If You Can Cook You Can Code Vol 4: Big Data | Timothy Kenny | Skillshare

If You Can Cook You Can Code Vol 4: Big Data

Timothy Kenny, Author of "Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs"

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18 Videos (3h 36m)
    • Introduction Part 1

    • Introduction Part 1

    • The Scale of Big Data - Visualized

    • Small Data

    • Big Data

    • Huge Data

    • Introduction

    • How Facebook Uses Big Data

    • How Google Uses Big Data

    • How Youtube Uses Big Data

    • How Amazon Uses Big Data

    • How Netflix Uses Big Data

    • Self Driving Cars

    • Introduction

    • Hadoop Ecosystem

    • How Hadoop Uses HDFS to Store Files

    • How Hadoop Uses MapReduce to Process Big Data

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Big Data.

It's the next big thing.

And it's already in our lives in so many ways.

But how can you wrap your arms around such a big subject if you have no experience in tech?

What if you aren't a programmer?

What if you aren't a "computer person"?

What if you aren't good with abstract logic and math?

Not a problem.

This course was designed for people like you who want someone to hold their hand each step of the way to learn technical subjects like Big Data.

And it's taught in a language that everyone understands...the language of how cooking and restaurants work.

In this course, you're going to learn the ins and outs of how the technology behind the Big Data revolution actually works.

You'll learn about distributed computing.

You'll learn about the different types of data and how big companies (and some small ones) are using all this data to do truly amazing things.

You may not realize it yet, but every company you can think of is using Big Data in one way or another. 

By the end of this course, you'll be seeing Big Data everywhere. 

You'll start getting ideas for how you can use Big Data at your work or in your own company.

And you'll no longer be left out of Big Data conversations at work, networking events or in meetings with more technical people.

You'll come away knowing all the key terminology, but also the big ideas that will help you really understand what other people are talking about in Big Data conversations.

Have I said Big Data enough times?

Big Data is Big Business and and it's one of the Biggest new trends that you should know about in business and technology, even if it's not directly related to your role at work.

And if you're interested in getting more into the technical side of things, like Hadoop or learning to program for Big Data applications, this is a great place to start.

See you on the inside,






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Timothy Kenny

Author of "Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs"

I am the author of "Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs" and I have spoken at Harvard University on accelerated learning.

My interest in the Google suite of cloud applications comes from the amazing ability to work together with other people in realtime and edit the same document together. I started using Google Docs years ago to collaborate on design and business projects and discovered that there were many uses for the Google Drawing app. I later realized that all the same functi...

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