Illustrate a Sporting Scenario: From Concept to Final Artwork | Dipanjan Biswas | Skillshare

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Illustrate a Sporting Scenario: From Concept to Final Artwork

teacher avatar Dipanjan Biswas, Visual & Motion Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Choosing a Match

    • 3. Reference Imagery

    • 4. Composing Frame

    • 5. Define Color Palette

    • 6. Tips & Tricks

    • 7. Creating Shapes

    • 8. Adding Depth

    • 9. Finishing Touch

    • 10. Thank You

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About This Class

In this class I'll be taking you through my process of illustrating a sporting moment. I will describe how to capture the story behind the scenario through my illustration style.

We will start from choosing a sporting moment, creating concept sketch, illustrate the basic shapes using Photoshops's pen tool, adding texture using brush. And to finish, we will do some color adjustment and leveling to set the drama.


What You'll Learn

  • Choose a sporting moment. We will discuss on how to choose a match of which we will create the artwork, and what are the key things we consider while choosing it.
  • Create concept sketch. We will create a concept sketch to set the composition that briefly tells the story of the match.
  • Define color palette. Based on the moment's mood & emotion we will create a color palette.
  • Create basic shapes in Photoshop. The shapes will be the foundation for our character.
  • Add texture using brush. It is the texture that adds the depth to the characters.
  • Color adjustment. Finally we will do some color adjustment to fine tune the artwork.


What You'll Create

You will create your own version of your favourite sporing moment.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dipanjan Biswas

Visual & Motion Designer


Hello, I am a self-taught illustrator and visual designer from India, living in London.

You can follow my works on Instagram, Dribbble, Behance and watch my process videos on YouTube, where I publish contents regularly.

