Identity and Web Design: Create a Visual Language From Scratch

Xavier Cussó, Freelance Art Director & Designer

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8 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Logo | Art Direction & Sketching

    • 3. Logo | Digitizing and Variations

    • 4. Logo | Animation Tricks

    • 5. Web | Interactive Art Direction

    • 6. Web | Setting Up Your Document

    • 7. Web | Design Breakdown

    • 8. Production Tips + Conclusion

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About This Class

Interested to learn how I approach a professional assignment? In this class, you will learn a few tricks on how to come up with a logo and a visual language from scratch for my friends at PEI Toys. Furthermore, we will dive into how to design a kick-ass website from ideation to final production.

  • This class is ideal for mid-level / Senior Designers and Art Directors interested in Brand Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design and Motion Graphics. It is not recommended for total beginners since I won’t be designing every lesson step-by-step.

Software used: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects. If you prefer Sketch or Adobe XD that should also be fine. The class also mentions 3D (Cinema4D), modern web technologies like WebGL, AE plugins like Motion 2 or Bodymovin, and production plugins like Zeplin or Avocode.


See the animated identity and some of the web screens that I'll be designing below:



And the final web grid for those who might be interested, since it evolved a bit from the one described on the class as I kept on working on the project.