that is it's just you have to experiment with this to get the do you want. I just open out like human situation here except originates huge student I used because sometimes I just rear end or something. We the clothes that I don't know if they're gonna be like they're the right ones. When I start to do these mixes in color just to get the look like Okay, maybe this politics war or something like this Really cool. Just a test, like different tones on. Then I take these colors back to senior for being applied in on it like a fun way to see different colors and different makes us. So I'm going to stick with the original long. Yeah, I'm gonna just maybe change a little bit on the blue would be Just crank it up also like to Jell O, It's No, no. Yeah. Something like this is fine. It's a really easy way to crying your settings. This change. Just be more life. I'm the final part of these is just safer where Onda we have are filed Finally done. So, guys, I hope that you enjoy the class. I had a last minute. I was so nervous. But I wanted things. Everyone involved in these, Uh yeah. I have to finish the rest of my project on. I hope you guys will keep it up with me. I'm gonna deliver, like, the share part at the end of this class. I would like to keep, like, a constant communication with you. So if you have any doubt, don't hesitate when writing on your projects that I will live. I will love to help you. Uh, yeah. Things. Um I hope you learn. I love I Sure they learned that. I don't I don't. I speak soapy everybody when I'm nervous. 7. Bonus tip: welcome to the final. I'm bonus part of my class. Well, in this part is gonna be really quickly. So try to be a dangerous day. I'm gonna illustrate something like this. It is what was one of the first things that I did for 36 years on? People seem to really enjoy it. So let's do it. Okay, so I just grabbed like a vector like a normal vector. And I created like these, and it's sticking is here from here. After that, I e wanted to create, like, Morley good shape. So I start to drove like, just until, like, Basic, the quits would have to worry. Like, for the overall result on, I started to use the word tool to correct there is shaped something like these. You have to you can use, like, reference. Like in my case, are you like I watched, like, a lot of secrets. I really into liquid shape on all that kind of stuff. So, yeah, that's one of the first thing that I do. But I did sorry when I'm happy with the result by Jews, start to polish. It was moving here, here, here, trying to get rid of all those mystery vector points there. After that, I just started to basically shelved there. This rap from here. I'm here. No, like really random. Um, after that, I my idea was to change the color in here. Like, let's speak some different colors, Like blue, like, really random. Like wherever I strike in some facts. And then I just let it go with the flow. Did you like this? Okay, so what I tried to do then is to use the but above abound where we have it. Sorry, I've been a little bit maisie with my work lately. So trying to find, uh, So I'm waiting, mesh. Yeah. On I start to you can put it like these in the center or you going to start to play with the different results of the great image. But like that is like a really easy way to create, like, some basic shades. So you can like up up the highlights gives you, like a really quick result and something really cool. Yeah, Andi, I'm gonna do a little bit of shooting because I already have on file here. Sorry. Okay, So I have this. This was my Europe my final version on what I did waas to create, like, the same basic shape. But I told you guys on then I dig this file on go to for the show on your space They don't talk like that is my object. Yeah. What I do is to create, like Okay, let's I just don't believe defecated. Sorry. I go to feel there Read the diary I used refused blue This is my savings Normally my savings for so I do this After that we have, like these graining you much I e boot these own ideas to radio finish. Then I go to overly move and they start to see how they much goes I finally give the look like let me go to messaging Yeah, on I applied to find out and I stop And I tried to look like the best Like the best contrast for the image, you know, Like which a blending mold is better for the drink Trying to get Okay, This is not so good. Maybe he's one on I tried to just bring down the positive on. Yeah, it's not like a very easy way to illustrate something with a little bit of that when you are, like this kind of noise. The good thing is that you also can't I just like you up like a basic mask? Uh, no, not a thing like the black. So you can only your officers have to wear a mask. The mask on you only affect, like, the color part. So that gives you, like, a really dead into your registration on. It's really good to work like this. So these were, like, a fun on quick, deep on how to create, Like a basic typography using just, like, regular shapes. Uh, you know, the basic dunes administrator, you know, like a ban on big Radiance. So we have Yeah. You can't like work. Even better on your shadings. Like in this case, I worked a little better, So yeah, this is the overall idea of this project on. I hope you have fun on. Thanks for taking this last