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Illustrate your favourite country

teacher avatar Neda Hajmomeni

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 Make a list

    • 3. 03 tips and tricks

    • 4. 04 use your style

    • 5. 05 scans and vectors

    • 6. 06 Illustrator tips

    • 7. 07 Find the right shape

    • 8. 08 Put your illustrations in order

    • 9. 09 prepare for print

    • 10. 10 Assignment

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About This Class

Join the Designer/ Illustrator and Animator Neda Hajmomeni for a 55 min class and learn how to illustrate your favourite country in your own style. 

In this class we are going to explore how to illustrate a country with the use of many tiny illustrations. Pen and paper for easy hand drawing and basic knowledge in illustrator is all you need.

You will learn what subjects to illustrate, many tips in making your own hand drawn illustrations, tricks in adobe illustrator for converting your work to vector and how to use your simple illustrations in a shape that can be printed in any size and resolution you want.

At the end of this class students should be able to create a unique illustration of a country they like and admire.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, my name is Neda Hajmomeni. I'm a Designer, Illustrator and Animator based in Munich. 

You can find my work in my website take a look at my Etsy shop and follow me on Instagram

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1. 01 Introduction: Hi. My name is Nether. I'm an illustrator, designer and animator based in Munich. You might know me from my previous class and skill share. Make simple and mentions in photo shop. In this class, I'm going to teach you how to illustrate your favorite city or country. Over the last few years, I have created numbers off illustrations called all about. My first illustration in this category was called All About Sweden, where I collected everything Swedish in at least illustrated them on my one by hand and put them together digitally in a shape that represents this country for me. After I was done with Sweden, I created more illustrations like all about Spain, all about Japan, all about buy in and my latest all about England. In this class, I'm going to show you the process of creating your unique art board from your teeny tiny illustrations. So these are the illustrations I made for all about England, and I put them together in the shape off the bus, do you see? And this is the final outcome. What you need for these glass or pen and paper is scanner or decent tomorrow as of illustrator for backed, arising your illustrations so that you could print your artwork in any size 2. 02 Make a list: everything starts from a list, Make a list off every single thing that you know about this country. The list includes very important characters, musicians, actors, writers, artists, politicians. And what I mean by that is the for, um, England. I have many characters actually have the Beatles here I have David Bowie. Uh, Elton John. George Michael. Anyone house. I have Shakespeare for the, um the Queen and many more. Um, for Spain. Um, don't Kyoto. Uh, the bullfighter, uh, the guitar player and Fleming would answer. Of course. The next category is traditional food and drinks or specific fruits. So for Japan, Um, of course, we have a lot off sushi and sashimi. And wouldn't we have suck a. They have punking for Spain. I have olives and olive oil and red wine euros. Um, quite many tomatoes and oranges. We have come on and muscles and seafood. And for England, I have off course fish and chips and I have English breakfast. I have tea and also I have ginger ale. The next category is historical places. Um, for England, it was quite easy. London is full of amazing places. We have Big Ben. We have our bridge. You have long I we have, um, other towers and Stonehenge for Bayern. We have churches and we have the BMW Tower. We have the Elian's football arena. We have the Olympia Park towers and famous castles in Bavaria or Bayern. Um, then for Spain. We have, um, cigar, the Familia. We have, of course, Guggenheim Museum. We have the mosque off Cordova and also some paintings of the Altamira Cave. Then the next category is, um, different brands. Famous brands from these countries, from clothing from automotives, from electron ICS, chocolates, anything that comes to your mind, for example. For Japan, we have a lot off brands off electron ICS and panels only. For example, we have, um, car runs mile star in a song. Then, um, it's about the final shape for me. And Sweden was very easy, because, um, the dollar horse is very iconic. Swedish shape. Um, and I used the colors of the flag. Um, for England. It was also very easy, because for me, um, the bus, the red, um, London buses, very iconic. Also the the phone box. But I went for this and the colors off also from the flag. Um for Bayern. Um, I could go for the beer, a glass, which is gold moss or for the breath. So but I prefer this. Spain was also very easy. The bull is quite iconic, and I'm quite fascinating that the with the Japanese flag and I went for the red circle as well. 3. 