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1. Intro: Hi. My name is Deep Engine. I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from India. Welcome to my skin share class. I'm really thankful to the skin share team. The came across my profile on be hands and asked me if I could make a class on skill share on behinds. My welcome illustrations got a pretty good response and many people ask me about my work process. So I thought this could be a very good opportunity to share my process off work with you people in this class. I will try to teach you how to create an artwork off a sporting scenario that briefly it is the story of the match. First, we will pick up a match off which we will create the artwork. Then we'll pick up the key moments from that match which will help us to create the composition and to set the frame next to we will create shapes and for the shop to build the foundation of the artwork will pay with brush to give it a death and finally will have just levels and colors to refine the artwork. This is my first ever skill share. Class. Please be patient. I will try to keep it short, simple and to the point. We'll have lots of fun in the process. And thanks again for joining my class. 2. Choosing a Match: in this section, I will choose a match off which we will create the artwork. Andi I will describe what are the key things that I consider when choosing it, I said, just to choose a match that contains some drama, some memorable moments in it because that's what he will convey through your own at style. And always choose a match you West because he will somehow automatically figure out what key moments unit to portray into your artwork. I'm going to create a footballing scenario for this class, but you can choose any sports you like, and I am excited to see what other sports you people choose to create your artwork. Okay, so what to look for when choosing a match? I won't search for English Premier League as I was pretty much all the message from this league last week. Here are the results from last week when I'm choosing a mad between these. I look for few key points like a match that contains some good number of gold. In it are some great individual performance in it, or a match between two big clubs. As I can see a few reasons a matching with the criteria I'm looking for Like Arsenal vs Newcastle was a good one. Lots of golds and a couple of great individual performance by Santa Carzola. Andrew Man United versus Believable was the biggest match last week to be clubs plus old rivalry plus a great individual performance by deputy here. It was generous, Askew Pierre was good, too. A very good goal scored by Ross Barkley. In this match I watches Man United was the Liverpool to create the artwork for this class because it was a high voltage match. There are some great goalkeeping performance, some controversial decisions and a lot of minor incidents as well. Now as we choose the match how to create a composition based on the results of the match tragedy? What is the first thing that comes to your mind about the match? What did you tell other people when you describe the match in one or two lines because that one or two lines would be your friend as I was the match, I know what moments exactly I had to pick to create a composition. If you want to me to describe the Maginot Line or two, I would say man United, Liverpool by three Goldstone in and the here was an excellent form like this. Report stays here in ESPN. Davidians stars as Man United Hit three bus Liverpool I'm going to take this to key moments from this match to compose my friend. 3. Reference Imagery: before composing the frame. I will look for some photos from the match for reference as I was the match. I know exactly what since I need to pick, but for this class I will take you through my thinking process as I mentioned that, always choose a match you watched because he will know what key moments you need to pick to create your friend on. Based on that, you can visit very exports. Report site for the reference image you're looking for. I found daily mail is a very good source. In my case, they did a great job by capturing all the moments from this match. Not just the key moments, but all the minor action from this magic confined here. It's like a match highlight and picture. I will collect few photos as a reference from here, and based on that, I will create the composition 4. Composing Frame: all right now I'm in photo shop and I will do all my walks here. I'll create a new document from the present Choose International paper size would be a tree and the resolution would be 300 pp. As I'm going to create the entire document in photo shop, it will be wrapped a graphics, not a victor like illustrator. That means in future if you want to enlarge the artwork after some extent, didn't get pixellated so better to choose a bigger document size at the beginning, I wrote it the canvas 90 degree to switch it from portray to landscape mode. I will take an off white color to say the background for sketching letter will define a Gallup Alito apply throughout the artwork. Okay, so I'm writing down the two key points based on what I'm going to create the composition that is three golds quarters. Plus they're here. I want to show all the four characters in one frame as I was. The match I remember after one person's goal while RPP was celebrating matter joins him, and Rooney also slides in to join them both. Something like this. This way I can show all this quarter's in one go now controlled they here, standing at the other end, celebrating alone. It is not a necessity to show how he was celebrating after this goal. It can be a celebration after Imeri. Same. The intend is to highlight the key moments from the match not to focus on one single moment that actually happened on the field. I have a couple of photos I downloaded from intended as a reference. You might be wondering if I already had these images. Why haven't they used it as a director? Friends during this cage? Well, I want to use it as a visual reference only if I had used it as a direct reference during my sketch as a basic human nature, I will be more towards copying the photo. I didn't want that. I want to give it my own style. While keeping a sense off the actual moment intact, I suggest you do the same to follow while you create your concepts. Cage trying to trace an image, have a good look at the photos he want to capture, then create a very basic and simple scribble. This way you can discover your own unique style off, portraying the same scenario of it differently. Also, your mind will be free from achieving the exact body portion off the characters. Trust me, this will really add a different dimension to you. After also not to forget that all the images you see in the Internet they all are somehow populated. So better use them as a visual reference only now, as the here was in a great form and he was the one who really made the difference between these two sides, I can bring him in front and who's the three goalscorers and back toe? Add more value and important to this character, just like taking and look from a different lens. Now, as I'm happy with the frame, let me clean up the skates so that I can build the shapes based on this cage. As you see, I'm doing a very basic skate right now just to get a reference point based on what I will create the shapes using who shops pain tool literally do a lot of alteration. With those shapes, I suggest you to do a sketch as clean as you can. That will really help you. Dear Ingrid in ships. By the way, I am using Ah, welcome tablet for all my sketching. If you don't have any tablet, you can create a concept sketch on paper, and then you can scan the copy and import it in for the shop. Now I will try to draw the most critical part of my artwork. That is, to make a symbol gotten like face off our main character to here. For that, I have downloaded few photos off him. With the expression I'm looking for again, I won't try to do an exact copy of the photo. First look for the kind of shape he has a novel which is 10 and doll. In his case like this, this is the best office it as a basis. It I will put all the other features off his face on top off it, his facial expression, the eyes and other features. Prisoners like this try toe, identify the main features of the character, like his hair and facial hair. Style is iconic, and that's what makes him different from others. So at that. So try to find this kind of features off a character, and you will be able to create a caricature of that character easily. Feel free to refer from different photos from different angle off your character to get the feature. If you struggle finding that, drop me a line at discussion section and I will try to help you out. All right, I'm pretty much done now, next time defining color palette to use in my artwork. 