Illustrate your Workspace with Procreate (Using a Limited Color Palette) | Shalece Elynne Christiansen | Skillshare

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Illustrate your Workspace with Procreate (Using a Limited Color Palette)

teacher avatar Shalece Elynne Christiansen

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Draw Your Workspace Intro

    • 2. Inspiration

    • 3. Sketching

    • 4. Color, Details, Texture

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About This Class


This is a super fun and playful class where you will get to illustrate your workspace with a limited color palette while learning tips and tricks about Procreate.


• How to gather illustration inspiration and choose a stellar limited color palette

• How to illustrate a scene in procreate, plus tips and tricks about using the app

• How to add final details and textures to make a knockout image

Note: This course is great for beginners and advanced artists.


•iPad Pro

•Procreate app

•Apple pencil

(You can create similar illustrations on other ipad versions with a stylus if needed).

***I will be showing you versions of 2 different limited color palette drawings in this lesson***

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1. Draw Your Workspace Intro: I'm artist Shelly's Ellen Kristiansson. Join me in this fund class as I show you how to create a drawing of your workspace using the iPad pro apple pencil and procreate. I will walk you step by step through the process of gathering inspiration, choosing a limited color palette, sketching your idea, filling it in with color, adding details and then finally texture to create a beautiful drawing and procreate. I can't wait for you to join me in this class so I can see your beautiful projects. 2. Inspiration: before we actually begin our workspace drawing, we're going to need together a little bit of inspiration. A great place for that is Pinterest. If you look up limited color palette illustrations, you'll see some very talented artists who've used limited colors to create catchy illustrations. Scroll through and find a couple drawings that interest you. Take a look at how they use color, line, work and texture. Also, you can go to Pinterest and find a color palette with about five colors that you like. Or you can also find another beautiful image on the Web or from a photo that you've taken. Once you've found an image that you would like to use for your color palette, take a screenshot of it or save it to your photos. We will use that photo to select colors for your drawing. Now let's get started 3. Sketching: open procreate, make a new document that is square. You can go ahead and leave it at the standard size, and then what you want to do is pull in your color palette so you can pull in an image in select colors from it. So then create a new palette. Hold on your finger and this little round circle come up, and that's how you can color, pick and tap into that pellet that will save you repellent. And then I go to my brushes. I have a favorite, Russia's saved, and one is a studio pen. So if you want to find that studio pin, it isn't inking, and it's a studio pen right here. So what I do is just make a new layer and then destroyed little circles with your color. You wanna have about five colors. Then you can get rid of your image just by sledding the layer to the left inside. Delete. Create a new layer and we'll do a drawing. We're going to sketching. I like to use the six B pencil, which is a great and go ahead and sketch with the gray. We'll start with my computer here on my desk under the keyboard. No mouse. Mine has this shelf behind it. Now that we have our basic sketch down, join me the next lesson and we'll learn the really fun part of adding color to our drawing . 4. Color, Details, Texture: make a new layer. Drag that down underneath your drawing. Select a color that you want for the background and drag that circle on top of that layer in order to see your drawing better. I've set mine to multiply, So if you just select letter right there, you can change it to multiply so that you can see your drawing better on your color layer. So now let's do another new layer and rename his name it color and then we're gonna draw. So let's drag this one down underneath our sketch as well. So now we're gonna start coloring in our image. Good. Your pen. Um you can go to inking studio pen. I also have it in my favorites. You can change the size on the left here with this bar by going up and down. I'm gonna start with this blue for my computer. So I'm gonna make this smaller here. I'm gonna hold down this line. Holding it down will make it straighter. There's something you need to erase. Just select the eraser tool right here. You can zoom and why, by pinching with your fingers and then just erase that our brush was too big, so you can go down and change brush size of the racer as well. So it is coming in a race. That and then you can perfected a little bit more with your pen tool. If you have a shape that you want to fill in, you could do the same thing that we did for a background layer By selecting this circle on , dragging it down to your shape so you don't have to fill the whole thing in with a brush. We could do the same thing here with this pink screen can fill it in makes it a lot easier . We'll continue to draw our computer as well as our keyboard in her mouth with this blue color. Then we'll add a little bit of the dark blue to the computer about wine, and then we will add a little apple. Do you tell for a little apple computer? We'll zoom in a little bit and fix it. If you want to undo something, just tap with two fingers, you know, make you go back. I accidentally did the leaf wrong on that little apple symbol. And then, if you want to copy something that you've drawn. You can select with the S tool right there and just do freehand, and you can go around it in select copy and paste. You can selector arrow here. You could move it to another part of your drawing, so it's still there is on its own layer, so you can select it. You could make it smaller. You can rotate it with this little bar. We'll put that on the mouse, continue to color in the main shapes, and then we can start to add some details. At this point, you can just hide your drawing layer, and then we can start to add some of the details. So create a new layer mons our studio pen again. Do you some details to your books and not everything has to be exactly as you see it in your workspace. Some of it could just be illustrative to kind of get a fill for what the worst faces like and what things you like in your space. I like a lot of art and travel, so I'm gonna put some books about our in travel on here. Let us keep adding details. You could do text on your computer So I'm gonna call this my quarantine workplace. Since I'm spending all my time working from home right now, could you be writing? Do tells him you're until you're satisfied with the way your overall drawing looks. And then we will add the texture. So create another layer for texture can play around with some of the brushes that air in here you can look a textures brush. They have some grids and decimals. I'm gonna use this little rosette adults and texture on top of the computer and the iPad. So let's start with the iPad and you can change the opacity of the texture if you don't want it so dark, gonna put the opacity down just a little bit and then I'm gonna start drawing on top of their and depending on how hard or soft you do, it will depend on how much texture shows up. So the little in the corners if you mess up again, just double tap, you can erase that. You don't want it some darks, we'll zoom in just a little bit and then we'll add it onto this pink area down here, and we don't want it to be perfectly wanted to just add a little texture and maybe just a little bit in this cup, we'll go back just a little bit. And also, man, you can change the size of this. Do a little like that. Okay, I think that's kind of fun. And maybe just a little bit on the base, so we don't want to go overboard of texture. We just want to give it a little bit of depth. So now I want to add some texture to the shelf area and then the desktop. So in order to do that, I'm gonna have to put the texture behind the details so you can do another layer, and they can rename it texture too. And I'm gonna drag it down underneath these details so that I don't mess anything up and I'm gonna go into a grunge brush and then on here, you might need toe, make the color just a little bit lighter. So if you go into your classic or the disk, you can change the lightness or darkness of the color, and then you can add it to your palate. That way, you your texture could just be a little bit lighter. so we'll show up more so then you can start adding or texture to this background area that brushes too small. Let's make it a little bigger. So start adding your texture. That back on area gives it some interest. And if you go over something that you don't want, you could just come in and delete it. Well, here, racer, we make their is alot bigger. Then we can add some texture as well to the bottom area so you can go into your lighter color and then just make it a little bit dark. Her We'll have a little texture on there as well. So, like, this grunge check shirt is because it gives it a little bit of variety, and death doesn't make it look quite so flat. Or if you don't like the way that dark color looks on it, you can always dio just white texture so you could just choose a white and two a white grunge on there. You might like that better. Well, too dark. Let's go a little soft so it doesn't get too out of hand. Okay, so once you're satisfied with your drawing book on the Runge to share and then PNG's so you could share on the Web and then you'll be ready to add it to your project.