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Ignite Your Instagram Following With Shoutouts and Influencer Marketing

Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

Ignite Your Instagram Following With Shoutouts and Influencer Marketing

Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Influencer Marketing

    • 3. Shoutout Forms

    • 4. The Process

    • 5. Design Your Shoutout

    • 6. Boost Your Results

    • 7. Your Next Steps

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About This Class

                              The most undervalued form of Marketing on Instagram right now.: 

                                          Instagram Shoutouts using Influencer Marketing

In this course we cover:

  • What is an Instagram Influencer  and how you could use them as a marketing tool to promote your Instagram Account

Once you have an optimized Instagram account: (you can find these strategies in our other classes,)  it's time to

  • promote your account so you can optimize your chances of gaining followers .

Before we do however it is SUPER important to ensure that you are promoting your account to the right people in order to optimize your results.

In this Course you can

  • find out where your audience and customers hang out on Instagram and how you could connect with them

We demonstrate exactly

  • how you could connect with niche-appropriate powerful influencers and what you need to know to promote and market your Instagram account.

We clearly break down

  • the different types of content you can implement to optimize your results with your audience for your Instagram account.

Finally we walk you through

  • the different strategies involved with the different types of Shoutouts.

This knowledge can  lead to more followers, more interaction, and most importantly more long term relationships for your Instagram Account.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: awesome. So shut out specifically on Instagram Ah, one of the most under pricing only utilized features out there. We're gonna show you in this coast together how you can instantly grow your instagram following and your presence online by leveraging thes shadows. What a shadow is is essentially getting bigger brands or bigger accounts that are relevant to you and your brand and your account to promote you to their audience and therefore getting their audience to discover you almost instantaneously in this course, we're gonna break down the design off the sort of shadows you need to use how to find the right people to shut you out and also how to use Shan outs and influence and marketing on the smallest off budgets, even down how to do it all for free. All of these strategies are working this year on instagram and helping your competitors growth. So it's time that we jump in and teach these strategies to you so you can start using them immediately. 2. Influencer Marketing: awesome. So another exciting topic to talk about is influencer marketing. Now this is not a new thing, but it is when it comes to Instagram, and that's why it's so powerful right now, because it is a new uh, that subject when it comes to Instagram and it's really, really undervalued. I'm gonna show you exactly how under voted is in this lecture. So first of all, we need to know what is influencer marketing and why should we use it? Why should you use it in order to grow through instagram account influence? A. Marketing is a way of tapping into existing communities of engaged followers on Instagram. So existing communities people out there who already exist in a community, meaning if Nike already have a community off their followers who follow them, and they are engaged with Nikes content. So it's a way to tap into these followers of Nike. Andi have them engaged with your content and learn about your content. So the old way of influence and marketing were known as celebrity endorsements, and this is obviously still done. But it was much bigger back in the day before people started to build their own audiences on platforms such as Instagram and you can see Sean Connery and the Gene being a celebrity endorsements. Sean Connery had a lot of followers like he didn't have a lot of obviously Instagram followers, but a lot of people knew who he was, and a lot of people respected him at my name. Obviously, it's James Bond Korea, and Sean Connery says I drink Jim Beam and therefore the community of engaged followers off Sean Connery. Um started becoming part of Jim Beans following now because okay, if Sean Connery likes Jim being, then I probably will, too. And now all of a sudden, I'm not just a Sean Connery for, but I'm a Jim Beam floor and you can see McDonald's also did this with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. Um, they knew that Michael Jordan and Larry Bird have a big following. And once again, none of this is not talking about an instagram falling. But a lot of people like and respect Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, and therefore, when they promote McDonald's Ah, lot of people are going to go from all micro. Joan likes McDonald's. I like Michael Jordan. Therefore, I like McDonald's now influences of today are very, very similar to this. But Instagram is a really good way that people are using this sort off influence of marketing so you can see P pie over here on the left. He has over 100 million YouTube subscribers, which is absolutely insane amount of reach of this presents got. But he's got, obviously got an engaged community 100 million people on YouTube. I don't know exactly how many's got on Instagram, but he's got obviously tens of millions of people on Instagram as well. And this phone I'm not really sure of the brand name of the show high honor dot com eyes the brand that's basically paying him to put a post out in front of his engaged community, saying that they he loves this phone agency says Hashtag ad there. And he says, the link in the description for where people can go and get this