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Illustrate matching cards games.

teacher avatar Nayarit Colmenares, P A I N T E R

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Order and theme

    • 3. Tips before start drawing

    • 4. Drawing and coloring

    • 5. Building the game

    • 6. BONUS: GameĀ“s box

    • 7. Project

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About This Class


In this class I will show you how to create a set of matching cards (like Dobble or spot-it) using your own illustrations.

The project of the class consists of creating your own game to play with friends and family or sell it in physical or as a printable digital product. I will explain the most important aspects to consider when creating images for this game and the step by step to build the cards.

This fascinating table game consists of a series of cards with images in them and where one, and only one, image is repeated between any two cards. Who first discovers the repeated image wins the card and whoever collects the most cards wins the game. There are several ways to play, you can find all the ways in YouTube. It is a perfect game for family and language teachers who want to make their class educational as well as fun.

For the class project you will need basic knowledge in photoshop or illustrator and your favorite media to illustrate.

Let's have fun!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nayarit Colmenares




I am an enthusiast of arts,crafts and magic. This has been the few unalterable things throughout my life. I have a degree in architecture and that knowledge has influenced my style of design and illustration, inclining it to the search of the harmonious balance between the beautiful and the functional.

The mystical, the hidden and the magical have attracted my interest since I was a child and I am convinced that every human being is a potential god only limited by his own beliefs. That is why I immerse myself in the study of the universe and my spiritual and physical potential to transform my own life.