03 tips and tricks: Now I'm going to walk you through the process of making all about England from scratch. As I explained before you make your list. And please don't forget to get help from your friends who are travelling to these countries or who are from these countries, and they can add up to your least very easily. After your list is complete, it's time to make your illustrations. I used these two pens Former test. So 0.3 and 0.5. Um, the reason of having two different thickness is, ah, when I have more details in one illustration, I can use the thinner one. And for the body of this bowl, I use the ticket. One. Don't forget to pay quite a lot of attention to the thickness off the lines. Um, what I mean is that if in your last illustration, your final one you would like to have ah, the cap as big as the teapot, you can draw them in the same proportion. If you A didn't decide to make the teapot smaller, um, this will appear to be very thin. What I mean by that is, in my very first illustration, I made the same mistake. So I have, for example, the Salman in a very super thick line. Then I made a bottle of Absolut and it was in a big size and I brought it here. I made it smaller and smaller, smaller to fit into this illustration. And as you see, the line is very thin and it happens all around this illustration like here the lines are thin, the lines air thing the same here and then here the lines are super thick, and this is a very inconsistent. In the next illustrations, for example, right here I tried to keep all of the lines in similar thickness off course There, This looks a bit figured on that one still, but there is less off those mistakes. There is also another to which is using Ah, you nibble white pen. In some cases, what I mean by that is, for example, in the lotus, um, brand, there is a circle on the low, and I wanted to make this circle by hand, and I can never, ever draw a perfect circle by hand. And I didn't want to use um, the circle in Illustrator. So I drive by hand and I made many mistakes, and I had to cover the mistakes with the white pen and re droid again and clean up and re droid again until I have a in perfect circle. That was exactly what I needed. Always keep in. Keep it in your mind that if you clean your illustrations before scanning or taking pictures, and you will have a much easier time when you transfer everything to vectors, because cleaning vectors will take a lot of time. But cleaning your illustrations or some lines with the white pen is just gonna be two seconds. Another trick is when you cannot write actual ah letters, for example, Display BC. I wrote it with the white pan, but four days Asan Martin. I couldn't write it with the wipe in here because, um, my uh, this is too thick, actually. So I what I get, I draw the lines, I draw the logo and I wrote outsmarting in black and an illustrator. After I scan everything, I put it on. Why it? I put it right here and it looks amazing. I just resize it a little bit. Let's say you made all of your illustrations. You scam everything. And then you realize I wish I had my umbrella in black instead of outlines, so you can easily fix start in your illustrator. Um, as I did here, you see that the umbrella is now read or or field and you see, the rain drops on it, and, um, it's not outline anymore. So I would also show you how to do this. And I use the same trick for this policeman that I thought It's nicer if he has, he's hat in black instead of outlines. And this is the final illustration. Also, make as many illustrations as you like. For example, Uh, Mr Bean was not easy to draw for me. I had to try several times. And then finally, I made this one that I like the most. Try to also, um, I other crossed the other ones and kind of mark the ones that you like, so that you don't get, um, confused when you scan. I don't know, 10 pages. He just know which one to pick. Another good tip is to draw some tiny illustrations to feel in the holes. And what I mean by that in the, um, all about England I have rain drops. So when I'm trying to feeling this shape and I have some holes here and some empty areas here and some MT areas here, I feel it in with a shape that kind of related to this country. Yeah, it's raining a lot in England, so I put raindrops to feeling the thesis holes basically, and I've done the same with the others. Like in all about Spain. I'm using quite many tomatoes and muscles, an olive oils just to feeling this whole. So this is this was the leg. The shape is okay. But then I didn't have anything to put their perfect to our lives there in the problem. Self and I used the same for all about Japan. I have quite like random sushi is sitting in different places just because I didn't have anything else to put there 4. 