phone for themselves. Kendall Jenner on the Rat getting into the groove of using my former well beauty products so you can see Kendall Jenner is promoting former wealth beauty and for more beauty is obviously paid Kendall Jenner to promote that products and get in front of Kendall Jenner's brand and engaged community because, like Michael Jordan likes McDonald's. Therefore, I like McDonalds kendo. Jenna uses phone while beauty. I like Kendall Jenna. I just former well, beauty. So compared to conventional advertising such as TV ads or even but influence, a marketing has lower costs and is more effective. This is why we're using influence among conventional. Adds to say you run a instagram and or say you run a you put up a billboard. The return on that is going to be about $1 spent $1 return on a good day on a very good day . And that's a lot of long term return that is not immediately influencer marketing also known a shoutout on instagram. For every $1 spent, you could get a return of up to $12 pretty immediately and this these statistics right here , why we're going to be using influence of marketing shadows to absolutely skyrocket our account in terms of followers and monetization 3. Shoutout Forms: So in this lecture, we're gonna show you why these shoutouts on the fastest way for you to actually grow your instagram account with high quality, relevant and ta good followers t own niche. So this is the Golden Ticket, and the Golden Ticket is It's basically renting advertising space from other people's instagram accounts and why it is the Golden Ticket because it's so cheap and so undeveloped . So, for example, this is a instagram account with 1.2 million followers. I can get my media my face here in front of these 1.2 million people for a very, very low price. Anywhere between 60 to about 3 to $400 I can get in front off 1.2, potentially in front of 1.2 million followers. Now, if you don't have this sort of budget at all, if you don't have even $60 for this, that's totally fine. I'm going to show how you can get it for free as well. But if you do have capital and you should have a little bit of capital, you want to invest in your growth, then this is exactly what you need to do step by step. So it's called a shoutout influence of marketing. And they're the most undervalued advertising in the world right now, one of the most. That's the cheapest and the most under vote that I know. And I'm gonna show you exactly why with this example. So you could see this Explorer account has 1.1 million followers and for the sake of the math drug and attend that they have one million followers. Now, you can get in front over these one million followers, which means, you know, they're not gonna have a full 100%. People see your video that you put out there but say you get 200,000 views from being posted being shouted out by this Explorer account and then say, from 200,000 views, less than 10% of those people, which is quite a very quite a low percentage, caught a pessimistic percentage in this example. 15,000 people. Then go on, view your profile. Who had never heard of your business before? Never heard of you. And now all of a sudden you have 15,000 people not only enjoy your content but enjoy a content enough to come back to your INSTAGRAM account and want to find out more about you guys. Think of how many people now, um, engaging with the post so you can now be displayed in better hash tag galleries and all these things it really stuck. Snowball out of control when you can get boosted like this in the shoutouts like we did for our account. Now I'm gonna show you exactly how to get this a free. But basically what you have to understand is that there are three types of shadows. So we're gonna go through the types of shut out you could have and you can buy from other people you can trade from. Other one is time to his permanent, and three is story. Now, this one here is a timed shadow. So you can see it's a very cool looking ad, and you can see what they get sales and then get attention because it's basically a little blend up that you can take with you wherever you want. And they've got really cool colors there. So it's called fusion handy fusion and food fully posted. This shadow posted this ad on their INSTAGRAM account true, their followers says, Do you love fresh movies wherever you are? Handy Fusion A. Made it possible the power of a kitchen blender in the size of a water bottle. Stop fusion ing. Now with a summer sale plus free worldwide shipping, Lincoln Bio and a link to this handy fusion is account twice you can see. So for a time, shut up a page post this advertising such as this one on their account and leaves it for 2 to 24 hours. He basically renting their space on their account for between two and 24 hours, and why you would do this over a permanent post is because people don't actually like keeping adds up on their account, because that looks a little bit Stanny. So they like to delete these shadows after they post them. And, um, you could be renting from true to 24 hours, which means it's a lot cheaper to actually rent the space than to fully by a position on their page. So you can also buy a position on the page, and this is called a permanent shadow or a you could way you buy that spot and they could never delete that, and this is going to cost a little bit more. But you can see this example here. 1,000,000,000 at heaven. Message Chris FX trades, which is obviously forex trading. Noto make money by trading with his group. Don't get stuck in a 95 job, has been traveling and taking his work with him, and so can you. Very simple. Post that is a shout out that this guy has bought, and now this one won't go down for this left up permanently, it's gonna cost a little bit more money than a timed shadow. But it's going to get more exposure, and it's gonna be there forever. Storey posts other 3rd 1 there since obvious what it is. It's just a shout out, but in the person's story and not on their actual paid, which means it's gonna