Ihre eigenen Kunstwerke in wenigen Minuten effektvoll online präsentieren - Sway (Teil 2) | Sabine Walters | Skillshare

Ihre eigenen Kunstwerke in wenigen Minuten effektvoll online präsentieren - Sway (Teil 2)

Sabine Walters, Trainer, E-Learning-Manager, Author, Social-Media

Ihre eigenen Kunstwerke in wenigen Minuten effektvoll online präsentieren - Sway (Teil 2)

Sabine Walters, Trainer, E-Learning-Manager, Author, Social-Media

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8 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Eigene Kunstwerke in nur wenigen Minuten effektvoll im Internet online präsentieren

    • 2. Titel und Text, Designauswahl

    • 3. Das perfekte Layout

    • 4. Die erste Bilderschau schnell gemacht

    • 5. Gesamtbild und Vergrößerung

    • 6. Rasterdarstellungen

    • 7. Im Internet publizieren / verteilen

    • 8. Project

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About This Class


Sind Sie Künstler / Artist / Handwerker und suchen eine Möglichkeit, Ihre Bilder oder anderen Werke über das Internet, per E-Mail oder in den Sozialen Medien effektvoll zu präsentieren? Und das, ohne erst umständlich und zeitaufwändig verschiedene Software lernen zu müssen?

Das Präsentieren Ihrer Kunstwerke mit Hilfe von Sway ist kinderleicht und in wenigen Minuten (!) erledigt. Ich zeige Ihnen in diesem Video die erforderlichen Tipps und Tricks.

Also warten Sie nicht länger und klicken Sie gleich auf "ENROLL" - Sie werden begeistert sein, wie schnell und einfach Sie Ihre erste Präsentation erstellt und veröffentlicht haben!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sabine Walters

Trainer, E-Learning-Manager, Author, Social-Media


YouTube-Channel Walters-Akademie

E-Learning-Plattform Walters-Online-Akademie

Im Jahr 1986 gr?ndete Sabine Walters (damals noch unter dem Namen Sabine Wais - Wais-Media) eines der ersten DTP-Studios f?r die digitale Druckvorstufe im Raum Stuttgart.

Zusammen mit vier Mitarbeitern produzierte Sie Werbemittel, Flyer, Kataloge u.a. in mehreren Sprachen f?r namhafte Firmen im Stuttgarter Raum.

Im Jahr 1989 wurde dem DTP-Studio eine Computerschule angeschlossen, in welcher Sabine Walters zusammen mit weiteren Dozenten den Umgang mit professioneller DTP-Software und die Gestaltung von Drucksachen unterrichtete.

Parallel dazu bildete sie sich weiter zur Webdesignerin. Sie gestaltete von nun an nicht nur Internetpr?senzen, sondern unterrichtete ebenfalls HTML u... See full profile

