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Ikebana for Beginners: The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging - Lesson2 - Roses and Plums

teacher avatar Noriko Matsushita

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The Arrangement

    • 3. Tools: Container, Kenzan and Scissors

    • 4. Positioning the Kenzan and the Plant Materials

    • 5. Today's Plant Materials

    • 6. Arranging: Plums

    • 7. Arranging: Roses

    • 8. Arranging: Aspidistras

    • 9. Arranging: Dianthuses

    • 10. The Final Arrangement

    • 11. Thank you

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About This Class

This class is an introduction to ikebana, for flower lovers.

Ikebana is the traditional and historical Japanese art of flower arranging. This is a beginner level class, which explains the principles in simple terms, making ikebana accessible to everyone.

Ikebana has the power to fill your heart with joy and put a smile on your face. This infectious joy will also extend to those around you and bring them happiness. 

What is ikebana?

  1. ‘Ike’ means ‘life’ and ‘bana’ means ‘flower’. Ikebana is to bring life to plants which have been cut from the earth and to arrange them naturally and beautifully.
  2. Ikebana is to handle each stem or branch with care and to devise ways to allow each one to live as long as possible.
  3. Ikebana has set formations, which means that anyone can create artistic arrangements.

Please visit https://www.yumehana-ikebana.com for more information, or to purchase an ikebana starter pack.