naturally disappear. So you're renting after 24 hours and it's going to have a higher engagement rate, obviously, because these stories remember get high engagement than the actual post. The other thing you know is you can actually get a combination off a story post and a paid first at the same time to really maximize the amount of people that you're reaching on that page. So there is a sneaky strategy you can actually use to get these for free. Now, they're not gonna be as powerful unless you've got a really big account. But if you're just starting out, you want to do this. It's called share for Share. And this is where you enter a mutual agreement with another account with another page in order to share their content in in response in a new agreement for you sharing their conduct, they'll share your content back. So say you have 14,000 followers, you know, German entrepreneurs, and you reach out two million and mindset. You have 18,000 followers and say, sheriff, share just s for us. You can just gmm and say, Do you want to share for share os for us? I don't know what you're talking about, and then what you do is you basically share each other's content. You could see the tag not only in the photo, but they've tagged him in the actual post. Make sure to go full of this other count. Um, is what they're saying Go Follow our friend is what 1,000,000 mindset is saying, and they're recommending each other's accounts in that their share for share agreement you can reach out to accounts for a relatively similar in your size and actually get them to promote you for you promoting that now. The downside of this is you may lose a little bit affinity with your audience because you're promoting someone else's stuff. And that's why I personally like to pay for these shoutouts in order to get because it really, really cheap in undervalued, remember, you know where to get the best return on my investment and not actually hurt the affinity online. 4. The Process: awesome scenario, how valuable these influences off and how valuable it is to actually get them to promote your content. We want to know, how can you wherever you are, wherever you're sitting or walking or standing, how can you stop the process of actually getting people to promote your business and your account today? That is what we're gonna be covering in this lecture up. And it's actually very, very simple. And I'm gonna laid out step by step for your step One is that we have to find and choose the power influence that we want to promote our stuff to. We have to contact them and obviously asked for my rest off and three, they promote our stuff very, very straightforward and simple. So how do we reach out to him? There's three main ways to do this Instagram, Deon e mails and messenger app. So, for example, this instagram d m you want to the side of the thing I should say before I go into this is that you want to actually reach out to these people in their preferred method off communication, because you wanna have a strong, trusted communication with these people who are going to get a lot of people messaging them . For example, if you have searched, if your programmer and you search the probe the HASHTAG program at and you come across program adult life and in their bio, they say, For a sponsored post D M, all you need do is full of them and then Deanna, but you need to understand that large accounts are going to have a lot of people messaging them and a lot of people asking for free shout outs and a lot of people really wasting that time so I would make sure your post actually stands out and I would start. But having something like promo inquiry or paid promote inquiry in the actual message, so that when they see the preview of the subject line of your message, they know it's an actual serious person. He's wanting to reach out and wanting to actually pay them. I'll give them a lot of value for the so they're giving back to you. So is a sample template that we use Hey, name Once again, you start with promo inquiry or paid promote inquiry, and then you can do hey using it. How's it going? Can you tell me if you offer prayed a paid primo And how much would it be for you to shut out my page? Thanks. You can also attach the potential shadows that you would want them to promote because a lot of time they're going to ask, Can you send me the content that Do you want me to promote all that created that you don't need to promote on gonna make a decision based on that as well? If it's all night, brand off off their brand sort of vibe. So you can also attach those photos and images off what you actually want them to promote. Second Way people might want you to email them, and they're simply just put at the bottom off their fire, the email address and you'll be able to go in, um, copy this email address and then copied over the Gmail. Whatever email provided you use, and then ask them the same thing with the same template. Do you offer paid promotion? Now you can also use messenger app. So something like what's Apple kick kick is very popular with Instagram influences, and you can see what you'll see it's it's pronounced kick, but it's boat K I. K um, you can see account that really big accounts, really big power influences broker and leverage Mercy the shadows through kick. So if you ever see kick, you just need to download the kick up and create a user name. And then such the years, The name that's in these people's bios in order Teoh connect with them. And the reason they actually do this is because someone like thinks Marc Rich, which has half 1,000,000 followers. This is probably one off many of their accounts, and they can use the one kick name under, say, 10 different accounts. So you wouldn't you message them on kick. Make sure you mentioned which account it is that you actually wanting the shadow upon. And it's actually a really good way if they have more than one account that you can actually start brokering deals and getting cheaper rates because they're going to promote