5. Define Color Palette: Now I will define a color palette, which I will use throughout my artwork. I will try to keep it simple, so better not reused too many colors. It is obvious that I have to bake man united skates color, which is red and white for this match. So let's big, red and white. You don't need to pick exact color from the image. Just try to choose the color that is close to the color tone. One more color for the skin tones. We can use different things off. Discolor for all the four characters and the degree color. Four. Here's as well as the casket. Now I want to show a touch up believable. Also in here, as they were really that night, I can choose yellow and set it as my background. It is creating a good contrast. I am happy with the color palette. Next downgrade the ships 6. Tips & Tricks: before I create the shapes. I would like to show a brief demo of how the paint tool works in photo shop and will also demonstrate a very important technique. I use a lot in my are drug that is sleeping mask. In addition to that, I will show how I use a restaurant gift and will also create a custom chopped brush, which we will use to grow various lines in my artwork. You can select the pain tool from the toolbar, or you can hit the keyboard or could be to activate the Penton one selected goto the Option bar and make sure the shape auction is selected from the tool moat. Choose any color as Phil and said this drop to none. Click to define the first anchor point. Click again, where you want the straight line to create a cough. Click and drag like this. Now if I click here, see a weird shape is forming due to the follow busy handle, which I don't want, so to draw a straight line followed by your curves, simply hold the old button on your keyboard and kick the last anchor point. See how the I contending from minus to convert Ankara Aiken. Now, if I kick the next coined, the straight line appears. I'm trying to create a shape of a leg with the same procedure here. To close the part. Click on the starting point and you can see a circle liken appears next to the pain. I can click that now. The shape is completed. Two. Since the field color of the shape Devan fink on the late ham nil to launch the color picker. Be careful about where you were there were leaking. If you don't like on the layer name, you can rename the layer. If you don't leave on the blank area of the layer, the layer style Ben and will open only that was living on the thumbnail offer shape Layer will open the color picker for that particular ship with the help of direct selection tool you can add to the ship. As for you liking, you can use the keyboard shortcut e to activate that. Let me create the short says when Let's change the color Well, this drink is not related to my final at work. I'm only demonstrating the tools and techniques I will use throughout my artwork. Now let me show the clipping mask technique. Let's create a socks for this leg. As you see, I'm creating the shapes a bit bigger than the shape off the leg lessens the color. Now I want to mask the shape off the socks inside the lake ship to do so. The shops layer has to be just above the Legler, so let's move the Sox layer just of the leg earlier. Now present. Hold the old or option key on your keyboard and position the pointer between the two layers . See how the Eiken gingers click. Now it's must now if you move this layer no matter anywhere, only the mask portion you can see. Let's do that one more time. I am creating the top part of the socks. Change the color now. Same technique again. Hold on the old or option key and click to put it inside the leg. You can add many layers inside one mosque well, so this is clipping masks. Now I'll show how to add. Deft are shades using brush, But first, let me organize the layers with proper naming. This is leg this a sock, so stop and shot. Let's group this layer by selecting them and hit command or control G on your keyboard. Now create a blank layer on top of this still in the Bridgestone from the toolbar from the bris present. So, like a brush off tight and city Cranie, this is a default for some brush. You can adjust the brush size from here, or hit the right or left bracket key on your keyboard to do the same. Now set of the view black color and start applying at the age of the shape. Do the clipping mask and change the lay blending mode from normal doze off light. Now, if I squeeze the visibility, you can no taste that a subtle shading on it. Now let's switch the foreground background color by clicking on this little Aiken or hit the keyboard. Trucker X. Now, with the white selected, I will apply the brush at upper part off the lake. Let's wait a visibility again to notice the changes. Let's turn the layer to stay organized. I will add some shades for the shots as well as a short is white. The lab leaning won't won't work for this. They don't work against any light color to recover The shades dominate league on the blank area off the layer to open the last time from here just culturally and choose a color. Ask for you like him. Let's have some more here. Rename this layer because it's good to stay organized, as you will end up having lots of layers for you at work. Now I will add some brush strokes to depict fabric, wrinkles, skin lines, etcetera. To do so, I will create a custom rush first created plant layer and do the clipping mask Sylhet, the brush tune from the brush preset. Select the brush chock 17 big Since let me show how the brush looks without any customization, it is very flat to do some customization. Click this lately, like in here to double the brush panel. Once this window opens, turn under shape dynamics and change the control from off to paint pressure. As I'm using a pressure sensitive tablet, it was responding. As for my pin pressure. Now, change the angle jitter value from zero to all the way 200. Now, if we draw a line, you can see some uneven ages. Let's see that again without the jitter value. This is flat on with the deter. There is some natural joke like fill in it. Let's add some lines and switch the blending more tools off light. Let's do the same for the shots. Also now is a blending would want to work against the light color. I will apply color over later. This, too. You can decrease the opacity of the layer. If you feel it's too loud, let's stay overnight. Very naming. Now. If you go to the brush preset panel, you can see the brush highlighted within orange color. This is actually depicting that we made some customization with this brush invested. If we select a different brush, this will reset to default and the changes we made one save to save the changes. Click on this little liken to create a new brush with the customers sittings. I will name this job. Jeter hit OK, and you can see the new brush is at the bottom of the page. Now I will use the same technique to do my entire talk 7. Creating Shapes: No, I will grade the shapes based on my sketch. 8. Adding Depth: in this section, I will apply the airbrush toe dipped in my ships. I'll follow the same technique I described in an earlier video. 9. Finishing Touch: Now I'll do a bit color correction and Levins adjustment for some subtle tuning in the whole at work, I'll create an adjustment layer by clicking on this little Aiken and I will choose levels. Now Click this Aiken to clip the adjustment layer. This way, all the adjustment I will make will only effort to the layer under this. In my guess, it will apply to all my characters only not in the background. I'll chill the values here a little bit. Now. I will address some colors. Again. I will create a new adjustment layer, but this time I will choose color balance. Clip the layer By clicking this, I can just play around with different values. As for your likings, but don't do it in extreme as that will do in the final outcome. Distracted to a subtle change in over, you can add more dealings just the way I am adding here. Also, I will add some motion lines to show some action in my characters. Cool. I'm happy with the outcome 10. Thank You: all right. Thank you for being with me throughout the class. Hopefully now you have a better understanding about my process off work. Now I am looking for what? What? You people can come up with your favorite sports. You don't need to follow each and every steps as my process. Because I believe the best processes to follow the one you were comfortable with. It's going to be exciting. Things pours from all over the world represented in this class. If you have any query place, feel free to ask me in discussion section and I'll be more than happy to take a look and help you out wherever I can. And thanks again for taking my first sketch a plus.