My tropical roots, my studies and my curiosity are combined to give shape and color to my artistic work. It is my personal goal that each of my works s... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm done. I want to share with you how illustrate my own much in car gays like double or spotting He's a fascinating game is perfect for a different time with family friends. But it is also especially useful for language teachers who want to play their cards more phone in the schools. I will show you how to create this game is step by step so that you can play with it or even said it as a free, sicker or dear obras. I hope you enjoyed it. Let's start. 2. Order and theme: Okay, So the person you need to know about the game is that there is always one on only one matin symbol between any two cards. You are OK, so I think it is a sharp eye on a quick hunter place. It's a shame to play fast on these irresistible form for all ages. Perfect for classroom because they were loves. Focus. Visual, perceptual skills, speech language, skills on find water skills. Before I start to industry, we need issues. The order off the game on did thier there off the game is about the number of cars, the game, the way this gang work. It's by math, our charism that will generate the upper preset to guarantee that between any wherever payoff cars only one a much be repeat. There are algorithm that combines things three images they're eating. A game uses the Order seven, which means eight images. Parker. I'm 57 different images to illustrate in total, but you know you can use the order you prefer. I leave you the PDS files that contain solutions for orders. 2357 11 A touch on the glass project section. Just be you prefer, for example, off this class. I shoot the city, so I know I need to throw out 57 images. That sounds too much. But guys don't worry about that at this time. They would think I think about Susie High Order, like seven or 11 stuff, so it takes more pictures. It is also more from because there will be more cards on more combinations so on friends can join the game and the game can last a little longer. The opposite happens. It issues a small order on. So, as I said before, it's up to you once the order you are going to use is chosen. Listen, I want to be. It is the same is we shoot the thing first. Something in the order. In my case, I always shoes the other seven, so I just have to decide. The same can be it. What do you like? This? I like to shoot. Holidays are things, but it can't be anything. I don't know. I think it's gonna be bed. Drop it off. Planned. Both depart from resistors, Bible characters, whatever. So just once listen. We want to the next lesson some tips before they start throwing 3. Tips before start drawing: The first thing I do after choosing the dean is to find inspiration for my illustrations on the start, creating a list off wars or phrases related to the topic. At the beginning, I put any phrase or word that I remember or find about the topic. I usually look for inspiration vendors, but this part off the process can be Domus do prefer, as you always do with your own techniques. What mothers here is that you have no difference. Brownlee ideas on that thing. To risk the number off images you need. This is an example off a list of ideas. As you can see, it contains more than 57 words. In case I want to this car some I have all the extra images to choose from. Some things to create administration are keep the driving simple, especially if you are clearing the game for Children. If you repeat on idea off rowing us here, I repeat these gift boxes try to make them clearly different. If you are creating the game for our language class. Don't know include wars in the images. In this way, the game can be used in any language. Make illustration that we descend on opted or in India that can be expressed in a war or a short phrase 4. Drawing and coloring: this time off. The illustration for the games can be any use. Your always type. This is an example off traditional illustration that I may something ago. The trouble is worse can it? And coral to eliminated background. This other example, on the other hand, is digital illustration with the herb off other our bar, for example, off this class I made the wrong with with the traditional methods with ink. Now where the trial was we will is coming in a resolution off 300 d. P I I picked arise with the illustrator in much trace tool For those who don't know how to use the image traced, I showed them quickly how to use it. Open a new file administrator I'm using a little for month important as Canada fire unclear on this part in that it is the aimer straight stool Click on me twice and review options Here we can modify many things According to the case you complain with the values aren't you find the shape you like deactivated review up so on Click on trace Now we click on the respond Bottom on Now we can one group the drawings unraced what we don't need We group again the strokes off the same growing Because you can see they are not always looked together automatically And we have our breaker. I said that I was really do the coloring process once all that I was serving the rice is I s killed them unmoved in tow The center off the art I'm having all day said one to start the colliery. To make the current process faster, I used the tool pain bucket We simply select the vector and click on this water That is the pain walking tool. Click on the better dis elect the victor Then select the color on again Select the pain box tool and start coloring. Now our illustrations are color so I will save each one in PNG for months. I keep them in a folder tohave thing. Organize it aren't in the name. This is important, guys. We number them France 0 to 66. We go back to the illustrator and we create a new folder in deliberately like this one that I have from our previous double off Halloween we created And you funder. We named it on. We pass it all the files together. I'm next. I'm going to order by name. It is important that they are in order because that will save us a lot off time. Now I will show you have to be in the game. 5. Building the game: I have upper designed the Templar for these games that contains six circles off nice and emitters where they took place. The driveways you can't rather template with Syria goes or even squares undersized you prefer I have numbered issue Circle on. Now let's go to build ish card. For me, it's faster. Easier If I divide my screen into two parts, I'm placed the video file off solutions on the right side on the software on the left type . In this way, we can easily see the clippers that correspond to each car, for example, in the first cars, most likely part from Syria to six on 49. So we started taking the images from the literary I'm placing them inside the cards. At this point, it is important that we vary the sizes on directions off the images so the cars will know half either top or bottom. They can look good from any position on. It will be a bit more difficult to find the image that is repeated. See the difference. The car on the right side seems more fun. It is important to pay attention to this part on make sure that you are placing the current images following the solution guide. Other thing you can do is introduce first over the circles, the images that correspond them. I asked my husband to help me dictating the numbers off the sugar. I think I only feed them when all our cars, our weather, we sport them all in the big your pdf format and they will be ready to bring ourselves is you're going to play your game. I advise you to do it in Latin carb or or for a paper, and you can laminate them so they last longer. 6. BONUS: GameĀ“s box: If you want your game to be protected, you can create your own custom. I sit box to save older cars. I have created the template that fits perfectly to again. Off order seven or smaller. I have to share this template with you in the class project session. Open the file in Illustrator Double Click on the aim is to enter the clipping mask. Una did the office. We can change the Bagram caller text. I'm not any much we want. I usually use a phone. That much is the name off the game, and I used the same clay birth to design the boss. I also at my law. Well, after trying many up Tim's, I finishes the design off the box. That's how it looks. It is ready to save, invidious or maybe and print toe assembly the box simply called core. The thick line indicates on Ben were the thing lying in the gate with the design facing outwards like this 7. Project: for class project. I invite you to make your own much in card game with your style under danger. Light them possible designed so we can see your game finished. I really would like to see your own illustrated games. Remember that Magic is you. I see you in the next class.