you across maybe five of their accounts, and you can get from much cheaper than if you reach out to them all individually and number three if they don't link their messenger in that bio search for the instagram handle on kick, and if you can see a match, you can osk if that's them. So, for example, this person thinks Mont grow rich. They don't actually have the They kick in this fire here. You can actually just go to kick and search that instagram handle, which would be thinks micro rich, and then message the person who has that handle. It's going to be most likely special for longer using names, The person who runs that kept now the caution and the warning to these shadows. Now there are people out there making a lot of money off shouting out other people's content, but don't really have the account that they say they do. They you need to make sure you're checking these steps and get engagement's off the account that you're buying shadows from before you actually pay your money for the shout out. So the best way to do it is to go over the social blade and you scroll down. Once you type, they use name into social blade, so she played dot com and you see other is the instagram account growing or is a dying, and this will show you basically the way the account is trending 5. Design Your Shoutout: awesome. Now this is shut out content. So I'm going to be showing you what to actually post when you are getting shut out from these other accounts, Not only what you have to consider about what you have the purse, but also how should you be getting them to post it. And there's one really big thing that a lot of people miss. I'm going to show you exactly what that is in this lecture so you can get the most bang for your buck. You're paying for this. And if you're not your promoting other people's stuff in return for this, so you're gonna make sure that we're not wasting your money on were actually growing our account as biggest possible and working on that momentum on our account and being able to keep doing this because if we can put a dollar in and we can get 25 really engaged amazing followers full that dollar, we want to just keep doing that over and over again because out of those 25 really engaged , amazing follows, any five of them might fire product, and it means you're getting something to buy your product for just 20 cents. So it's really, really powerful, and I'm gonna show you exactly how you can make sure you don't waste your money is because you need to entice people. This is the key to click through to your profile. If they just what your content on someone else's page. You don't gain anything from that. You don't need exposure. They don't remember your brand name. It's not helping. You actually need people to see your shadow on some houses page and then click through to your profile, which once they follow us, then there were gonna be able to build trust with them. We're gonna build affinity with them, and we're going to be able to sell them our products and services. So the key, once again, is to entice people to click through to our profile. Now, before we can do this, we need to understand that there's three best types of shoutout content in order. First grabbed their attention. Once we grab their attention, then we can get them to click through back to our back to our profile from our content. So the three best types of shoutout content in order gather attention, is one a story gap or a cliffhanger to a super interesting piece of content that's going to be quite naturally viral and three s story video. So the 1st 1 So I'm not sure if you can hear that too clearly, but basically that sound in this and I'm playing the sound because it's very, very important when you post a video or when you're posting a shout out that you do include sound with it. And the best thing is to actually put subtitles because a lot of people won't be playing with sound. But you can see what this is. Is it? Ah, Clickbait or a cliffhanger? So what's this before you spend a whopping $15 for a java or almond butter at the store? And if we go back to this to this actual video, you see this guy's holding the jar of raw almond butter at the actual store or the supermarket, and he's basically telling them that, um so he's actually telling them that they need to check out Flab City, which is another account because this account is Skeeto account, um five setting to uncover the truth of what he's talking about. This is just a shout out to Flab City, but you can see what it is. It's a story gap. People have not. I don't know what the truth is and they're like, Wow, he's in the supermarket. He's got a point to make about this 15 Miller Armand bother which I actually by. Let me go check out Flab City to make sure I know what the truth is. And they leave that story gap open in order and you can see the tag him in. This post is well, not only in the post but in the actual video of the post on. But they are getting people back to flab. Cities account to then follow flab city and she have the shot out beat with it. Now you can see this on is just interesting content. So this is obviously quite a phenomenal video off Capito Kia in Turkey. And you can see that this hot air balloons flying around and there's a girl in front of them Now, this girl, her name is Gypsy lost. She is getting a shadow from these account called vacations. Now people following vacations are obviously travel related and this is a very interesting video very travel related is in Turkey, and people are obviously going to be interred in this content. I want to see more of this content. So then they can go and click through to gypsy lust and actually see her profile page and converts. If you have very naturally viral viral content such as this one or something, that's very interesting. You don't actually need the story gaps as much as just having this incredible content. But you have to be very sure that that is already going to go viral. And you could test that by putting that on your