04 use your style: I'm going to show you how I create my sketches. Uh, let's say that you want to make all about Italy, which is my next project, actually, and I would make it the list off my, um, most Italian things. And I usually go for sketches with pencil. And after I can make another one, maybe I go for olive oil and on the label I put or leaves and leave 20 maybe. And, uh, maybe I go for some salami, and, um, I go for the con dello and in Venice, Um, maybe they're like, thes if you don't know the shape. As I said, just take a look at that. Actual pictures and guys standing there with his heart. What is the striped T shirt? He's looking up. Now I'm going to trace the lines. And at some essential details, it's salami. Also try to find your own style, so it will be very satisfying. Maybe I go a good guy because he has more data's. I try the sinner 2.3. Have a fix it later for her. Maybe the salami. I'm a little bit of detail here in there. And sister the bottle off Olive oil. Don't put your wet hands. Um, your illustrations, because this is gonna happen And, uh, maybe her black olives now with a what pen? I will put some thoughts here. I've ill, actually. First a world clean up. This is more I clean up Maybe at some details here I king up this steak here and my hand that so on a spread the change And I think his head was too big. So I wait a little bit and, um, on his face again. If you know exactly that you want to have your buttle dark, you can either Ah, painted here all feeling the bottle or you can just do it the way I'm going to explain later on the same way I did for the telephone box. If you would like to add more details on the water, do so and if you don't like them later on in Illustrator, you can just delete them. It's easier if you have more details, a labour, more details and then later on you can delete them 5. 05 scans and vectors: Okay, now, these are all the sketches I made for all about England. I have a scan them, and now I'm going to take them to illustrator trace them and victory eyes, each one of them. I select the file, I drag you to illustrator you can so, like all off them and dragged him at once by holding shift and now simply drag him here. Now, you see, they're all sit on the top of each other, just separate them. Okay, so there are in total eight pages. I make a copy of this one, so I hold alter or option, make a copy. And now here I used command m plus to zoom in or just just assume option. And when you're coming to the corner, you see that the cursor is changing. Hold, shift and click and rotates 90 degrees. Now I'm going to show you how to expand every scan and victory rise each illustration. Okay, So now if I want to victory eyes, my illustrations I have to click on the file. I go here and I press image trace. Now you see, everything that are being drawing before is now a trays, and somehow came up off course there Some little details that are too sharp or, uh, the corners that are not paying enough. What I could do is to press here on image trays panel and go to advance. First of all, you can ignore White so that we don't have any white layers on the nape because we just need the outline. Then you can play around with this. Three paths, corners and noise. Um, take a look at when I increased in. Sorry. Um, pats. You see better details here on tele form versus when it's lower. Look here. You don't see that much such it is either. Diversity better. You can also see sometimes for an image. Um, a specific numbers works here better than the others. So what I suggest is that, for example, if you want to reduce and note of lines here, um, you can make a copy of this. So hold alter option drag, and then you make a copy about So now you can go here and see Okay, This keep calm and carry on is perfect for me. Now I'm going to work on this one and or thes corners and change it to Ah, Until I'm happy with the results, you have to say more for this one. Oh, actually working. And then maybe I realized that this nines are thinner than that. So I increased the tresh hold of it, and you see how it works. So when I want to take, um, and my image from Ailes, I take it from these files, for example, and then for the teapot. I think it from this one. I see. The thing is, this is too much, but you got the idea. Okay, Now, next step is when you select the fire, you go and press expand. And when you expand now we have all your images in Victor's. But now everything is in one layer. So what I do? I wrote them right click on group. And now I can group. They spawn together. I select what I want And then I press Come on, g. And when I'm on the car as you see, everything is not in one group anymore. Because beyond look everything you select the car. Come on, g. And now the full cars in one day Earth and English problems in the other. Let's say we don't want this because it's too many details committed, and then we use, um, this one for our final illustration. 6. 