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The storyline on D Fashion and Carton the anger Food warn for the builder, saying those guns seed first line for hours on this. How is this reverse problem out in the harbor? Vinnie. Gummy Norden Moodley. So I know Tyler present had shown toe Western on this balmy A It's cli for Nanfang, and as high, sticky heavy took off. Minar sway star, outsider or and clicking it and Rocky minds them off. Noi Ashton on becoming damage any nor year layer Present had soon as a snore. D tt Carter here for hunting on He again via done owns oven text I in the spreads as a year spoke tool than him Build My Lindsay could not naturally, your own identity. I'm games you have MIA under rebel could easy here, present here on Merced er ond gets very licking off unhindered compared ousters conditions under here with these a child flew here. Comey Yet river guides inland video and get psyched. I'm build off my name. Computer Hope Ladn So dammit! Happy. Here's a Sean Mile My Nativity card. As he said in Hinder Contra NVIDIA's cancel See inverted if game our individual guarded as host Clicking here on see unknown dusty signed us way out of modish excavated heart does get knocked him to five Princip when you're dizzy Dash Hello, Mr Feld. Thesis Desailly, Can it not really can under us design aswell Does Mommy Arbor clash the A food into next note in text I limit via at us may harm the sacristan effort under Madrid as designed and ah Christie seeing Kernan Hospital All spend nine Account Afghanistan off the stuffy scene this year's Evita Off carton on becoming etc Evita minor carton under tight is Mr Yes, here under dim TT built on and text kind when it clicked off t text Carter on can hear yet Sinan text hind time. It kept us condemnatory for provided have in virtual Island. Take Steph estate Think appear committed uber pediatrician. A plug here in the text card behind He's candid in text. Teest are Biden Mr Kids Arbeloa mystified us each. Very it's no and under a dash the long hours as ah v MTD can tickets often texture for he automate item at send for saying it's picnic me alleging Smith China under than closer and dashed along as a moment happy here to send our excavated the street and for here off middle on damage with a texture, an adverse cause. A darkish dead so it shall get smart leaders cancer in video. Carbon Motors I'll say it very K here off media game owned, say here, Sean Dusty Sign. That's way I was given it had when it is this nickel felt Kunc Better off are by on Kanye It's you body Carter Design on under US designer's fancies saying Here does a moment activity sign if key. It's smile in diesel vier on clicker here. Yeah, it's tomorrow. Todo name. It's an drama. Do you justice? I'll fender disposed. Address Spezza. Some team a Kinden Peter Carbon Mortars orange. It's a minor present had soon from fornicate, started this in here. The spirit, Madam Tittle, Text flick off fighter. Having it and text so on may have acknowledged and certainly he bit off present had soon. But are Biden owned off? Carlton Dammit! Comics reader in minor storyline country, it's in Texan off! Adverse! Under stashed in tow. Marsha MacKinnon Okemah off accent damage for diets here. So, like, oh, see if daggers Child have have made its best so yet Stobbe as a monetary card amid and Linda Cohn build What happened s text when? Yes, it's by the Kate Middleton s building Muhammadiyah in next video. 3. Das perfekte Layout: before we d be lushine food? No I kleiner in vice to only out here a present had soon vz foreign Cassian happened can in mind namely out here nobody is a try. Klein and Simbolo Vita Plate on order Trick played on order and an unfunny spring, and Thies is innately out instead. Along this year, Alberta's Register lay out Tiffin Young Kernan by mere Isley out. No more die Anguished City Common fronts way. Try fresh, eternally out stuff for food going on when he gets here. Awfully out. Ryan's clicker on Jesus for minor present had soon activity had us a Forget it as it is a child flaking niche. TMA harbor Allah things can it on in minor present had soon. Now Putin's corn Soviet off Internet cider despair as awful I stocks and for vented. So much for any block side. Ashton. While Mitt swayed as Kitty out on cancer, he decided some schooling hours Van in. Thank you, sir Lee out She couldn't our alt Jesus layout house. Well, Hamid come and done off the cider scorn as a career. His name Allerdings deviously out to invite a blood on Fendi Here through the dashed along there. Valka. I just couldn't slash passenger off. How big is that? Is this era and try Don't Vakili outhouse while see here to have some kids without work. Children Carton Demetria Yet in next video mutability show for farm cannon. 4. Die erste Bilderschau schnell gemacht: we were known under them. Text is a DRC How I'm bending the in early Mentor, Widow Get psyched Harbor on the asthma here Feelings uber D. Carter T. Ash How it's Condoned or else the build I Meant in Time Here Hying Clicker Owned Israeli. It's not village off mining. Pittsy doesn't play. Contributed also assist here He's a spit. So does have a kid's angry born on yet published. A cyber build. No Homa. Click as under hype for these air Carter Hain owned with no smile Hours. Jesus speared. So done Name ista snakes the build it click at the reader on IndyCar Behind a meaty here the outs, fiber comma key off mine build its name He's a spirit on our Jesus build power Each time Are also click leader here under Have Hein home Jesus, dear look French. Lots of a common on. Well, hear our pleas. A spilled by my house owned so happy She Vita came after meeting under and build on the issue. 