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1. Intro: Cognitive. Hello. You may find that you gave an idea motto, not emit Dmanisi method. This is human. She is the head of the Human nanoscale or the Havana. And my name is I'm the translator from, you know, go and non quoted or not, you came by now, so okay, thank you. Method. In this class we are going to discuss how to make this Ikebana arrangement. I know Ikebana becker them Michaela handyman quality method. It's thought that Ikebana began about 600 years ago. What did I not know? A focus on money. And you do so now I'm on auto lamb or not off agiment biodiesel. It began as an offering in temples by monks. That Qian take in your cupboard RIME Magna Carta. We do know Mano. This Humana is usually placed up against a wall and viewed from the front. And archiving may good. Dakar, you could go buy film that anything. Well, I know against clavicular different Ikebana has set positions and set number of plant materials. And so if we follow these rules, anybody can make a really nice arrangement. You know, did double godaddy given 00, handled those kinetic IT, autocatalysis data, DOM 30 math. I'd like to share this traditional Japanese art form of Ikebana with flour lovers across the world. And in the next video, we're going to discuss a little bit more about Havana. 2. The Arrangement: Katelyn like you by now all with information. Today we're going to go through how to make this particular arrangement. Galois, Damo law, or taking math today with the star of the show is these branches here. I don't, I don't know how he died or not. What's even today, this main branch in the left is going to be the principal branch of the arrangement. There were more equal my Stata up the acoustic effect. When you've made your own arrangement, please take a photo and upload it to a class project section. Though. Consider lost data, dot C U Ba, Khin Valley. Homepage. You know, holder would go in math if you'd like to buy the equipment, the container, the Kansan, and the fiber cutting scissors. You can buy them from my website on big Runge-Kutta fate. And please feel free to look around the website and we'll pop the link in the class description. And the thing about goto high-stake. Okay, we're going to begin. 3. Tools: Container, Kenzan and Scissors: Although we noted today what we're going to go over the tools you'll need kilowatt given what's good or not. So you ban. But today we're going to use this kind of container. It's called a sea ban in Japanese. A Lakota to integrate the if this is about 30 centimeters in diameter. Hate them. If this is called a Kansan, sometimes we call it a pinhole de Castilla di, di, di, di. And this is about ten centimeters long ways they can Iroquois homeland. Un-fun death if possible. You want one that has this rubber on the edge because there is more stable than it kinda Hanukkah, Tammy. And these are flourish traces is height. Whatever a 100. I know 2p. If these are especially designed for cutting flowers that florist T's are the yolk cookie deliver No, no, no, no demo type. But you don't necessarily need large tree scissors, but anything that will cut the flowers nice, unwell and will do. 4. Positioning the Kenzan and the Plant Materials: So they developed a towel so you buy alcohol. Excellent auditor may Fatima, never going to explain where to put the kinsman within the container, has three vow Homo habilis, the Aki math. Imagine that your container is divided into quarters. I step in, d naught then by it or no, no neat math. And place the Kansan towards you and to the left. I such that going up the other author, Philip, we should open up. Nathaniel. May do your 10k faculty ethanol did not our microphone. When I am arranging these flowers, I'm going to do it in reverse so that you can see them. But when you do it, please have this in front of you and do it from the front view or I don't look. In the next video, we're going to go over the plant materials that we're going to use today. 5. Today's Plant Materials: But he came up with a diagnosis, may write as S, never going to go over the plant materials that we'll use today. Because we have three branches. Three roses, have three asked Patricia leaves. Let's fix this, come back one day. And three Diane offices, they store enamel NACA, taking that, we're going to begin by arranging the bombing branches. 6. Arranging: Plums: You get achy math. We're going to begin with a plum. And the importance not intent on math. Take a good look at each branch. Can talk it about Matt who need kidney, cannot or choose the most impressive branch. And this one here looks as though it was probably growing this kind of angle from the tree. Corner. Vote. You get the image. We're going to use this one to begin with. The potassium should OCHA fashion MATLAB enough out? I gotta faster, good effect. I am going to work in reverse. But please have the Kenzie in front of you and do it in the opposite way. And it means that we're going to begin by cosine underwater. They washed API. There's water already in the container and we're going to cut it. Well, it's submerged in the water. And a domino us online condition actin will eat this. It's not so important with the branches actually to do this. And after. You don't need to do this at all, Canonico. And this one's actually really hired. A manga was cushy. Though. You can split the end just like this, right? And that makes it easier to insert into the Kansan dynamic. And I've cut, say at an angle, Daddy help me. And this is placed in the left and is angled slightly towards you. If this is the Kansan Here is placed in this position, number one, somewhere around here. It's really hard to insert. So you take the second one goes in this position on the Kinsey in the right. And this one also is angled towards you. Compiled. These branches are really hard, so it's very difficult to insert them and put them on there. We want to place the straightest branch at the back in position number three, back here. What do we want this to be the shortest of the three branches? And this is placed here and position number three towards the back, right? And this is how it looks from the side. Now, taking math. And the next video we're going to start positioning the flowers. 7. Arranging: Roses: By now all he could take. Next, we're going to place the roses, pick somebody. My phone app, Latin and for Lego also will not affect Canadian Abby math, we have three rows is here, which is the smallest. And Muslim Germans begin with kinda know my technique. And this is placed in the center of the kinsman document. If there are any leaves are broken, you can take the Newton, remove them to begin with. The matter cannot eat, sleep. And this is placed in the middle and slightly towards the back, somewhere in here in position number four. Microwatts. Keyhole with monopoly principle, vacuum ordinal or one early waltz cause you to become any cutting machine. We want to save the largest rows for last. So if you choose the second-largest rows and cut it under the water, it is not coffee. He died in our new thinking. And it doesn't really matter which side you place it by, placed it until towards the right and leaning towards the front in this position here. Number five. Thing about calculus, I stick you. The last one is going to go right at the front. And this one is the shortest of the three. It's still a bit long. In my Nikkei Schottky defects. And we want this to be angled towards the front, towards, you know, any math. And this is how it looks from the side. And the last rows, sorry, it should be negative in this position here. And I think math next we're going to position the aspect of stress. 8. Arranging: Aspidistras: I have taken next we're going to insert the ASP distress. They kill law allows for the CVD events. Get the title. We're going to carve these, we're going to curl them round. Edelman, NACA not sheath will only discuss gala enough acoustic. Use your hands to fold them around and just soften the center part of the leaf. In a couple of things that you can cut it a little bit on up. Cookie, what bushy month, we're going to make a little slit towards the end of the leaf and pierce it with the other end with the stem. Just like that. And make a nice round shape such that my only taking math, I'm going to place this towards the front. Dava 18.5. So that is somewhere around here, right at the friend Tim, position number seven. Let's do one for warmth feelings. If we're going to do the same again, but I'm going to make it a little smaller this time of the day. So make a little slit and pierce it with the stem. But consider it kinda OK. And this one again is placed at the front here. And the purpose of these is to hide the kinsman. Please. Conduct will surely. I knew what they were shivering, what we're not doing that I think in that we're going to place one more at the back who might not be able to see it from the front. But this adds depth to the overall arrangement. To keep you soon realize, I forgot uhm underwater, but you should do that. And this is placed right here in position number nine, right at the batch yahoo.com that guides this is how it looks from the side. If none difficult, give taking math. Next, we're going to place the diathesis. 9. Arranging: Dianthuses: He can take my, Finally, we're going to arrange the diathesis grammar. I know Konami day. So you can take what effect? These can be positioned freely wherever you like. The most. I please make sure you cut these underwater. Pushing ulema, that they push your second thing, cut. Can anyone please avoid cutting on these atan bulges because It's going to be difficult to insert if you're trying to insult, insert into one of these bulges. Like keeping multiple Schachter keyboard music. I think. I'm going to place while in right at the front. Because I knew I wanted this to go in front of the rows or it doesn't take long to go there. In co-creating new phone. And this is how it looks from the side. Hey, what do you think? 10. The Final Arrangement: Cool. 11. Thank you: Quick today that convey him daddy method. This is the final arrangement. Nasa fashion, you adopt it up with liquid ethane. Then please have a go, take a photo and upload it to the class project section, saying that a good me data that we Ornithurae method go out and either thought was I left that we're going to rotate it 360 degrees so you can have a nice look at it from all angles. Thank you very much for watching the class.