06 Illustrator tips: if you remember, we had this telephone box on umbrella in our final illustration Not as outlined, but failed. And I told you that I'm going to explain how it works. So his selected fire. If you come to this panel again and this time you're going, ignore the white and be careful. This is before you expand. This is the the file that you didn't expect because when I expands everything, I cannot go back anymore. So this is the expand one, and this is not expanding it again. Come here. Selected. Ignore White. And then, um, if I liked the details as a tease, I go and expands. Now, Now what happens is that, uh, first of all, everything is in one world closest. Both I right click. I'm go get and I select the background and I just hit delete Here I have all the outlines. Four days, telephone looks Let's say I want, uh, the black line to disappear. I selected ability. Then I like this black one to disappear. And I like this also to be empty. And you see, the gray area is just a hold one by one. I deliver them, select them and let them. And I want this to be also hole. And now I have my telephone boot. Nothing outline, but a field. Okay, now I have all these pieces off the telephone books separate. So I selected command J. Another telephone box is no one there. Then we have this, um, umbrella, which Ah, we also. Then I also again decided last time, too. Um, not to have it as an outline, but field. But the shape of the umbrella is clear for me. So I would like to keep the outlines and also the white areas. The only thing I have to do is just select the rain drops and hit delete one by one. Because now, when I changed, the color of all of this piece is to, for example, black. Then I want to see the rain drops in white. In this case as a whole, when it is on the white background, it would be white. Rain drops. So you may need to expand, um, an image face first and expand one. Scan one paper three or four times depending on what you want to get out of it. We explain about the outlines the technics off the outlines. How can we use different wise? For example, in this case, the teapot just it was unsettled. Use teapot. Then we decided to feel in the telephone box. So we got rid of the outlines and got the surfaces. And, um, for the rest, we can just come here, expand it. If you're happy with the results, we just take it. If not before expanding, we make another copy and work again on that now, going to show you how Teoh fix this. Astro Martine Um lower. As I explained before, you can image trace your sketch. You mean make sure that the details are taking care off. In this case, I'd like to change the path bit so that everything is not so sharp. They are maybe less corners. It's normal. Looking much nicer on the closer to my handwriting. And I off worse ignore white because I don't need the background. Now I hit expand my closest zoom out and right click on group. Then I come here. Make sure to group the logo. So I do command G. I'm only here turning the bids and I do the same thing here. Come on, G so that they are one room. And I changed the color right away to whites so that I can Oh, okay. But so now you see, the color off stroke changed too white, and I want to change it. So I would go and choose none for this and then in order to switch from stroke, too, um, to the color, I mean the field color. Um, I press shift and and as a state now, I made, um, this a bit smaller. I wrote a bit. It's about, but six year. I think it looks good. My I select both players if you don't have, um, dis window come to windows and shoes Pathfinder year, I can subtract my top layer, which was a star Martin phone or text here. I could subtract the top layer from the bottom layer, which means I subtract the Aston Martin text from and over, and I Tom change it to another color. Mom, how it works. This is way easier than redrawing it again. Um, writing with, um, white pen or, um, you know, think about 7. 07 Find the right shape: after expanding all your illustrations as many as you have, Um, it's time to find the right picture for the final shape of your illustration in this gaze. Um, I'm looking for a right picture for the bus. Make sure that the picture doesn't have, um, prospective, because then it would be very difficult to be, um, real nice. Um, try to find the boss. That is not one off these new ones, because you want this kind of old shape of the car in it. I found this one that I liked a lot. Um, I take its green shock. Then I will take this a match to illustrator and use it as a reference. Um, and I I put all my illustrations on the top of that. 8. 08 Put your illustrations in order: Now here I have all my illustrations in Vector Every single of them a little rain drops all the characters And on the left sound side, we have the picture that we just found. If the picture is very busy, um, you can also cut it out because you need to place all of this image is on the top of that. And if, um, the picture is too busy you're not able to see clearly, as you see, the black is too much. So what I recommend is to, um, first make you coffee. Always make a coffee and image trace. Andi, go here and ignore white. That's perfect. And then, um, expand it us before right click armed group, um, with a select the report that you don't want you need the frame and maybe select, um all and cholerae. It's white right now. I will, um, like this, uh, no year. And I keep in mind that this is the shadow and I don't need the shadow. So now the game starts. Um, this is like a puzzle. Basically, you just need to feed everything on this shape and make it as close as possible to the actual shape of the bus. Um, I start with this guy. Um, try to having mine not to have every 18 outlined images