page and seeing how well it goes. Once you have a piece of content that does really well in your own page, you know it's gonna do well on the later pages. And that's what you can start using for your actual creatives and for your media that you're getting other people to promote so so you can tell them a story in a quick video as well. So this is for a story and video riel. Shut up. You want eye catching and really good music, and you want to be able to tell them a story and engage with them so that they're going to click back to your profile is really, really powerful. If you pay for both a story and a post, you're going to have double the exposure on their account, such as this one. The billionaire playbook has promoted this guy Nick a legend, and you can see that he's got a very engaging video with a very simple cold action. It's basically how an Ivy League dropout made seven figures, and if you want more, go and click on his profile in the link in the description of the actual real post and you can see the one on their story. Actually, blood out didn't blur his face, but they're hiding his face with the actual logo, so and they've got to swipe up called action, which leads to his account. So this is a double shot out that is actually very, very effective, and we don't need to play the sound on that one. But you can see the sound actually really helps capture people's attention when they're scrolling through their stories, so make sure you're using the double content stacking technique and asking about that when you're reaching out to people. This is where a lot of people fail. People go to a lot of work creating that video a lot of work, finding the best account to promote it, too and all. And they've got their high converting profile. But they forget the link up their account on if they link up their accounting, do it once. What you want to do is you want to put your account on the on the actual content because a lot of people are going to be borrowing and stealing your actual content if it's really high quality. So you want to make sure you've got your user name on the content. You also want to make sure that you've tagged it on instagram on the actual post. It's tagged in the first thing in the bio and tagged at least once. A lot of people tagged the content two or three times just under each other, so because you have got obviously tap the link to go their profile, and so they put their their link to that profile three or four times. So it's really easy for people to navigate back to their profile, and it's also really easy for people accidentally click on that profile. And, um, obviously you want to put it in the caption, and you want to put it in the story. Make sure you've tagged the, um, post in the story, and then you also want to tag your profile in the swipe up called action. So making sure you're tagging it wherever it is possible in order to get us many people back to your profile. It's possible because once again, if they don't go back to your profile, it's a waste of money and a waste of time dedicated. So the keys keep tagging on every area. You can, uh, the chance to go back to your page and the chance to be converted to a follow up on your account. 6. Boost Your Results: awesome. So we're gonna now look at some advanced shadow out strategy so you can watch it just to get an overview of what the advanced accounts out there are doing and you can actually work up to. So these are going to be four advanced shadow strategies on the presence bulk shoutout schedule and shellfish egg. So we're gonna go through these one by one. And if you are already doing shoutouts, you need to stop doing these four strategies. And if you're not yet, you need to keep these in the back in line for when you do start doing these strategies, these are gonna be what separates your account from the many, many accounts out there. Who are you competitive? So number one is omni presence, and it's the strategy of using a selection of your accounts to run shadows for you at the same time simultaneously meaning this person right here. You can see his name is Richard health official, and what he's done is he's gonna and reached out to multiple influences in his niche, and he's actually scheduled them to first at the exact same time. The same ad therefore, people following across these accounts. People who, which is a lot of people in the needs of people, are gonna follow a lot of different people if they see this come up at least once in their news feed. If they see come up two or three times and you can see he's done it, you can see up in people's tag post. Actually, when they do this, he's done a lot of times at once. People are going to be much more likely to click on it because they've seen it more than once. It's getting more social proof, and he's gonna get a big rush off followers all at once by having everyone doing this at the same time. So you can use Omni presence and making sure that when you schedule these things and when you get people who shout you out, that it's it's one big push and that really give you a great kick start for your new account. If you do have a new account now, when you buy shadows, it's a strategy number two, which is just bulk buying. Never buy just one, because what you should do is you should buy more than one shot out from an account as long as you've done the research and we know that there are good account to get shot up from, and it's going to be much cheaper for you. So it's gonna be much cheap up for you to actually buy three shutout. So say $350 instead of a single one for $150. Because not only are you getting a cheap up price but shadow and therefore a cheaper price per new follow that comes and follows you. But you're actually building more trust with the other person's followers because they've seen you more than once. And if they don't follow you on that first shadow, they may actually follow you on that next shadow and come back and and follow you and then buyer stuff just because they've