If Walt Disney was your Business Coach: Magic of Ideation from Disney's Perspective.

Srinidhi Ranganathan, Digital Marketing Coach & Growth Hacker

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5 Videos (25m)
    • Welcome to the Course

    • 6 Marketing Tactics Disney would implement to grow your business today

    • Disney's Secret Creative Brainstorming Strategy

    • Bonus: Lessons from Walt Disney's Life to Motivate you

    • The Disney Approach to Team Creativity: Wrap up


About This Class

If Walt Disney was your Business Coach: Magic of Ideation from Disney's Perspective.


Course Description


⇉ No Prior knowledge required or needed "Guaranteed"

What would Walt Disney think?

Although Disney has been gone for long, you know that his company is still at the forefront of technological evolution. Frankly speaking, it was his marketing genius that set him and his company apart from everybody else in the planet. Now, I would like to re-incarnate Walt Disney into this course and put forth ideas from his perspective, imagining him to be your business coach, after all. What ideas Walt Disney would bring to your table, if he lived now?

Yes, truly it started with a mouse and marketing.

Walt Disney may have created Mickey Mouse - but none of his success would have been possible without his marketing ingenuity. With the genius in him, he filled up movie theatres, theme parks and sold tons of Disney merchandise.

Why enrol for this course?

(Your content marketing campaign is vital to your success of your organisation. You will know that the way you present your company's brand shapes people's view of your organisation.

Times may have changed since Walt Disney's days but his marketing ideas are still an element of brilliance. Let's take a look at a few tactics from Walt Disney’s angle to push your business idea to success.)

In the course, you will learn how Walt Disney would think about any idea about a product/service. We will be focussing on Disney’s creative strategy which has the root cause of success of the company and of course, Walt Disney, the man, the myth and the legend.

I guarantee that this course is unlike any course you’ve ever taken. It definitely helps in showcasing the most fantastic and absurd ideas as possible from Disney’s perspective and also focusses on how you can apply the same principles of Walt Disney to enjoy renewed and continuous business success.

I tested this course's popularity by sending it to some of my friends and colleagues, before uploading it here and they liked it a lot. Here’s what they had to say about it.

Pure Disney Magic! Loved the course - Shilpa 

Fantastic Course on Walt Disney. I would now apply this brainstorming method to all of my projects - Priyanka

Entertaining course. Learnt a lot of things. Great business insights from Disney’s perspective - Rahul

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The course is targeted at:

People of any age or ability

People from any country

People with an interest in Ideation

Young entrepreneurs

Internet marketers




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                           Welcome to My Class and Evoke the Brilliance of Disney



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Srinidhi Ranganathan

Digital Marketing Coach & Growth Hacker

I'm a Digital Marketing specialist and expert coach with expertise in Content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Analytics and Mobile Marketing. 

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