holding one side and filled and strong images on the other side. So if you manage to mix them, it's going to look much nicer. So if I kind of spreads, um, I mean and, um, use the shape of your illustration like here I have the hat and the hand. It's some how matching the curb off the bus. I also had the Remember Shakespeare was perfectly fitting, Yes, going on with his head and these clothes. Um, maybe the circular shapes can go as tires. For example. I can maybe make this a bit bigger and this plate for the other tire like here, and I make it too stupid, bigger if the shape is changing. If the sickness is not picking anymore, then you know that you have to go back again to your find out illustration, um, and expanded again with a different set up says it's still too small. But, you know, if you would like to make an illustration for country or city, and you don't wanna make so many tiny illustrations, and you wanna have maximum 10 or 12. And what you could do is that and you just make your select your boss or whatever you have make it smaller on may be put down the opacity a bit so that it is not to, um, strong What layer and I fit my let's say these are all of my illustrations and I try to feed them all in this shape. So this is over possible. You don't have to dio 500 illustrations to create one out of it. It's basically your choice. Um, Now I have to make this tires a bit smaller or even not. That's to those starting to get shape. And no, Jon INGE I know here. Well, it's flat here. I think this is not helping because it's round. And then I want to get the nice bloodline. Um, straight line, not blood. Um, So I put this here. My move on David Higher and, um, car Kingo here, you know, and something more straight line like this. This is It's my kids. Perfect. And, um, maybe I start to use some more rain drops. Uh, like this whole. If you don't see much. Um, just select your boss layer and with the capacity down, um, please. Um then I have flags. Flags are always very useful. They're tiny, and if you use the flag colors, they're gonna look awesome at the end. No, it's straight. Well, put this down. It's now I have to find something for this corner. I have to point something for this corner. Um, make this quite smaller, this one as well. It's Mama, and then they have to sit on the same line, so 9. 09 prepare for print: Now, if you want to print your work in any sizes, you can easily create a file in photo shop with command. The end, um, creates maybe the national baker a three size resolution 300 Um, rgb or sand like a I wouldn't bother. And I was rotated 90 degrees. Then I come to in a stranger. I select our file. Come on, See? And I come here. Come on, V. And when you paste it haste as a smart object then hit. Enter Um here I can put ah color overlay. Oh, I like to read. You can also go for and the color whatever you feel like. But I'm I'm happy with the red and OK now here you might see a little bit of problem. And here, for example, the BBC corner is touching the car. Maybe here the teapot is too close to the the sign. So what do you do? You just double click on your vector and you will be sent to this place. Now I can move the BBC's sign to the right. I come on a save it and you will see in real time that the V sign used to sign his move. So basically, whether changes I make here and save them, you only to cope. Ian Pace despoil again to your, um, photo show. I can copy many more rain drops because I realized maybe here I need more and, um, maybe less. I don't know here. And perhaps I want to make this a bit smaller and more to the right. And I think now it's looking good again. I save it. Come on. S I go back to quarter shop and I see that everything's looking very good. Okay, Now, the last thing here I would like to add is my name. I'm gonna show you my original print of the work. Um, this is the one where I use all all of my illustrations. And this is the one that we made together. I have my name here, my signature, a co p eight holding old two year. And I see that there's and to space here. So I put it like that. Mr this I think Ramon is done 10. 10 Assignment: Thank you so much for taking this class. I hope that you have enjoyed your time and learn something to you. Here is the assignment. As I explained before, you can choose any country or any city you have in mind. Um, you can make a list off everything you know about this country. Please ask for help if you cannot find more than 10 or 12 things because, as you saw, it's way easier if you have more illustrations. Um, make your single illustrations in your own story. And don't forget to simplify your illustrations because it's going to be easier and looking way nicer. That's wrong. Scanned, Um, put them together and find the shape that represent this country for you. And I would be very happy if you could uploaded in the class folder. If you have any questions, please write me. If you have any comments, I would be very happy to hear about it. If you would like to write me an email directly, do it here, or if you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, this is my account. Thank you so much and have a great day