had more exposure to you. So the next thing is, you want to make sure you tell the accounts who actually shouting out your content when to post, and a really cool thing that people do with the big advance accounts do is they set them up . So say you've bought on a rain array off, Shout out, Say you can see below the A, B, C and D. That's four counts were bought shout outs from and throughout the week. We can have them post one day after another. So this is sort of similar to Omni presence, where their posts at once. But they all post on a different day that week, meaning If you're following multiple ones of these account every day that you again, you're going to see this person's account being promoted by accounts that you follow. It's gonna build so much trust, you can have them post the same content on new content, and they're just gonna learn so much about you and be very likely to go and follow your account. Now the 4th 1 is what's called a chef, a share group or shut up for shutout group. And this is really, really high power, high leverage, sort of like the D M groups. But once again, you're going to have to do quite a bit of work to get this up and running if you're going to create it for yourself. So it's basically where you all sharing each other's followers and shut out. So you're going to have a group of people who all have similar amounts of follows. And Day one, everyone puts a story out that promotes the green dot day to everyone. Put the story out that promotes the red dot and then day three ever run puts a story at the parents the pink up. And basically, if you can do this and you can have 10 accounts in your niche that you're promoting just in a single story, see put at nine promotions for other people. But on the 10th day, you have 10 accounts, which means you're reaching 10 times the audience he could reach on your own. All promote you. You're going to see a rush off followers for free. You don't have to actually put out your own cash and money in order to get these from the group, but you can actually get these for free by putting out your own promotions to these other people, and you'll see a rush of a couple 1000 followers come in and really a really show I met of time. So the key here is to make sure you're making yourself valuable. Whether that is money, whether that is organizing the group, you need to offer value in order to get this filly. But once you do, you'll decide to get accounts. You start to get results like we did with our account, and it's really easy. If you do want to do, um, the legwork and do want to set up this account for yourself, you could just, uh, damn people with a simple template like this. Hey, picked up whatever they're countin areas. Would you be interested in joining a shoutout for Shadow Group? Currently have I have a group including, and You list the people who in that group and you build that up over time until you have a really powerful, strong group of people who are shouting each other out and you are reaping the benefits because you may not even have to shout out these other accounts. You may just be the one orchestrating it and therefore get into the shadow. So these are four of the advanced strategies, and if it's a lot of to advance fee now, don't stress. You can come back to this lecture any time. Once you've got your first shot Outgoing. The key here is to get your first shot outgoing and once you get your first shot outgoing. That's really when things start to go downhill in a good way, things start to get smoother and easier and the momentum sauce building for you. So make sure that you have reached out to 20 people, and you should see a very good response rate to that. But we don't want you to waste your money. So a couple of things you need to do you need to make sure that you're not just using the current account that you reaching out to as a representation of what you think the account has always bean, so you can actually check an Instagram accounts former user names to make sure that there are in the news that they've always been in. So you can see this one, which is called now Call Billionaires Club, used to be called D I Y hacks, which means they may not actually be out audience. So make sure you click on that little button that says former user names in the When you're viewing there profile because they may not be that who they think who they are saying that they are, and you want to make sure you're not wasting your money. That's what I don't want you to do here. So remember, you wanna make sure their account is growing and active Look at their most recent post. Look at social blade. Make sure they're on their way up and make sure the engagement in their purse is really high. You don't want to see account with very small of very large MENA follows. Get very small engagement You want to see an account with, um, very small manifold is get very large engagement and an inconsistent engagement is actually better than a consistent engagements. Remember, ask for this that before you purchase before you commit to buying and they'll stand you screenshots off their actual statistics and the behind the scenes of their account and the best pages and the best accounts will be asking for what content you want to promote before green to a shout out. So if they're doing that, you know that they are quite trustworthy, and they do know what they're doing. And that's why you need to have your content ready like we went through in the last lecture . In order to be ready for them to quote you for this shadow 7. Your Next Steps: congratulations on mastering Instagram Shadows. Now your instagram Joni does not stop here. Firstly, we have a YouTube channel dedicated on getting you more growth and more followers on Instagram. So head over to Entrepreneur Academy on YouTube We have 3 to 4 videos coming out every single week. Those condensed versions off these courses that a very, very relevant and very helpful for you. 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