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It owned that my kids don't know here by four course punk task, some to build is 50 on them next, unless it is in fact in for anger. Certain hours. Schmidt on your trauma onset scans and mild imprisoned hats. Your aunt's mortals on e que eyes off vida garb. Click here to next off fighter here. Hamby on seven. Text on. Here. Say it's known minor. Build a show on Happier to next. Just build as cancer established a click. It's here, off Vaida hobbies and talkto on option. It cause the darkest and the seven time Nixon beard. Ah, here, video dish talk tour and cause here the ska Sampit owned and he evidently course on Tiger Tears. Talk tour on Bees in and Heights and intra video Attack tab on C saying Does fights in ah ha venogram in Jordan. Build anger, Food on undrafted dashed along spies We would in four course punk and not on Sean have it is a vertically Shona builders. How can it be evident under and build on? Vita Martin has currency to move on a line there. 5. Gesamtbild und Vergrößerung: nasty immune de Bilde show Fredericka should happen, Mom via media Nixon dashed along spies that vita tone exposure reader The card on as a cricket in register off carton only its power. Eaton's organ in fact, lie clicker as here, off clients owned Can gets here It's bye building to firm test fire All the same Build my my live shots of holes Want here Normal built in so firm its name annoyed the shots a hoser I thought a small I'm a difficult I yet smushed Uh, if the I instead alone and try from my knee gets don't look like Muhammad Buddha But it s so are shown many kids hell a guard invigoration Don't having Emma the self build by most everybody is built changed along trifle be by that you are shall Fonar How exercised by island Build by There s in here Moses era then four coast won't end on task Assam build is Beastie. The ministers, as Cassandra's built on good side become a on times fighting build glasses and four course point here than with me. 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Very Gimme Norton advance. It does side. I'm a game, Aftab, Get us emotional. 7. Im Internet publizieren / verteilen: nothing runs of present had soon in sway. Vatican stayed home, most beauties and naturally, he it's our on the Deloitte opinion. This heist emergency for trying and read are then linked to the present hats. You on email for shipping or the arbor it make to the present had soon feel I took out of the city on median for time. Some fresh beer. Facebook on the skeet guns. I'm Factory cab here in sway. It's only child fly here. Thailand owned us. Had him asked Land Video? Yeah, Sean cut skin tight sequined and gets descending. Invitation. A plug Akopian owned and pay email for sent in the In Thing up. How Off kind Microsoft Account or the president to an answer shown that's continued as our only Microsoft and mailed on it had a show. Name s video. Exact name. Incipient desire Hexen here housed, um it Neiman ever present at soon compere and can obviously out next. And Duncan she happens if you're sleazy addressed up. I get after Jesus layout asking what happened? Owned Nafti. Mr Biden Opportune in here. Off in that habit Can I hear It's too much. Very tag A smile here by Facebook. He's a present. Hats younguns. In fact, in Facebook tiredness click off Facebook on CCN had a shown in minor Cornick anger. Ferg can hear yet snow at vested to show time on Capitol anguish Dead dresses, No easing Kanzi continous. You're here definitely marking order And you know, for in the ship if it isn't test having kids smile off your anger Styled on when he gets here off Facebook posts and clicker habit has shown for a friendly game are in Myron Facebook account actually Sierra on Cissy and its habit has known shown in minor Cornick So I'm for get us when the I represented so emphatic arm can Also Clinton's He is not Jewish Twitter Martin on and then here off season through the child For he quickly becoming einen had him l code meet them Can it gets to the present It's own too much payoff Minor Internet side I am Betton leaders Gate Zag Allerdings entire try their sway Syria Tacky understand owned in Bihar African I inserts fronts way at all business Pleasant had soon 8. Project: Damn it is the spider video. Close to sway. Known to end as projected is Janet Asi era again? This way. Present at Zone, Estelle Dragan and build Alignment. I'll steer show else for clients on Dorothy Jesus Way Present had shown under them video employees behind Mitt Own style have Asi Sway Instant Esten tile. Sean and Irshad been eked horns it as Stop it. Anna got a clear in an BC and hand from the Minute caliphate and for locking fronts way, consign far and works for the block side in order food or some long and about how he dreaming under the present had zones are Esther and Kernan in meaning tongue. The title tie a Scheinin ond dot Kurdistan home Sway present at soon in your business. Science as social respond on challenges apart Vita Hein